How to Search for DMW Jobs in Jordan

Jordan has become an important destination for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in the last few years. Nowadays, this Middle East state offers excellent opportunities for job seekers who are willing to go overseas to work. Jordan is a stable country, offering a wide variety of well-paid jobs.

This article will guide Filipinos who want to work in Jordan. The country is very fortunate that some many Filipino workers and maids are working in this country due to the tight labor force.

how to search for dmw jobs in jordan


To know the list of requirements that you need to accomplish, just click this link to redirect you to the site à Requirements.


An applicant must be at least 23 years of age and a high school graduate. He or she must also be physically and mentally fit to work.

Important Steps

I. Search for a Job


https // 

This is the most popular job site in Jordan. It lists both local and international opportunities and jobs posted by employers around the world.

To search for jobs in Jobstreet, you may follow the steps below:

1. Click on the link above and you will be brought here.

2. Click on the ‘Login’ button and sign in with the email you used in creating your account in Jobstreet. If you have not registered on the site, do the same. Click the ‘Login’ button but proceed to ‘Sign up FREE now’ at the bottom of the page.

3. After logging in, you will be able to search jobs in Jordan. To search, type in the job title (Domestic Helper for example) and in the area, type in the country (example: Jordan). And hit ‘Search’.

4. Results for job search will appear.

5. Click on the job listing, read, and follow the instructions on the website. Prepare your resume and CV in advance in case the employers are asking for them.


Here you will learn how to find jobs online for Filipinos in Jordan using LinkedIn. You will also learn how to use basic search functions provided by the platform.

1. Visit the homepage of LinkedIn at and Sign up for free by clicking the Join Now link on the homepage.

2. After signing up, you will be redirected to your profile page. Click on the Profile menu at the upper left corner of your profile page and select the Edit Profile option from it to fill your profile.

3. On the left panel of your profile page, click the Jobs menu and choose the Jobs tab from it.

4. Enter keywords like “Jordan” in the Location text box for searching jobs for Filipinos in Jordan. Click on the Search button to get results for jobs for Filipinos in Jordan city on LinkedIn.

5. For applying for any job from these search results, click on the arrow icon beside any job listing which you want to apply and select Apply for this Job option from the popup menu to apply it.

DMW Website

There are many jobs available for Filipinos in Jordan. The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) is responsible for providing employment opportunities and services for Filipino workers looking to work overseas.

To search for jobs using this website, read the steps below:

1. Click the link above to be brought to this site.

2. Scroll down until you see a search bar. Then, on the search bar, type ‘Jordan’.

3. You will be shown job listings in Jordan.

Note: After you applied for a job and secured a job offer, you must collect the documents required by your employer. You must also be knowledgeable about your host country.

II. Know the Basic Information

For you to be able to survive working and living in a different country far away from your loved ones, you must know some information about Jordan. Here are the following:

Major Information

Jordan is a country in the Middle East that can only be reached by land. It is in the area known as the “Five Pillars of Jordan.”

Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Israel, and Palestine are the five main parts of the country.

It is seen as a place of peace and very welcoming to people who have fled war-torn countries.


Sunni Islam is the main religion in a country where 95% of the people are Muslims.

Shiites, Ahmadi Muslims, and a small number of Catholics make up the rest.

Some of the oldest Catholic communities are in Jordan, which might make you wonder why there are only a few churches here and there.


Summer lasts from May to September. It is hot and dry during this time.

From July to August, it could get even hotter and reach 40 degrees Celsius.

Winter lasts from November to March, and it rains and snows here and there during this time.


Jordan is a country where Arabic is the official language.

Still, don’t worry too much because English is also widely spoken, especially in schools, businesses, and banks.

Still, it won’t hurt to learn a few words and phrases in Arabic.

TESDA gives priority to OFWs who want to learn a language for free, so make sure you take advantage of this benefit.

Working in Jordan 

Filipinos, after Egyptians and Sri Lankans, make up the third largest group of foreign workers.

Most of the Filipinos who work in Jordan are in the medical, engineering, or service industries.

Like other countries, Jordan needs you to have a valid entry visa (always keep a copy with you!) and a passport that is valid for at least six months.

To get a Jordanian work permit, you must also send in two passport photos and a filled-out application form.

The job contract is good for one year and will be looked at again after that.


You’ll need to get your wallet ready for this one, because the best way to get around is by taxi, either a private yellow taxi or the country’s unique service taxi.

There are buses, but they have fewer seats.

If you want to get to your destination, the best way is to take a taxi, unless you can walk there.


There are often protests, especially if you will be working in Amman.

Make sure to keep an eye on the schedule for the demonstrations, which usually happen on Fridays.

