How to Search for DMW Jobs in Kuwait

Filipinos seeking work in Kuwait have a number of options available to them. Many jobs in Kuwait are open to foreigners, and there is a growing demand for Filipino workers in particular. In recent years, the Philippines has become one of the top sources of foreign labor for Kuwait, and Filipinos can be found working in a wide variety of industries.

For example, many Filipinos work in the domestic sector, providing child care, cleaning, and cooking services. Others work in construction or hospitality. News reports mention that there are also a significant number of Filipinos working in the healthcare industry in Kuwait. With its strong economy and growing need for foreign labor, Kuwait provides an excellent opportunity for Filipinos looking for work abroad.

how to search for dmw jobs in kuwait

This article will provide you with tips on how you can search for jobs in Kuwait for Filipinos.


After you have decided on your preferred job, you may now start to collect the following requirements:

  • Common requirements for OFW around the world (click the blue underlined words to redirect you to the requirements)
  • Medical Certificates
  • Certificate from Sponsor
  • Work Visa


To apply, you need to know if you are qualified to be an OFW in Kuwait. You must be at least 23 years old, at least a high school graduate, and must be physically and mentally fit.

How to Search for DMW Jobs in Kuwait

There are a lot of Filipinos who are looking for jobs in Kuwait. The process might seem daunting for them especially if they have no idea where to start. But there is no need to worry because this article will provide you with the steps on how to search for jobs in Kuwait for Filipinos.

I. Know your Options

First, you must know your options to enter Kuwait. The following are the visa options for Filipinos. Choose what’s suitable for your preferred type of job.

Before making travel plans, Filipino nationals who want to visit Kuwait must apply for and get a tourist or visit visa (Visa 14). Filipinos working abroad who are looking for contract work in Kuwait must obtain the appropriate form of visa because there are several categories, including:

For OFWs working for Kuwait’s Ministry of the Government in the Public Sector, a Visa 17 is necessary. A job offer must be accepted to qualify for this, and once they do, they can use their work visa to apply for a resident permit in Kuwait.

Visa 18 – This category of visa is for OFWs who would be employed as professionals in the private sector or the service sector. These are positions that call for an OFW to practice their profession with the appropriate license obtained in Kuwait and the Philippines.

OFWs reporting for domestic work or domestic servant visas are included in Visa 20. Since direct hiring is not permitted to enter, this form of visa is only processed through DMW- licensed organizations.

II. Job Search

After making sure the option you are going to take to go to Kuwait, it is now time to do a job search. The following is the list of online job portals and the steps on how to do a job search in each job portal.


The Jobstreet app enables you to manage your job applications on the move, regardless of whether you are at home or in transportation. tries to make sure that all of the job ads on the site are for real jobs. Any job ads that are found to be against the Terms and Conditions will be taken down. To start searching for jobs on this website, you may follow the steps below.

1. Click the link to redirect you to the website. This is what the website looks like.

2. On the first search bar from the left, enter your desired job. On the middle search bar, enter ‘Kuwait’. On the first search bar from the right, you can select any job specifications related to the job you entered on the left search bar. And click ‘Search’.

3. You will be shown search results for the job you wanted.

DMW Website

It will be a one-stop shop for all matters relating to OFWs. It will include an online application and registration process, current job advertisements, and other vital details for each foreign worker. To start searching for jobs on this website, you may follow the steps below:

1. Click the link above to redirect you to the website. The website looks like this.

2. Scroll down until you see a search bar. On the search bar, enter ‘Kuwait.’ Check on the left side of it that the selected one should be ‘Job Site’. And hit ‘Search.’

3. You will be shown search results of the available jobs in Kuwait. You can switch viewing this in card or table form by clicking on the right side of the search bar.

After you have selected a job most suited to your liking, you can now contact the agency that offers that which can be seen included in the job post. Pass the necessary documents like your resume if they asked for one. Wait until you secure a job offer. If you have already secured a job offer, it is now time to move on to the next step.

III. Apply for Work Visa

It is now time to apply for a work visa. To apply, you must pass these requirements:

  • Resume
  • Educational background
  • Medical records with doctor’s clearance, NBI clearances, and police clearances
  • Document from the sponsor

Follow the steps below in applying for a work visa.

  •  Please make sure you are very clear about your “reason for visit” before applying. Keep in mind that we are here to help you with the complete visa application process, but we are not allowed to give you advice or direct you toward a certain visa category. We have no control over whether or not you will be granted a visa and how long the application will take to process because the majority of our work is administrative. This decision belongs solely to The Consulate General of Kuwait. Before visiting the Visa Service Center, please make sure you have read the security regulatory notices.
  • Fill out your visa application and attach a photo. The Visa Application Form is available for download on our website. Please also include the name and surname of your father and your spouse, if any. Please make sure you provide the necessary papers.
  • During business hours, visit the Kuwait Visa Application Center to pick up a token number.
  • Submit your application and the necessary money to the Kuwait Visa application center.
  • Online application tracking is step five.
  • Pick up your passport from the Visa Application Center or choose courier delivery if you like. Ask the official at the Kuwait visa center counter for more information about the courier service.

