How to Register in POEA eRegistration Portal Online / DMW eRegistration

As a Filipino who plans to work abroad, you need to sign up for an account at the POEA online Portal eRegistration site. In this article, we share the steps on how to register in POEA. We also share tips, requirements, and common questions and answers about the procedure.

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To give you an idea, the POEA eRegistration portal is similar to uploading your own resume online. You will be asked to enter your personal information, education and training experiences, work experiences, and other important details. Once you finish the registration successfully, you will be able to apply for the jobs which are currently open.

Filipinos who wish to work abroad must go through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) as this is the Philippine agency that handles job placements for overseas employment. You also need to register on the website via POEA Online Services.

The POEA website is at and must click on “Online Services” found at the top of the page to start the registration process.

how to register poea eregistration portal


Planning to go abroad but struggles on processing? Confused about what to do first on the POEA’s E-Registration Portal? Here’s a guide for you to kick-start your journey as an OFW. But before that, let us know the POEA E-Registration.

This is basically having your own POEA account online which is a requirement whenever you go overseas. This is a faster and easier way for those interested to secure their job orders as this will go paperless. The new process is called as e-registration which requires both the employer and employee to register online.

About POEA

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is an agency which aims to protect the rights of OFWs and help ensure their protection while working abroad. It also seeks to monitor employment agencies’ compliance with government rules and regulations so that the quality of services offered to OFWs are improved.

One of the ways POEA does this is by requiring all applicants for overseas work to register and create an account on their eRegistration portal. This allows them to have a complete profile of each applicant, making it easier to assess their qualifications when a job opening arises.

What is POEA E-Registration?

The POEA e-Registration System collects information from workers who intend to work abroad. It is required for all OFWs to register on the online portal in order to get a job in another country. After the registration process is completed, applicants will obtain a registration number assigned to them.


To access the online service and get an account, please have the following read:

  • Active email address
  • Mobile phone/Laptop/Desktop Computer
  • Internet connection

Documents Requirements

Below are the document requirements you will need in order to set up your POEA account online:

  • 2×2 Profile Picture/ID Picture (2MB or less)
  • Certificates/Educational Certificates/ Training Certificates
  • NBI clearance
  • Medical certificate
  • Valid IDs
    • Passport
    • SSS ID
    • OWWA ID or OFW e-Card
    • TESDA ID
    • Seaman’s Book (SIRB)
    • PhilHealth ID
    • Pag-IBIG
    • UMID


It is open to all Filipinos who are planning to work abroad as well as to those OFW who are In case you are wondering who must apply for the eRegistration portal, this portal is open to all Filipinos who are planning to work abroad as well as to those OFW who are returning abroad. All aspiring OFWs must have a profile in the online portal.

How to Process POEA Registration and Sign up via POEA Online Portal

These is the step-by-step instructions on how to register on POEA e-Registration. Please follow the guide below:

1. Registration and Account Activation

The first step is to access the site. Go to the POEA Online Services website here –

Click this link and this page will appear.

Before entering the details, you should first read the terms of use and privacy statement. Click “I Accept the Terms of Use.”

POEA New Account Registration portal
POEA New Account Registration portal

Fill in your personal details such as name, gender, email address, birthdate, passport number, and expiry date. After entering your personal details, click Register.

When you’ve successfully registered, it will show that your Account was created as a ‘SUCCESS’ and the login details will be sent to your email.

Screenshot of POEA Account Creation success
Screenshot of POEA Account Creation success

Go to your email account and check your inbox. If you didn’t receive the email in the inbox, go to the spam folder and check.

The email contains the confirmation of successful registration and the initial password. Use the password to log in. Then, you have the option to retain or change your password.

screenshot of POEA account temporary password in Gmail
screenshot of POEA account temporary password in Gmail – use these details to sign in to the website

Note: When you sign in to the portal with the temporary password, you will be prompted to reset it with your own personal password. After making the changes, you will now be able to access the portal with your own account and password.

POEA reset password prompt
POEA reset password prompt

2. Upload your Photo and Passport

After signing in, you will be asked to upload your profile photo and passport details. Attach your Profile Picture to open the photo upload window. Then click Choose File and select your photo as your profile picture. Then click Upload. The picture must be in size 2×2, clear, and less than 2MB.