People who break the law get harsh punishments, which is why murder is seldom committed.

Even so, there are still cases of pickpocketing, so be careful with your belongings.


Don’t be surprised if olive oil is used to cook a lot of food.

Jordan is one of the largest olive producers in the world. Olives are a staple in most homes because of this.

They also do things every day like drink coffee and tea.

III. Complete the Requirements in the Philippines

Before going to your destination (host country), you need to accomplish several requirements and undergo several processes. Attending Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS) and Pre-Deployment Orientation Seminar (PDOS), undergoing medical tests and screening as well as completing the paperwork coming from some government agencies are some of the things you need before going abroad. You may click this link to further understand the steps that you need to take before going to Jordan.

IV. Get a Work Permit and Visa

There are several types of visas in Jordan. One of these is the work visa.  A work visa lets them into the country to work, while a work permit in Jordan lets them work once they get there.

To obtain a work visa, you may need the following:

  • Employment contract(copy)
  • A letter from the employer clarifying the worker’s employment period, job, and estimated wages (for no contract)
  • An employer’s promise to comply with ASEZ Law, Regulations, and Instructions regarding work permit procedures and requirements, subject to revocation.
  • Passport copy and 2 passport-sized photos.
  • A certificate from a Ministry of Health-recognized medical center proving the worker is free of prevailing diseases, or a written commitment from the employer to submit such a certificate within (21) working days.
  • A letter of dismissal from the worker’s previous employer

The steps that should be taken are the following:

  1. Providing all the documents that are needed.
  2. Filling out and sending in the ASEZA Work Permit Application Form
  3. Fees must be paid.

If you need to renew your work permit, you must prepare the following:

  • Personal Information(name, birth date, nationality, job)
  • Name of Employer/Company/Farm
  • Employment permit issuance and expiration
  • Stamp and signature(Directorate of Labor Affairs)

V. Arrival in Jordan

In arriving in Jordan, please read and keep in mind the following reminders below:

  • There is a high risk of terrorism in Jordan, so people who go there should know that an attack could happen. There are more security measures in place all over Jordan, but you can see them the most in hotels and shopping malls. Follow what the local government tells you to do and keep up with the security situation through the media. Women should wear clothes that aren’t too revealing, stay away from dark streets and stairs, and keep their valuables in a safe place at home. Driving drunk or high is against the law, and if you are caught, you could be jailed, fined, or even banned from driving. For taxi rides in Amman, Uber and Careem are good options, but women should not take yellow taxis (street taxis) by themselves.
  • Jordan is a Muslim country, and Muslims are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in public during Ramadan. Parents should be aware that local laws regarding custody, etc. of children are significantly different from those in force in Ireland. Jordanian law also criminalizes homosexuality and public displays of affection between same-sex couples may lead to arrest and incarceration.


The video is about the requirements for applying as a housekeeping attendant in Jordan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions to help you out.

1. What is the average salary in Jordan?

The average salary in Jordan is $500-600 per month. The minimum salary is 250 JDs per month.

2. How many hours of work per day?

In most cases, the working hours are 8 hours per day with one hour break for lunch and two days off a week. However, it is common for a company to offer 12-hour shifts or even longer shifts for those who want to earn more money or for those who cannot find another job elsewhere.

3. Can I get a work permit as soon as I arrive in Jordan?

No, you will have to wait till your employer gets a work permit from the Ministry of Labor before he/she can start employing you legally. It could take up to 3 months but usually, it takes less than 1 month for an employer to obtain a work permit for his employee once he has submitted all necessary documents to the Ministry of Labor (MOLEC).

4. I am going to apply for a job in Jordan. Can you give me some tips?

There are many ways to find a job in Jordan. You can use your social network, search engine, or local newspapers and job fairs. But if you want to be successful, then you have to prepare yourself first. For example, if you want to work as a customer service representative, then it will be better if you can speak English well because this is one of the most common skills required by employers in Jordan. In addition to that, it is also important that you practice answering interview questions and memorize common phrases that might come up during an interview.

5. What are the common mistakes of Filipinos when searching for jobs in Jordan?

There are many mistakes made by Filipinos when searching for jobs in Jordan such as: not preparing well before doing so; being too picky with requirements; writing bad applications; not having enough experience; etc.. The most important thing is that all these mistakes can be avoided by doing some research beforehand.


It is important for aspiring OFWs to be prepared and have the necessary skills to get a job in a foreign country. It’s up to the prospective Filipino worker if he or she is ready to take on the challenge of looking for a job abroad. My advice is open-minded, be passionate about what you do, practice positive thinking, and believe in your abilities. Once you are successful in landing your dream job abroad, always remember to be grateful.

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