How to Search for DMW Jobs in Bahrain

Bahrain is a popular destination for workers seeking employment abroad. The small island nation is home to a large number of multinational corporations, making it an attractive option for those looking for jobs in the oil and gas industry. However, finding a job in Bahrain can be a challenge, particularly for workers from non-English speaking countries. The best way to search for jobs in Bahrain is to use a specialist recruitment agency. These agencies have extensive experience in placing workers in Bahraini companies, and they can provide valuable advice and support throughout the application process.

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This article aims to serve as a comprehensive guide for searching, applying, and processing job applications in Bahrain for Filipinos. It will inform you of things you need to look into while applying if you are eligible to apply in the country, provide information on how to search and apply for jobs in the country, provide helpful hints and tips, and let you know about the possible steps in between your application and the hiring process and lastly, provide a list of possible resources that might help you in your journey to Bahrain.

how to search for dmw jobs in bahrain


The requirements for applying for jobs can be seen here the Requirements.


An applicant must be at least 21 years old with a high school diploma. Another thing is that he or she must be physically and mentally fit for work.

Important Steps

There are several important steps in searching for and applying for jobs in Bahrain. The following points will provide you with a brief overview of the search process.

1. Preparing Your Documents

Before applying, you must secure your documents to avoid the hassle. The first you will need is a CV/Resume and application letter. You need to have a good resume and application letter to secure a job offer.

Next is your birth certificate and passport. Other documents/requirements can be processed after applying for a job.

2. Job Search

As an OFW, one of the best ways to find your next job is through online recruitment websites. Whether it be in Bahrain or other Middle Eastern countries, chances are there will be online sites for you to find information about job openings. Here’s some information on how to conduct a proper search for jobs in Bahrain.

First of all, you must know the online job portals to be accessed if you are looking for a job in Bahrain. Here are three job portals.


Laimoon is an app that will let users search for jobs and opportunities in Bahrain, for free. With this information, users can approach these opportunity providers directly with their details.

To start searching using Laimoon, you may follow the steps below.

1. Click the link above to redirect you to the website. Laimoon looks like this.

2. Click the upper left part with a ‘Global’ word. Select ‘Bahrain’.

3. Then, you will be shown two search boxes. On the left search box, enter the job you are looking for. For this, I entered ‘Hairdresser’. On the right search box, enter ‘Bahrain’. And hit ‘Find jobs’.

4. You will be shown search results for hairdressing jobs in Bahrain. The search results can be from other websites too.


This is one of the most important services that will help Pinoys who are searching for jobs in Bahrain. We are using, the best job site for Pinoys in Asia.

To start searching for jobs using this website, please follow the steps below.

1. Click the link above to redirect you to the website.

2. There are 2 search bars. On the first search bar, enter the job you are looking for. For the example, I  typed in ‘Driver’. On the area, simply enter ‘Bahrain’

3. You will be shown teaching jobs in Bahrain.

DMW Website

The Department of Migrant Workers website is heaven-sent for all Filipinos out there that are aspiring to be an OFW. This website updates job offers every week or month to ensure that Filipinos can get legit job opportunities from verified agencies.

To start searching for jobs in Bahrain, please read the following procedures.

1. Click the link above to redirect you to the site.

2. On the search bar, enter ‘Bahrain’.

3.  You will be shown available jobs in Bahrain as of August 2022.

Note: Make sure that your resume/CV is updated and well-made. It is the first thing the employers or the HR notices. Keep in touch with the agency/employer you have applied for to be updated with the next step. Apply and apply until you secure a job offer. Be persistent and consistent since your efforts will bring you good results.

If you already secure a job offer, it is now time to get a work permit and visa.

3. Applying for Work Visa

As a worker, you will need a work visa if you are taking up a job. This is valid for up to one to two years. A work permit also entitles you to residency. The employer will handle most of the documentation.

  • To get a work visa, you will need to have the following:
  • Visa application form (filled out)
  • Passport
  • 2×2 photo
  • Employment contract(photocopy)
  • Medical Certificate
  • BD 100 for payment

To proceed with the application, just send the needed documents to your employer and your employer will handle the rest. All you need to do is to wait for your visa to arrive and check the visa number’s eligibility. LMRA’s website ( allows you to check the validity of your visa by entering it in the appropriate field at “ services” with your visa number.

