How to Register Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar, Get PEOS Certificate Online

Filipino workers who plan to work abroad will need to complete an online seminar called the Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS), which is required by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). In this post, we share details about the process, guidelines, and tips about getting a PEOS certificate online. We also share information about the learning modules available that you should learn in this online program.

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The Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar is mandatory for all Filipinos who want to work in other countries. Workers must register, study the modules, and pass the assessment tests to get this certificate.

This PEOS certificate will be given after finishing the seminar. In short, it is the start of your journey to work abroad.

peos pre employment orientation seminar


An aspiring OFW is required to attend seminars to prepare for working overseas.

What is PEOS?

PEOS stands for Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar. It is the first step you need to take to pursue a job abroad.

PEOS is a preparation for becoming an OFW. It contains the basic knowledge on how to be prepared when working abroad such as knowing your rights and responsibilities, common employment scams, employment contracts, job matching, etc.

PEOS topics are suggested by POEA but Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar providers may also include their own additional topics that are of concern to their clients.

What is the purpose of Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar?

The whole point is to provide you with enough knowledge about your job abroad before you go there. This will make sure that everything will be smooth sailing for you especially when it comes to your papers and documents. You need not worry,

The PEOS online contains 8 modules which include information about processing for job applications abroad, requirements and fees, and reminders against illegal recruitment.


PEOS was introduced as a welfare measure to provide information for workers to prepare and guide responsible decisions about going abroad. Some of the benefits of completing the PEOS are:

1. You will have an idea about the work set-up as an OFW abroad which can prepare you mentally and emotionally.

2. It is a requirement for those who want to apply as OFWs.

3. The certificate doesn’t expire and has a lifetime validity.

4. The seminar is free of charge.

5. You will be oriented about the rights and responsibilities of OFWs as stated in the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995.

6. There are modules that can guide you through the process of getting an overseas job such as visa application, Embassy processes, pre-departure orientation, contract signing, airport procedures, and living in your host country.


These are the following requirements before attending the PEOS online.

  • POEA e-Registration Number and Password (tutorial here)
  • First Name and Last Name registered on the e-Registration


Anyone can take the Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar online.

PEOS Modules

As mentioned, the PEOS seminar is made up of 8 modules. These learning modules are meant to help Filipinos prepare themselves for a life of working overseas. Here are the contents of these learning modules as taken from the POEA website:

PEOS modules
PEOS modules – screenshot from POEA PEOS website

Here is a sneak peek of the modules.

Module 1 – Pricest

Contains general information about concerns when working overseas such as physical mobility, relationships, income & expenses, career movement & direction, environment, skill set, and time.

PEOS Module 1 screenshot
PEOS Module 1 screenshot

Module 2 – Job Search

Contains specific information on the various application channels for overseas jobs, document requirements, and the importance of having an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC).

PEOS Module 2 screenshot
PEOS Module 2 screenshot

Module 3 – Forewarned, Forarmed

Contains information on precautionary measures for illegal recruitment and various forms of illegal recruitment

PEOS Module 3 screenshot
PEOS Module 3 screenshot

Module 4 – The Price is right

Contains a list of required fees for pre-departure including placement fee rulings as well as government-mandated fees.

PEOS Module 4 screenshot
PEOS Module 4 screenshot

Module 5 – Seal the deal

Contains a list of minimum provisions required in the standard overseas employment contract.

PEOS Module 5 screenshot
PEOS Module 5 screenshot

Module 6 – Country Information

Continue to keep your options open; get to know more about the country you are interested in.

PEOS Module 6 screenshot
PEOS Module 6 screenshot

Module 7 – Healthy & Safe

Contains information about the top security and health risks that Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) may encounter.

PEOS Module 7 screenshot
PEOS Module 7 screenshot

Module 8 – POEA Cares

Directory of the POEA regional offices and extension units.

PEOS Module 8 screenshot
PEOS Module 8 screenshot

How to Register PEOS Seminar Online

In order to process the PEOS seminar, you will need to first register an account at the POEA Online Service Portal here – How to Register in POEA eRegistration Portal Online

If you already have a POEA account, please follow these steps in taking the PEOS online.

Step 1: Go to the PEOS website link here –

You can also go to your preferred/available search engine and type “PEOS Online” and hit search. Then, click on the first search result. 

homepage of POEA's pre-employment orientation seminar
homepage of POEA’s pre-employment orientation seminar – Registration is FREE!

Step 2: On the site, fill in the necessary information: your unique POEA e-Registration number, your first and last name you used to register on the POEA e-Registration portal.

Select from the options below your log in information the module type you needed. Then, hit “Proceed”.

PEOS log-in page
PEOS log-in page

Step 3: After you sign in and click proceed, you will be reading 8 modules. You will first encounter this page. 

Go through each module and understand the content provided to you.

At the end of every module, there is an assessment and you need to answer it. Don’t worry if you have mistakes on the assessment. You can still try again to answer until you can perfect the assessment.

Answer the questions by choosing between True or False.

