List of POEA Benefits Programs and Services for OFWs

The main function of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is to protect OFWs from illegal recruiters. One of the agency’s missions is to promote and monitor OFW’s employment. If you want to know what are the programs and services offered by POEA to Filipinos, we have gathered a list of their projects below.

POEA Online Services

Aside from the above programs, there are also online services that a worker can avail in POEA. These include:

list of poea programs and services for filipinos


As an attached agency of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration is mandated to implement policies, and guidelines in order to protect Filipino workers intending or about to work overseas. This includes the monitoring of recruitment agencies in order for them to ensure their client companies are compliant with labor laws.

To carry out its mission and vision, POEA created programs and services for the Filipino people. Check out the following Core Functions of POEA:

Industry Regulation

POEA regulates the 3rd party job agencies in the Philippines. This is to make sure that the agencies you’ve been applying for are legitimate. They create policies for these job agencies so that Filipinos will get maximum protection before they accept a job overseas.

Some of the regulating policies of POEA include:

  • Setting minimum labor standards
  • Issuing licenses to overseas recruitment and manning agencies
  • Incentivizing private sector participants
  • Penalizing non-compliant parties.

Employment Facilitation

POEA helps facilitate in the employment of Filipinos for jobs abroad. This ensures the safety and rights of the applicant.

Some of the services offered by POEA include providing Providing orientation and pre-departure seminars, processing employment documents such as passports, visas, and police clearances, Providing legal counseling to OFWs, etc.

Check out the list of employment facilitation services offered by POEA below:

  • Pre-employment orientations for OFWs
  • Worker’s registry system
  • Foreign employer accreditation
  • Worker deployment
  • Evaluation and processing of employment contracts

Worker’s Protection

POEA protects the rights of overseas Filipino workers. This prepares the applicant as an OFW, giving them information by conducting seminars. They also have a 24/7 hotline where OFWs can seek assistance in case of emergencies.

Some of the services that POEA offers to protect OFWs are:

  • Deploying only to countries and companies compliant with the Amended Migrant Workers Act
  • Providing legal assistance (like filing, prosecuting, and penalizing) to any victims of illegal recruitment
  • OFW global mapping and profiling
  • Providing repatriation assistance.

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General Administration and Support Services

POEA also handles general administration and support services. This includes computer support, finance, human resource management, etc.

Some of the general administrative services are:

  • Human Resources Development
  • Property and Supplies Management
  • Financial Management
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Plans and Policy Development
  • Quality Management System

Assist WELL Program

DOLE and POEA have partnered together to build the Assist WELL Program. The Assist WELL Program is a package of reintegration support/services to meet the welfare, employment, justice, and livelihood needs of repatriated workers.


Welfare assistance shall cover the following:

  • Airport assistance
  • Temporary shelter/ accommodation
  • Transport assistance to residence
  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Stress debriefing


  • Job placement/ referral for local employment
  • Job placement/referral for overseas employment
  • Competency assessment and certification for repatriated workers who wish to confirm whether they possess the competencies required in a preferred workplace. Skills training will be provided for those who desire to meet the standards.


  • Entrepreneurial development training
  • Livelihood skills training
  • Hands-on business mentoring and support
  • Business loan assistance


  • Legal advice
  • Conciliation proceedings to afford repatriated workers and their recruitment agencies a venue to discuss the possibility of an amicable settlement.
  • Assistance in the preparation and filing of complaints about illegal recruitment, recruitment violation, and disciplinary action cases.
  • Counseling during preliminary investigation and hearings of criminal cases for illegal recruitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about the programs and core functions of POEA:

1. What is an overseas employment program?

It is the selection, procurement, employment, career change, employment, and return of migrant workers from the country of employment to the country of residence.

2. What is POEA clearance?

Clearance issued by POEA to OFWs who exit from the Philippines for employment purposes, regardless of their visa status.

3. How can I apply for POEA?

Check the POEA website for job openings or offices near you.

4. What is POEA E Registration?

An online platform which records information of workers who plan to work overseas.

5. How long does it take to process the POEA?

Three to seven working days after filing Phase one application.

6. How can I get POEA certificate?

  • Request an appointment online by sending an email request to the POEA Direct Hire Assistance Division (DHAD) at The schedule of filing requests is between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM from Mondays to Fridays. After which, you will receive an appointment confirmation via email. Have a printout of this message and bring it to your appointment.
  • Go to the POEA Office on your appointment schedule.
  • Submit the requirements for your direct hire application.
  • Check the POEA website for posting of approved POEA clearance.
  • Does POEA conduct PDOS?

PDOS OWWA is conducted at the OWWA Central Office in Pasay City, OWWA office at the POEA in Mandaluyong City or at authorized third-party providers.

7. How many hours is PDOS?

Six hours.

8. Is PDOS online now?

CFO has an online system to register for PDOS called Reservation & Registration (R&R) PDOS. If you are a Filipino who has been granted an immigrant visa, you will need to register for PDOS online at the official CFO website.

9. How much is the fee for PDOS online?

CFO Online Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar is FREE OF CHARGE.

Video: Things You Need to Know about POEA

Here’s a video webinar about the POEA. Augusto B. San Diego III, POEA Director of Sea-based Employment Accreditation and Contracts Processing Center, shares details about the POEA and what you can expect from this Philippine government agency.

The video tackles the following topics

  • Why Do Filipinos Want to Work Abroad
  • What is POEA?
  • POEA Core Functions
  • POEA e-Registration System
  • Deployment Statistics (Sea-based)
  • POEA Offices Dealing with Seafarers
  • Accreditation of Principals & Seafarer Documentation
  • Contract Processing Facility
  • Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)
  • Recruitment Costs & Fees
  • Process Cycle Time (PCT)
  • POEA Standard Employment Contract for Seafarers (SEC)
  • Seafarer Deployment Under the COVID19 Pandemic
  • POEA Prospects
  • POEA Online Contact Details


POEA does its best by providing programs and services for Filipino people. Please be guided in the above list of programs for your reference in case you want to understand what are the available services that POEA offers.

If you have more questions, please check the POEA website or feel free to contact them through their online contact form. You may also visit their office nearest you for more information.

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