Top 10 Jobs for Filipinos in Thailand

Working in Thailand is a great way to earn some money and experience a new culture at the same time. The hours can be long and challenging, and the work can be repetitive and mundane. In addition, you may be away from your family and friends for extended periods. But overall, working in Thailand as an OFW is a good experience that can help you improve your career prospects and earnings potential.

There are many different types of jobs available in Thailand, so finding the right one for you shouldn’t be too difficult. To give you an idea of the jobs that are in demand in Thailand for Filipinos, here is the list.

best jobs for filipinos in thailand

1. Teachers

Most Filipinos in Thailand are employed as teachers. The majority of Filipinos in Thailand, in my estimation, are teachers. Filipino teachers or teachers have most likely worked for various private or public schools. Since English was added as one of the core subjects in the Thai curriculum, English teachers are among the most in-demand positions. If they are truly qualified, teachers who instruct in science and math earn significantly more.

Thailand was the only nation in Southeast Asia that escaped European colonization, which is a fun fact about Thai history. Through careful negotiations with the British, they were able to manage it. They also had alliances with Japan and the USA at one point in history, which helped them avoid a communist revolution. They were able to preserve and keep their culture and Thai language. They didn’t need to learn a foreign language, mainly English, until recently.

Average Salary: The average salary of teachers in Thailand ranges from 15,000 ThB to 25,000 ThB per month.

2. Caregivers

Caregivers are in high demand in Thailand. The country is one of the most popular destinations for expatriates and citizens looking for a new life. Caregivers are employed by many families who want to travel and work abroad. They are also hired by locals who want to train their own caregivers. Caregivers work as nannies, housekeepers, drivers, and personal assistants. It’s not just Thai citizens who hire Filipino caregivers; foreigners also hire them because they are affordable and friendly. Filipino caregivers are experienced in taking care of children and adults with special needs. They have good communication skills and are well-versed in dealing with children’s behavior problems or disabilities.

Average Salary: In Thailand, a caregiver makes an average salary of THB 275,135 per year and THB 132 per hour. Caregiver salaries typically range from THB 214,788 to THB 327,257.

3. Office Staff

Office jobs are usually available for Filipino workers. Multinational firms with offices in Bangkok need employees who can communicate in English, either orally or in writing. Thai businesses occasionally require employees who can serve as a point of contact for their customers or international partners.

Average Salary: In Thailand, the average monthly salary for office staff is 90,100 THB.

4. Waiter

Not only are the Filipino waiters in Thailand one of the most sought-out professionals in Bangkok, but they’re also highly prized by customers. This is why many job seekers want to work as an overseas Filipino waiters in Thailand and make additional income while traveling to the country.

In Thailand, many foreign workers work as a waiter. Besides dinners and parties, there are other niches of work to do such as tourism and freelance work. Filipino workers in particular have many opportunities in this field.

Average Salary: In Thailand, the average monthly wage for a waiter or waitress is about 31,500 THB.

5. Engineer

The demand for Filipino engineers in Thailand is on the rise. The country is experiencing double-digit growth in its construction industry and there are little data available about how many Filipinos are involved in these projects, but the fact that an increasing number of Filipinos are immigrating to the country may be a positive indication that more Filipino engineers will be needed in the future to execute these projects.

The Philippines are home to one of the largest engineering populations in Asia, due to its geographical location and great educational system. It is no wonder that there is a large demand for skilled Filipino professionals in Thailand

Average Salary: In Thailand, the average monthly salary for an engineer is around 81,800 THB.

6. Musicians

Musicians are in demand in Thailand because of their expertise in music. Filipinos have been around for over one thousand years, and have become very skilled in music and the arts.

Young Filipinos are showing a lot of interest in music, particularly with the popularity of pop, hip-hop, and rock as well as traditional Filipino music.

The number of musicians in Thailand has risen dramatically over the past few years, thanks to the country’s growing middle classes that are looking for exotic background music. Local music teachers will often organize group classes to teach traditional and western instruments like the guitar, violin, and ukulele.

Average Salary: A beginner musician may expect to make an annual salary of 472,806 TBH. A senior-level musician makes an average salary of 819,486 TBH, on the other hand.

7. Bartender

If you have been thinking of moving to Thailand, many opportunities are waiting for you. As a global destination and the world’s most popular travel destination, Thailand enjoys an unmatched level of popularity among both expatriates and locals. Given that it has emerged as a popular country to work abroad in recent decades, the hospitality industry is no exception and many workers are working in different parts of Thailand.

Filipino bartender may be an option for the Filipino who wants to work in Thailand with the well-known fact that their culture and fashion are perceived by the Thai people as exotic. This may be a very good way for a Filipino to start his career without going through a local sponsor or getting a professional license in Thailand.

There are plenty of Filipino bartenders who can be found working in bars, clubs, and restaurants around Bangkok as well as in other cities in Thailand such as Phuket. Gaining experience in this type of job can help prepare you for other opportunities that may arise when looking for jobs abroad.

Average Salary: In Thailand, the average monthly salary for a bartender is about 38,700 THB.

8. Mobile / Web Developer

Thailand is one of the fastest-growing markets in Southeast Asia, especially for mobile and web developers working on big projects like apps, games or services that can be played on mobile devices. Applications are now the preferred way to launch an app or game. So, if you want to work as a Filipino Mobile/Web Developer in Thailand then this post is for you.

Filipino Mobile/Web Developers are in demand in Thailand because of their network of users, the business community, and entrepreneurial spirit. These highly skilled professionals can bring Philippine web companies as well as growing tech startup companies on the map of Thailand.

Average Salary:  In Thailand, the average monthly salary for a web developer is about 82,500 THB.

9. Nurse

The increasing influx of Filipino nurses in Thailand has caused a shortage of good quality care. They are employed by multiple hospitals and clinics across the country, mainly in Bangkok and Pattaya, but also in Chiang Mai and Phuket.

The Philippines is still considered one of the best destinations for Filipino nurses in the world. Although the Philippines has a shortage of nurses and medical professionals, those who have graduated from schools and universities are more qualified than in other countries like Thailand where many Filipino nurses are highly demanded because of the low wages.

Average Salary: In Thailand, the average monthly salary for a nurse is around 79,600 THB.

10. Manager

There are many reasons why Filipino managers are in demand in Thailand. First, Thai culture is similar to the Philippines. Filipinos have traditional beliefs that have been passed down through generations.

Filipinos are well known for their wonderful hospitality and customer service skills. They have been trained to be friendly, polite, and helpful individuals. As many of them grow up in the urban hubs of Manila and Cebu, they understand how to socialize with different people from different countries as well as hold mastery of languages making them extremely versatile individuals worldwide.

Average Salary: In the Bangkok, Thailand area, the typical monthly wage for a manager is THB 80,000.


Check this video of a Filipina working in Thailand as a teacher.


OFW are workers who are living and working in a country other than their own. For many OFW, working in Thailand is a good opportunity to earn money and support their families back home. The cost of living in Thailand is relatively low, and OFW can often finds work that pays relatively well.

In addition, OFW often has the opportunity to send money back to their families regularly. This can help to improve the standard of living for OFW and their families. However, OFW also faces some challenges while working in Thailand. For example, OFW may not have the same legal protections as workers in their own country. In addition, OFW may face language and cultural barriers. Despite these challenges, however, working in Thailand can be a good opportunity for OFW to earn money and provide for their families back home.

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