4.  Preparation for Going to Bahrain

Here are some of the most important facts about the kingdom:


This country has a lot of people who speak both Arabic and English. English is the main business language and is often spoken in stores and other public places. You don’t have to know how to speak Arabic, but it would help if you knew a few Arabic words and phrases.


Most of the time, the weather in Bahrain is mild from October to May. In the summer, the temperature could reach between 37 and 40 degrees Celsius. Don’t worry though, because most of the buildings have air conditioning and many places outside have good shade.

Food and drinks

Bahrainis who are Muslims don’t eat pork or drink alcohol. On the other hand, most grocery stores sell pork to people who are not Muslims. You can also buy alcohol in stores, restaurants, and hotels that are allowed to sell it. Bahrain is an open and tolerant country as a whole.

Dress Code

In this country, there is no set way to dress. Men and women can both wear what they want. Still, it is polite to dress modestly, especially when you are in public.


Bahrain has a low crime rate, and violent crimes are very rare. In general, you can work and live here without much worry.

Sports and recreation

Sports are a big part of life here. It has facilities that are the best in the world, like the Bahrain Grand Prix, where the famous Formula One race is held. You can play basketball, golf, soccer, tennis, and other sports in many places. There are also private clubs and resorts where you can swim and do water sports.

These are just a few of the things you need to know about the Kingdom of Bahrain. This country has so much more to see and learn about. If you want to live and work abroad, you should think about it.

5. Arrival in Bahrain

Here are the things that you need to do upon arrival in Bahrain.

  • Submit your work visa and passport at LMRA counters. LMRA will coordinate with concerned bodies to give you an ID card, residence permit, and medical appointment.
  • You must also provide a fingerprint, photo, and signature copies at LMRA.
  • If you don’t do it at the airport, visit LMRA within a month. This is also the agency to go to if a foreign employee wants to transfer to a new employer; fill out a transfer request form and attach your ID card.
  • Keep your passport. Don’t give it to anyone unless you have your employer’s permission.
  • Families/dependents of OFWs traveling to Bahrain Your family should either come with you or after you. Every family member needs a passport.

To avoid penalties, legal issues, or cancellation of your work visa, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your job matches your visa. Non-visa jobs are prohibited.
  2. Make sure your job site matches your visa or other branches of the same employer and job.
  3. When LMRA inspectors request fingerprints or documents, cooperate.
  4. Follow your contract.
  5. Employer transfer applications prevent contract renewals.
  6. Do not pay for a work visa, renewal, or transfer.
  7. Respect Bahrain’s traditions and laws.
  8. Do not miss more than 15 days of work without employer permission or a legal reason.
  9. If you have a dispute with your employer, refer to the labor courts and Islamic law.
  10. Send a message with CPR and your ID number (CPR XXXXXXXX) to Batelco 90168, ZainDMW070, or Viva 98690.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of questions and answers about searching for jobs in Bahrain.

1. How much is the placement fee in Bahrain?

Domestic workers and seafarers shouldn’t have to pay a placement fee, according to DMW. If a placement fee is required for a position that is not exempt from it, it should not be more than one month’s worth of the starting pay.

2. What medical tests are required for Bahrain?

According to the Bahrain visa medical form, the doctor will conduct a physical examination and tests. Here are the tests that are typically required:

  • Stool examination for parasites, cysts, and ova.
  • HBsAg.
  • HCAbs.
  • VDRL test for syphilis.
  • HIV testing
  • Urine test by Ward.
  • Heart X-ray.
  • ECG.

3. How many working days are there in Bahrain?

The typical workweek in Bahrain is 40 to 48 hours long, averaging eight hours per day, with six hours per day during Ramadan for Muslim employees. Weekend days are Friday and Saturday; the workweek is Sunday through Thursday. An additional 25% should be paid for overtime.

4. Is a part-time job allowed in Bahrain?

No. Work only for the employers you are allowed to work for under the terms of your work permit. Work only at the locations designated by your employer in the work permit. During holidays and off-hours, do not work part-time or overtime unless it is with your designated employer.

5. What is the maximum age for a work permit?

The maximum age for a work permit is 60 years old.


The moment you have decided to apply for jobs in Bahrain for Filipinos, you need to make sure that you take your time and follow the procedures. The last thing you want to do is rush it and ruin your chances of getting hired without even getting a reply. The key to a successful job search is to follow the proper process depending on what sector you’re applying in.

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