After you completed answering the five questions, click “Check your Answer” to know your score. If you make an error, you can retake the assessment until you can perfect it. But still, do your best on your first try and perfect it if possible. 

preview of PEOS dashboard
preview of PEOS dashboard upon logging in to the portal


1st Module: Pricest – Information about the reality of working abroad.

2nd Module: Job Search – Information about job processing, documents needed, and the use of OEC.

3rd Module: Forewarned, Forarmed – Information all about illegal recruitment.

4th Module: The Price is right – Information about the costs for pre-departure (placement fees and documentation fees).

5th Module: Seal the deal – Contains a list of minimum provisions required in the standard overseas employment contract.

6th Module: Country Information – Continue to keep your options open; get to know more about the country you are interested in.

7th Module: Healthy & Safe – Information about the health and safety of OFWs.

8th Module: POEA Cares – List of the POEA regional offices and extension units.

Step 4: Once you complete the last module, you will be shown the text “Congratulations for completing the PEOS Online!”

PEOS - after completing all the modules and tests
PEOS – after completing all the modules and tests

You may now download a copy of your PEOS certificate!

How to Download and Print your PEOS Certificate

Generate your certificate and Print it. Once you finish and pass the tests, you can easily download and print your certificate. You can also share this with your family and friends. This is proof that you have completed the PEOS Seminar.

Under the congratulatory message is the “Print Certificate”. Click it. Then, you will be redirected to this page. This includes your certificate number, complete name, issuance, and expiry date. Click the “Print” button. 

how to print PEOS certificate
how to print PEOS certificate

And this will be the appearance of your PEOS certificate. The certificate contains your name, date of completion of the PEOS, and PEOS number at the top of the certificate with the barcode.

Congratulations, you are now ready for your overseas employment! Go ahead and continue your application with POEA-licensed recruitment agencies, whether it’s on an in-house or job order basis without having to pay immigration or placement fees until you are deployed abroad. Also, remember that the only documents needed in applying for jobs abroad are OEC copies of any one page.

PEOS certificate sample
PEOS certificate sample

You may now save your certification just in case you need it in attaching it when you apply in working abroad either on a job order or agency basis. You can upload it to cloud storage sites just in case you have to present it in the future.

Note: Some screenshots above are taken from the YouTube video entitled “PEOS CERTIFICATE of POEA new 2021 by MG (step by step). Here is the link to the video: The name of the YouTube channel is “with MG ❂”. Here is the link to the YouTube channel:

peos certificate declaration
PEOS certificate declaration

Video: PEOS Certificate Guide Step by Step

Check out these video guides below of our fellow kababayans sharing tips and tutorials about the process of how to log in to the PEOS website and how you can get a copy of your PEOS certificate.

Here is the comprehensive explanation of how to get PEOS Online in Tagalog:

Here is the detailed guide on how to get Pre-Employment Seminar Online in Bisaya:

Both these video guides cover the following topics:

  • How to log in to get a PEOS.
  • The details needed for the PEOS.
  • The 8 modules and their assessment.
  • Lastly, the certification at the end of the seminar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out these answers to common questions about the PEOS certificate and seminar:

1. When will the PEOS certificate expire?

The PEOS certificate doesn’t expire. It has a lifetime validity.

2. There is an error on my name on the PEOS certificate, can I change it?

No. But your registered agency can. Or just go to the POEA Helpdesk website for help. This is the link to the helpdesk:

3. Can I present my old PEOS certificate?

Yes, you may use the old PEOS certificate.

4. I attended the PEOS online twice, one is for household, second is for skilled. Will it conflict?

No, just present the needed certificate related to the work you have been applying for.

5. Is it okay to get a PEOS certificate even if I didn’t have a plan to go abroad?

Yes, anyone can get a PEOS certificate.

6. How do I find my PEOS certificate number?

It can be found on the top of the certificate and the barcode, on the opposite side of the POEA logo.

7. Is PEOS required?

Yes, it is required. It is intended for you to be equipped with the knowledge so you have an idea of what is the work set-up as an OFW abroad.

8. Can I have a hardcopy of my PEOS?

Of course, you can. You may print a copy for your files.

9. Is the PEOS seminar free?

Yes, it is free of charge.

10. Can I skip this process?

No, you can’t since this is the first requirement to go abroad.

11. How long is PEOS?

42 minutes to finish the online seminar. It means each module can be done in 7 minutes.


All aspiring OFWs are required to attend PEOS prior to their departure to their assigned work countries. This also includes returning workers who have worked abroad for a certain period of time and would like to renew their contracts or those who would like to explore other work opportunities abroad.

So this is the process of registering in the PEOS, learning the modules, and downloading the PEOS certificate. May this article be of help to you as you undergo the process.

The face-to-face PEOS can be time-consuming, energy-consuming, and can drain your pockets. With the help of the POEA making a website, attending PEOS becomes fun, enjoyable, meaningful, and easy. So, what are you waiting for? Take PEOS Online now. 

Contact Information 

Address: Welfare Education and Welfare Monitoring Division | PEOS Department, 2nd Floor, Blas F. Ople building, Ortigas Avenue, corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City
Hotline Number: 722-11-85


Google Map Location

Here’s a map guide to the location of the POEA office:

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