Top 10 Jobs for Filipinos in Kuwait

Filipino workers can be found in a wide range of jobs in Kuwait, from domestic work to engineering. In fact, Filipinos are one of the largest groups of foreign workers in Kuwait. They are often attracted to Kuwait by the promise of higher wages and better working conditions than what is available at home. While working conditions in Kuwait are not perfect, they are generally better than those in the Philippines. As a result, Filipino workers will likely continue to flock to Kuwait in search of better opportunities.

It is estimated that there are thousands of Filipinos living and working in Kuwait. They make up around 10% of the country’s population, and they can be found in all corners of the country, working in a wide range of industries. Filipino workers are highly sought after by Kuwaiti employers, due to their reputation for being hardworking and reliable. In addition, many Filipinos have a good command of English, which is an asset in a country where Arabic is the main language.

Filipinos in Kuwait often live and work in close-knit communities, providing support and friendship to one another. Several Filipino organizations are operating in the country, which helps to foster a sense of community among members. The Filipino community in Kuwait is a vibrant and active one, making a valuable contribution to the country.

best jobs for filipinos in kuwait

Before starting to search for available jobs in Kuwait, here are the top 10 jobs for Filipinos in Kuwait to consider.

1. Domestic Helpers

There are many reasons why Filipino Domestic Helper is in demand in Kuwait. Filipinos are a hardworking people, who can handle any type of task at home. Other than their excellent management skills and genuine attitude toward work, Filipinos have become very popular because they are flexible to work around the schedules of their employers.

Filipinos are known to be reliable, hard-working, and loyal. They are familiar with the Kuwait culture due to their long stay in the country and embrace it completely. The Middle East is a big thing for Filipinos, who are always ready to work. Many tasks involve laborers but there are some jobs that you can do even if you don’t have experiences in this region like housekeeping, maintenance, and cooking.

Average Salary: In Kuwait, the minimum wage for a housekeeper is between KD 110 and KD 120 per month.

2. Healthcare Workers

Filipino Healthcare Worker is in demand in Kuwait because of their excellent skills, experience, and expertise. They are well known for their high-performing nature and responsible attitude towards patients. Filipino Healthcare Workers are well prepared with the necessary skills required by companies to work in such a challenging environment.

Filipino Healthcare Worker is in demand in Kuwait because most of the hospitals have either Filipino nurse or hospital personnel. More Filipinos are employed as nursing assistants and medical technologists, which are responsible for providing care and treatment to patients who are admitted to the hospital.

Average Salary: In Kuwait, people who work in Health and Medicine usually make around 1,890 KWD per month.

3. Technicians

Filipinos are always in demand in Kuwait. The reason is that Filipinos are generally efficient, hardworking, and flexible. In addition, they have a strong work ethic and have skills in mechanical, electrical, and welding. The technicians of Filipino background can also be candidates for joining different organizations as Technical Support Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, System Administrators, and Data Analyst.

Average Salary: In Kuwait, the average monthly salary for a technician is KWD 365.

4. Cooks

Filipino cuisine is in demand in Kuwait thanks to the large number of Filipinos that live in the country. Their basic knowledge of cooking techniques and quick services have made them versatile in many aspects of life. The advent of online job boards enabled people to find work locations across the globe, making it easier for them to look for jobs in Kuwait or other local countries. It is important to note that finding a job abroad is not a simple task as it requires research and determination if one wants to ensure an upward career change.

Average Salary: In Kuwait, a person who works as a Cook usually takes around 680 KWD per month.

5. Drivers

Filipino drivers are preferred as they are well-trained and professional, and can be placed under the direct supervision of licensed drivers. They can drive different vehicles, including cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, and more.

Average Salary: In Kuwait, a person who works as a Driver usually takes around 400 KWD per month.

6. Construction Laborers

On construction sites, a construction laborer or construction worker performs physical labor. Sites may be cleaned, materials loaded or unloaded, and dangers removed as part of their preparation. A general laborer may also operate specific pieces of machinery or erect and dismantle scaffolding and other movable structures. They are necessary for building, constructing highways, and cleaning up the environment.

Average Salary: In Kuwait, someone who works in construction, building, or installation usually takes about 740 KWD per month.

7. Skilled Construction Workers

At construction sites, a skilled laborer must carry out a variety of tasks that demand heavy lifting, climbing, bending, digging, and using hand and power tools. Find skilled workers with construction experience who are physically fit and strong.

Average Salary: Salaries range between 320 and 2,160 KWD.

8. Engineers

There is an increasing demand for Filipino Engineers in Kuwait as the country is going through many other economic changes. As a result, its business sector has also been expanding to other countries. With an increasing number of Filipinos migrating to Kuwait, it has become possible for them to work for an extensive range of opportunities. The widespread demand for professionals in Kuwait and all across the globe is why you should consider applying as an engineer to be a part of this growing industry.

Average Salary: An average Engineer’s salary in Kuwait is approximately 1,180 KWD per month. The salaries range between 540 KWD to 1,870 KWD.

9. Salespersons

Filipino Salespersons are in demand not just because they have a positive attitude towards selling to the public but also because they are highly knowledgeable with all social media and internet marketing platforms. This consequently makes them competent in working with customers who use these websites and channels to purchase goods and services.

Average Salary: A typical month’s pay for a Sales Representative in Kuwait is about 820 KWD.

 10. Teachers

Filipino teachers, who can speak English fluently, are in demand in Kuwait. The government of the Philippines has offered scholarships to them from the Philippine Embassy. They also have many benefits after working for some time.

Average Salary: In Kuwait, someone who works in teaching or education usually makes around 1,340 KWD per month.

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There are pros and cons to working in Kuwait for Filipinos. On the positive side, Filipinos generally find that the salaries in Kuwait are higher than what they could earn back home. Additionally, many Filipinos find the working conditions in Kuwait to be good, with employers typically providing benefits such as transportation and housing. Kuwait also offers Filipino workers the opportunity to save money, as there is little in the way of expenses. However, some challenges come with working in Kuwait. For example, Filipinos often have to work long hours and may not have much time for leisure or social activities. Additionally, they may miss out on important events back home, such as weddings and births. Ultimately, whether or not working in Kuwait is a good experience for Filipinos depends on their circumstances.

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