Uploading photo

After uploading your picture, you may also secure an online copy of your passport (just simply take a photo of it and make sure it is clear), and then upload the passport in the attachment required.

uploading passport
POEA eRegistration page dashboard
POEA eRegistration page dashboard

3. Edit Profile

Click “My Profile” below the Dashboard on the left. Enter the information needed. Then, select “Add New Identification” to upload the details on your valid ID. This includes the type of ID, ID number, issuance, and expiry date.

Set the beneficiary by clicking “Add Beneficiary”. Input their personal data and hit the “Save” button to finish.

POEA Registration Profile page
POEA ‘Edit’ Profile details to update your information

4. Update Education Information

You will also update your education and training details by typing in your experiences, certificates, etc. The My Education tab is divided according to four categories: Educational Attainment, Certificates, Trainings, and Language.

Select the “Add Education”. You must encode the details about your education such as academic level, year graduated and the school you have attended. Input the data in the “Others” if you find the school in the selection given. Click “Save”.

If you have certificates, you can upload it in the “Add Certificates” section which is just below the Educational Attainment. Click the “ Add Certificate” and enter the information from the certificate. Enter the Certificate title, number, issuance and expiration date, number of hours, name of the issuing agency, and the competency. Then, hit “Save” to proceed.

Click the “Add Training” button to upload the details of your training certificates, if you have one. Encode the name of the training, certificate number, duration, skills acquired, and the name of the training institution. Then, hit “Save”.

Lastly, select the “Add Language”. Choose the language you know and rate your fluency from 0-10. Hit the “Save” button.

POEA Education dashboard to update your school and training experience
POEA Education dashboard to update your school and training experience

5. Work Information

It is now time to add your work credentials and history. Select the “My Experience”. tab to open the options.

Press the “Add Preference”. Choose the class: land-based or sea-based. Then, type the desired work in the Search Toolbar in the position and hit search.

Work listings will be shown that are related to the keyword. Click “Select” to choose. Select the industry, preferred country, and category. Click “Save”.

Click “Add Experience” to add work experience and details. Please enter the company name, job title, employment date, and country. If you are currently working for this company, check your current job. Click “Save”.

Work Preference and Work Experience in POEA Portal
Work Preference and Work Experience in POEA Portal

6. Upload the Remaining Documents

You will be asked to upload your documents which include NBI Clearance, Medical Certificate, and Police Clearance.

Click “My Documents”. Then, you will see the “Add Document”. Click it.

After clicking “Add Document”, click and  “Document Type”. Enter the issuance and the expiry date. Click “Save” to add the document.

POEA Upload documents (police clearance, NBI clearance, medical certificate)
POEA Upload documents (police clearance, NBI clearance, medical certificate)

7. Print Resume

After you have completed entering all your details, you are now ready to view and print your POEA resume.

Simply click on “My Resume” to create an information sheet. Click “Print Resume” if you wanted a hard copy of your resume.

Now you are ready to view and print your resume. Simply click on “My Resume” to view your Worker’s Information Sheet. Click “Print Resume” if you wanted a hardcopy of this.

After completing everything, you are now included in the registered members that will be taken into consideration for POEA jobs.

preview of POEA worker's information sheet
preview of POEA worker’s information sheet

Note: Based on our experience, adding the details will take some time as there’s a lag in the online portal when saving items or searching for categories. So you will need to have some patience, especially when entering your details one by one.

POEA e registration version 2

This is actually the 2nd version of the POEA electronic registration portal. The first one had some issues and bugs that the website would keep crashing. This new portal is much easier to use and more convenient to process. You can now register online using your computer or mobile device.

Here is the advisory as shared by POEA regarding Version 2.0 of the online service portal intended for all licensed land-based and manning agencies, and overseas Filipino workers and applicants.

advisory on POEA Version 2.0
advisory on Version 2.0

This version is faster and more reliable processing of the OFW registration. Everyone is advised to adapt to this new version moving forward.

e registration login

The electronic registration log-ins or E-registration was launched in 2019 in an effort to make the process easier for both employers and workers. The system was met with some glitches, however, as the website kept crashing. The new portal is much easier to use and more convenient to register on.

