How to Get Seafarers Registration Number Online

Are you a seafarer from the Philippines? Are you a new or a continuing seafarer? Then, this online service is just for you, brought to you by POEA Online Services.

Being a seafarer is hard since there are many tests and processes to go through before having a job. Your money, time, and energy will be fully consumed when you apply for a job. To combat this, POEA offers an online service specifically made for Filipino Seafarers. This is known as Online Registration for Seafarers.

The plan of the government to have an ID system pushes the POEA to have an Online Registration System to comply with International Labor Organization (Seafarer’s Identification Document Convention) according to Cacdac.

how to register as a seafarer online

What is a Seafarer?

Seafarer is the one who sails by the sea often. A seafarer is also a person who is employed overseas onboard a non-government ship. They are the ones responsible for the maintenance and operation of the ship as well as monitoring those on board.

The Philippines has been a top export of seafarers. In fact, seamen and seawomen have many contributions to the economy such as being responsible for the trading of goods and being a lifesaver at the sea. The world’s economy depends on trading that the seafarers became a part of.

What is Registration for Seafarers?

Seafarers’ Registration is done by assigning unique numbers to the Seafarers for identification. This is assigned by MARINA which can be used in transactions. It is required for every Filipino seafarer to possess a MARINA SRN.


These are the benefits provided by this online service.

  • Efficient
  • Saves money and time
  • Easy to access
  • Convenient


The requirements for availing of this online service are the following:

  • Have a Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book(SIRB) by MARINA
  • Medical Certificate (No medical issues)


These are the persons who are qualified for Seafarers Registration Online.

  • All Seafarers
  • Landbased workers ( qualified for sea-based position)
  • 18 years old above
  • Maritime course graduate

How to Process SRC Online Registration for Seafarers?

Here is the comprehensive guide on how to process or sign up for Seafarers Registration Number online.

For Seafarers Registration Certificate (was replaced by SRN)

1. Visit the POEA website ( or you can click this link to redirect you to the site:  Click ‘Online Services’. From the list of online services, select Registration for Seafarers. Click ‘Create Account’ ok the upper part of the page.

2. Fill up the form that will be shown after you click the ‘Create Account’. Enter all the necessary details required. These details are the following: SIRB Number, full name, birthdate, and your chosen password.  Hit ‘ Create Account’ to submit.

3. Another account form will be shown Fill out the four sections of the form. Encode the needed information on the following sections: Personal, Education, Training and Work Experience. Review your details and click ‘Submit’.

4. Your Seafarers Registration Number will be generated by the system. Press ‘Continue’ to proceed.

5. Your profile will be shown. You may print your profile to have a hard copy of your document.

Note: Take note of your SRN and password as this will be used for signing in.

Updating your old SRC Account to SRN

You need to register online even if you already have an SRC to update it.

To update, follow the same steps above to register. Then, click ‘Create Account’. The system will automatically process to search and recover your data. Then, you can edit your details.

Your SRN number will be shown which is similar to your SRC number. Use your SRN and password to log-in.

1. Visit the POEA website (, choose Registration for Seafarers or click this link ( to proceed.

2. Login using your SRN and password.

3. Now, you can edit your personal details, education, training, and work experience.

4. Hit ‘Submit’ to save your edited information.

Video: SRC Registration Guide

Check out these videos below which contains all the necessary information needed to register online for seafarers.

This includes:

  • Requirements before registration
  • Guide and Process of Registration
  • Reminders

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding with the Seafarers Registration Online, you can check the following FAQs for more information.

1. How much is the fee for this online registration?

It is free of charge.

2. What shall I do if I forgot my password?

Contact the telephone number 727-7778 or you may email them at

3. Is SRN really needed?

Yes. Seafarer or not, anyone needs this as long as one will transact in MARINA’s office.

4. Can I get an SRN even if I’m not yet a graduate?

Yes, you can get an SRN as early as you are studying in a maritime school.

5. How to have an SRN?

Refer to the steps above for this.

6. What is the meaning numbers in SRN?

Each number has a meaning according to MARINA.

7. Why is it necessary to register in Seafarers’ Online Registration?

For the seafarers to be qualified for overseas maritime employment.

8. Can I go onboard without SRN?

No. You cannot go on board since it is a requirement.

9. Can other transactions be possible without SRN?

No. It is a requirement to be qualified for transactions.

10. Can maritime students get a SRN?

Yes. You can get an SRN as early as in maritime school.


Our seafarers is of great help in the economy of our nation. But before becoming an official seafarer, there are many processes to undergo, thus, making it hard for them to proceed. With the help of POEA’s online services, their burdens lessened even a little bit.

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