You get an SMS notification as soon as your application has been processed. At one of the visa application sites, you can pick up your passport or arrange for a courier to deliver it.

Within 30 days, applicants must pick up their passports from the Visa Application Center. Passports that are not picked up within this time frame will be given to the Kuwaiti General Consulate. Passports given to a courier for delivery shall be canceled and sent back to the Kuwaiti Consulate General if delivery is unsuccessful for more than 30 days. Both times, applicants must pick up their passports in person from the consulate.

IV. Preparation for Going to Kuwait

Before going to Kuwait, make sure you comply with all the obligations in the Philippines like attending seminars such as PEOS and PDOS, for example as well as submitting the requirements to the DMW.

You also need to bring some cash with you so, exchange your peso for Kuwaiti Dinar. Make sure to bring enough of it.

As for cultures and traditions, you must observe these in Kuwait.


Put your phone away while driving, obey traffic signs, and avoid hitting or being hit by other vehicles because it may take some time for either of you to escape. Take note of this as a traveler to prevent any delays.

Kuwait is an Islamic nation, hence Kuwaiti tradition and Islamic custom are closely related. Therefore, to prevent arguments or interference from the religious police, always dress modestly (except when in private), refrain from speaking blasphemies, refrain from making public displays of affection (PDA), and avoid walking on prayer mats or in front of people who are praying, don’t offer pork or alcohol to Muslims, and avoid being seen eating or drinking during Ramadan.

If you are a foreigner, always use the person’s full name unless otherwise instructed. When addressing dignitaries or nobility, use the title “Sheikh” along with your full name. Learn the appropriate opening and closing etiquette. The most typical is As-salamu alaykum, which is Arabic for “Peace be upon you.” The appropriate response to this greeting is Wa ‘alaykum al-salaam, which translates to “And peace be upon you.” Shake hands with Arab males before and after being in their company, if you’re a guy.

According to the Islamic religion (the Qur’an), men are not allowed to contact unrelated women. Keep this in mind while visiting Kuwait. There are separate transportation compartments for each gender. Males are not allowed to ogle females (especially when they are wearing abaya, and burqa, a traditional Islamic dress). A Muslim woman will also exit the elevator if a guy enters while she is inside. It’s critical to remember this to avoid coming out as impolite.

Diwaniyas are often private gatherings for men only when sociopolitical topics are discussed. Important individuals of society frequently hold them, particularly politicians during elections. Make the most of the chance if you are asked to one because it is a terrific place to network. Kuwait’s information hub and sociopolitical backbone are the diwaniyas.


Don’t drink alcohol in public, and don’t even offer it to an Arab unless you know for sure that he drinks. If you don’t do this, it can be rude.

Don’t walk on a prayer mat or stare at people who are praying.

Don’t go into a mosque without being told to. Even if you ask for permission, likely, you won’t be let in.

Don’t eat, drink, or even smoke in public during Ramadan.

Video: Search for Jobs in Kuwait


YouTube Channel: KAKABAYAN

This video contains the job offers in Kuwait available for Filipinos. The job offers promises free process, free food, free accommodation, and free transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check these commonly asked questions and answers to help you out.

1. Is there a placement fee in Kuwait?

Domestic workers and seafarers shouldn’t have to pay a placement fee, according to DMW. If a placement fee is required for a position that is not exempt from it, it should not be more than one month’s worth of the starting pay.

2. Is it good to work in Kuwait for Filipino?

One of the top choices for Filipinos looking to work overseas in Kuwait for several reasons. One of the reasons why there are numerous job chances for OFWs to work there is that the country has a strong labor market and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire globe.

3. What is the age limit to work in Kuwait?

Although there is no official upper age limit for employment in Kuwait, foreign workers must be under 60 years old to be hired. You must be younger than 60. Kuwait’s employment permits minimum age is 21.

4. What language does Kuwait speak?

Kuwait’s official language is Arabic; however, English is also frequently used. It is employed in commerce, and schools are required to teach it as a second language. Many individuals who are not Kuwaitis are fluent in Farsi, the language of Iran, or Urdu, the language of Pakistan.

5. Is Kuwait safe to work in?

Kuwait is unquestionably a secure and desirable area to live and work. Kuwait is the location for you if you appreciate visiting respectable malls, enjoying fantastic food at top-notch restaurants, and enjoying the beach (yes, there are still great beaches available despite some concerns about marine pollution).


If you are a Filipino and looking for a job in Kuwait, there are many factors to consider before deciding if it is the right move for you. The most important thing is to be informed about the country, its culture, and its laws. The process of looking for jobs can be challenging but it can be done.

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