Below is a screenshot of the login page to enter your username (email) and password:

POEA eReg log-in screen
POEA eReg log-in screen

Once you update your password and email, you would now be able to simply log in to the website and access your POEA profile.

POEA Worker’s Information Sheet

The POEA worker’s information sheet is a list of your credentials and relevant POEA information. All registered workers with the eRegistration system can print a copy of your info sheet for your reference. This sheet is also used by POEA so that future employers can check your profile if their jobs and your qualifications match.

Here’s a sample image of the worker’s information sheet from POEA:

click “Print Resume” to download a copy of your information sheet

Make sure that all your information is correct and updated. You can edit it anytime you want after the successful registration.

Video: ERegistration Guide in POEA

Check out this tutorial guide video as shared by a Filipina on how you can register in the POEA online. It is a step-by-step walk-through of the process of registration:

The video shows a comprehensive way on how to register on the POEA’s e-Registration.

The video includes:

  • Reminders before Registration
  • POEA e-Registration step-by-step process
  • Pre Employment Orientation Seminar(PEOS) and
  • Frequently Asked Questions and the answers

Important Reminders

The website has issued some important reminders and guidelines during the eRegistration process. So please take note of these details:

  • Registration is FREE! Do not accept 3rd party services offering to register on your behalf. You should not pay anyone to register as there is no extra charges for this procedure!
  • Use only an active email address should be used for account registration, and you’ll receive the account activation confirmation in the e-Registration System v.2 Email
  • If you do not receive an email confirmation, you should NOT create or register another account by modifying or changing your personal information, such as Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, and Birthday.
  • Make sure that the information provided is accurate and true to your best knowledge.
  • If you submit false information, this might result in your e-Registration System v.2 privileges being revoked and your application being rejected.
  • If you have encountered any problems, you may file a ticket to our POEA Online Helpdesk or Contact the following No:

Manpower Registry Division: Tel. Nos.8722-11-46/8722-11-81
POEA Hotlines: 722-11-44 / 722-11-55

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any clarifications about the process, here are some FAQs to help you out.

1. It is my first time applying for a job. Is there a need to input something in the job preference?

No, just leave it blank.

2. How to put a picture in the resume?

Have a photo and save it as a .jpeg or .jpg file. Click the “Add File” and select the saved photo.

3. I can’t open my account and if I click the “Forgot Password” and type the email I used in registration, the pop-up message is “Account cannot be found.” What should I do?

You can:

  • Ask your agency for help.
  • Visit the nearest POEA office in your area.
  • Send an email to the POEA helpdesk.

4. How to add Pag-IBIG ID in the “Add Identification” without an expiry date?

You can add the Pag-IBIG ID without putting the expiry date.

5. How do I recover my account if I have forgotten my Gmail and password?

It can only be recovered with the help of the registered agency.

They were given authority by the POEA to correct or recover the accounts they have.

6. Can I edit my personal details after the registration?

No, it can only be edited with the help of the registered agency of POEA. They can have your information corrected.

7. Can I edit my work experiences?

Yes, you can edit it. You can even change your work experiences.

8. What will I put in the middle name if I don’t have one?

You must put NMD (No Middle Name) on the middle name if you didn’t have a middle name.

9. If I forgot my email and password, can I create a new account on the website?

No, you can’t. It will be in conflict with your previous account.

10.  How can I proceed with the next process when I fill up my personal details, there is always an error?

It is recommended to refresh the website since the website sometimes crashes. Sometimes, there is a problem accessing the website.


All workers (Filipino or foreign) bound for overseas employment must be registered with the POEA. This is a requirement by the Philippine government in order to ensure that all workers are aware of their rights and obligations and to protect them from illegal recruitment and other illegal activities.

It is advised to be careful with filling up the information needed on the website as well as be patient with the process.

Always remember, if you don’t have any idea about the process or you are having trouble with the e-Registration, you can always search on Google and on YouTube for additional guides. Do not hesitate to ask or search.

So this is the process of POEA e-Registration. We hope you have found this article helpful in making you are aware of what the purpose of this online service is and how you can sign up for an account in POEA online.

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