POEA Online Appointment for OFW Information Sheet

Overseas Filipino Workers’ Information Sheet (also known as OFW Information Record) is one of the most frequently requested documents. Employment, passport and visa applications, OWWA benefits, reduced travel tax exemptions are some of the reasons for requesting this document. This document is also given to government agencies (POEA, OWWA, DOLE, POLO) and manning agencies.

OFW Information Sheet appointment before needs you to go to the nearest POEA branch to set your schedule. Now, you can book an appointment for OFW Information Sheet online. Please be guided on the steps on how you can set up an appointment online via POEA.

The OFW Information Sheet can be accessed online through POEA’s website since the information is stored online on their system.

On behalf of the OFW, family members can request the information sheet.


What is OFW Information Sheet?

The OFW Information Sheet contains personal data, employment contract details, and beneficiary details. Personal details include your name, address, contact number, email address, and passport number.

Employment contract details include the date of employment, place of work, and job description.

Beneficiary information will depend on the nature of your work. For example, if you are a domestic helper or seaman, this information sheet includes the personal data of your employer. If you are an OFW with dual citizenship it contains your second citizenship name and country to avoid confusion when you travel abroad.


The benefits that can be availed from this online service are the following:

  • Saves time and energy
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to access(User-friendly interface)
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere


The requirements for availing of this online service are the following:

  • Internet connection
  • Mobile phone or desktop
  • OFW’s information (Personal data, Contract details and Beneficiary details)


This is open for all:

  • OFWs
  • Family members of the OFWs
  • Recruitment/Manning Agencies
  • Private Sectors

How to Book POEA Online Appointment for OFW Information Sheet

Here is the comprehensive guide on how to book an online appointment for an information sheet.

Accessing the Website

  1. Open the search engine of your choices (Chrome, Firefox, Bing, Opera etc.)
  2. Type OFW Information Sheet appointment on the search tab or you may click this link to redirect you on the site:http://ofwrecords.poea.gov.ph. You may also type in the POEA Official website or click this link to redirect you on the list of online services offered by POEA.
  3. Read the advisory before registering for guidance on how to use the system(online appointment).
  4. After reading, click the “x” letter on the upper right corner of the screen. You may also click the “Close” button to proceed.

Make an Appointment

  1. In the Make New Appointment box, select the Office Branch Location from the dropdown list. Click ‘Profile’ and you will see your current appointment and beside it is the ‘Make New Appointment’ form. Select the Brand Location from the selection.
  2. Then, select the Appointment date and time. Make sure that you can go to the office at the exact date and time of your scheduled appointment.
  3. Select your Mode of Deployment(Agency Hired, Direct Hired, Balik Manggagawa, Others).
  4. Choose the Purpose of Request from the choices.
  5. Enter your agency name and the job site.
  6. Then select OFW Type from the drop-down choices.
  7. Enter the beginning and the ending year of the records needed and click ‘Submit’.
  8. You successfully made an appointment if a confirmation message appeared.
  9. Click ‘Print Appointment’ to print your appointment sheet.

Filing an online request for OFW Information Sheet.

For Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW):

1. Fill out the required fields in the form to proceed with the registration.

  • Personal Details
  • Mode of Deployment
  • Years of records needed
  • Mother’s Middle Name
  • Purpose of Request
  • Appointment schedule

2. Pay attention when choosing the Branch Office, Appointment Date & Appointment Time Choose

3. Choose the branch near you, the appointment date and time of your choice 

4. Click the box to check if your agree to the ‘Terms of Service’

5. Click the box to go through captcha to confirm that you are not a robot

6. Hit the ‘Submit’ button to send the request.


If you have an existing account and appointment, an error message will pop up.

For Family/Relatives of the OFW:

Follow the same steps above if the OFW information sheet will be requested by the family members/relatives. The additional information that will be filled out is the name of the “Authorized Representative”. This is the first step before proceeding to the same procedure, from step 1 to step 9 to finish the online appointment.

For Other Parties:

Here are the documents needed if the OFW information sheet will be requested by other parties.

  • Letter of request address to the Chief of Central Records Division
  • Others
    • Persons authorized by the OFW – Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
    • Government/Private Agencies – Proof of Authority of representative to receive the record
    • Parties with a case filed in court – Court Order to the POEA
  • ID document with picture (Passport, Driver’s License, PRC Card, NBI Clearance, Company ID, etc.)
  • Proof of any circumstances under Section 13 of the Privacy Data Act of 2012
  • Other legal documents as may be needed

Follow these steps if you already have an account:

1. To log in, enter your ARN, Mother’s Maiden name, and your complete name (First and Last Name).

2. Click the box(I’m not a robot) to confirm that you are not a robot.

3. Click the Log in button to proceed.

If ARN was forgotten, follow these steps.

1. Click ‘Forgot Appointment Reference Number (ARN)’.

2. Enter your Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Date of Birth, and Mother’s Maiden name in the log-in form.

3. Click the box showing “I’m not a robot” to verify you are human.

4. Then click the box Agree.

5.  Click the ‘Login’ button to continue.

Video: POEA Online Appointment for OFW Information Sheet

Here’s a video as a guide in booking an online appointment for OFW information sheet.

This video demonstrates how to access the website, shows the steps in making an online appointment and the requirements needed for the appointment if you wish to request for your OFW information sheet/record.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any clarification, check these FAQs to help you out.

1. How do I print an appointment at POEA?

Request for Verification / Certification of OFW Records will be displayed, then click “Print Appointment’.

2. Is the POEA information sheet the same as the OWWA OFW record?

POEA Information Sheet is different from the OWWA OFW information sheet.

3. What should your bring on your scheduled POEA appointment date?

Bring 2 Appointment sheets, OFW’s written consent to hand over his / her informational documents, Proof of Relationship with OFW-Original or Certified Copy(Spouse – PSA Marriage Certificate, Children – PSA Birth Certificate of the OFW’s child, Parent – PSA Birth Certificate of the OFW, Sibling – PSA Birth Certificates of the Sibling and the OFW) and Valid Government Issued ID of the OFW.

4. Who can file an online request for the OFW’s Information Sheet/ Record?

OFW, family/relatives, or other parties can file online for the OFW’s Information Sheet/ Record.

5. Can I print a cancelled/expired appointment?

You cannot print a cancelled/expired appointment.


POEA offered this online service for the purpose of giving convenience to the OFWs since they process a lot of documents. Online appointment is helpful for OFWs especially in this pandemic since there are a lot of restrictions. This also saves OFWs from the hassle of commuting.

If you are planning to visit the POEA, please make sure to schedule the appointment so you can avoid getting denied entry when you get there.

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