Top 10 Jobs in Indonesia for Filipinos

Working in Indonesia is a great way to gain experience and make connections in the country. Indonesia has a diverse economy, with opportunities ranging from corporate careers to entrepreneurship. The government also provides incentives for foreign investors to establish businesses in the country.

Indonesia is a great place to work for OFW if you are interested in learning about different cultures and traditions, as well as gaining access to unique natural resources. It is also home to some of the most advanced technology companies in the world, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a career in technology or other related fields.

The cost of living in Indonesia is generally low and wages tend to be higher than in other countries in Southeast Asia; this makes working here attractive for professionals looking to save money while getting international experience.

top jobs for filipinos in indonesia

Here are the top 10 in-demand jobs for Filipinos in Indonesia. You might want to consider these jobs to apply for if you wanted to get a job in Indonesia, depending on your qualification.

1. Teacher

Indonesia wants to hire more Filipino teachers to improve its citizens’ English-language skills. During an interview at the 21st Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, Philippine Ambassador Rosario Aguinaldo stated this.

According to Aguinaldo, Indonesians believe that Filipinos can greatly assist them in achieving their goal of improving their English communication skills.

“They want to be good at speaking English, so they’ve opened several international schools here, and they’ve hired a lot of Filipino teachers because Filipinos are fluent in the language,” she explained.

In addition to English teachers, the Ambassador stated that Indonesia is hiring Filipino teachers to teach Science and Mathematics.

“We have a lot here in Bali, also in Medan and elsewhere,” Aguinaldo added.

2. Expert Technical

The country’s growth can be attributed to its young population and large middle class, which have resulted in increased demand for consumer products and services. However, this growth has also created a shortage of skilled workers – particularly in information technology (IT).

While there are many IT professionals in Indonesia, many of them are underqualified or lack the necessary experience to help companies grow their businesses. To address this issue, many companies are looking to hire Filipino IT professionals who possess the skills and experience they need at a reasonable cost.

3. Advisor Mechanical

An increasing number of Filipino mechanical engineers are now working in Indonesia. This is because Indonesia is a country that has an excellent reputation for being a key manufacturer base for automotive, electronics and machinery products.

The Philippines has been a top producer of quality manpower for many years now. And this has led to the increasing demand for Filipino Mechanical Advisors by Indonesian companies.

The Philippine government is also encouraging its citizens to take up jobs abroad so that they can earn more money and gain experience in different cultures.

4. Advisor Commissioning

A Filipino commissioning advisor is a professional who is hired by construction companies to oversee the projects that are being carried out by them. They are tasked with making sure that the work of the project is done according to the standards set by the government. They ensure that there is no deviation from the standard procedures and policies.

The Filipino commissioning advisor should be someone who has a lot of experience in this field and knows exactly how to handle various situations that could come up during this process. They should also have good knowledge about all the relevant laws and regulations related to construction projects in Indonesia so they can help any company struggling with them.

5. Advisor Instrument

Instrument advisors are responsible for providing advice to clients on how to invest their money. The instrument advisor also provides investment advice and guidance to investors on how best to manage their portfolios.

It’s an exciting time for Filipino instrument advisors as they have opportunities to work abroad. More and more companies are hiring Filipino instrument advisors because they are easy to find, they can speak English, and most importantly, they have a similar culture to the company’s target market.

6. Advisor Electrical

The demand for Filipino Electrical advisors in Indonesia is on the rise. The number of projects that are being outsourced to the Philippines, especially in the electrical field, is increasing rapidly.

This is because most companies and organizations are looking for a more reliable source of the labour force than what they can find locally. The other reason is that there are many Filipinos who have experience working abroad and they are willing to work abroad again. They also want to earn more money than what they earn here in Indonesia.

7. Engineer Field

The Electrical Engineer has a very important role in society. The need for electrical engineers is always increasing, especially in Indonesia. In Indonesia, many projects require an electrical engineer to be accomplished. The most common project that requires an electrical engineer is building a house, commercial building or factory. In this case, it will be hard for Indonesians without any expertise to complete the project on their own. Thus, they need to hire an expert who can do it perfectly for them.

For instance, if you want to build a house with an electrical wiring system and lighting system, you need to hire an expert who has experience in this field. If you want to build a factory with heavy machinery or equipment, you also need to hire an expert who has experience in this field because they know how to connect all these things properly so that they work well together without any problem or malfunctioning.

If you have a company that needs an electricity supply for your business’s growth and development, then hiring an electrical engineer can help you solve this problem and provide efficient service at the same time.

8. Engineer QA/QC

QA/QC is a field where Filipino engineers are in high demand. This is because QA/QC engineers are in high demand in Indonesia. The main reason why Indonesian businesses are hiring Filipinos is that they are hardworking, dependable and have good communication skills.

It’s no secret that Indonesians like to work with people who they know. They prefer to work with people who they can trust and count on. Indonesian businesses also like Filipino engineers because they don’t require special training or orientation. This means that they can easily be absorbed into their team and start working right away.

Another reason why Filipino engineers are in demand in Indonesia is that they have excellent communication skills. This is very important for any company because communication plays a huge role in productivity and efficiency. Filipino engineers also have great analytical skills which make them perfect for any job position related to data analysis or research and development (R&D).

9. Chief Mechanical Workers

Filipino Chief Mechanical Workers are in demand in Indonesia. The demand for Filipino chief mechanical workers has increased due to the rise of business activities in Indonesia.

In the Philippines, chief mechanical workers are well-trained and ready to work abroad. Most of them have been working abroad as mechanics for many years.

Chief mechanical workers are often employed as middle managers or supervisors at construction companies or other businesses that use heavy machinery. They can lead their team in completing a project on time and within budget.

The demand for Filipino chief mechanical workers is expected to continue rising due to increasing levels of economic growth in Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

10. Engineer Project

The Philippines has long been known as a major supplier of skilled manpower in the field of construction and engineering services. With its excellent educational system, low-cost base and history of providing quality manpower to other countries around the world (especially those in Asia), it is no surprise that Filipino Project Engineers are among the most sought-after professionals by Indonesian companies who need help with their projects.

The Philippines has long been known as a major supplier of skilled manpower in the field of construction and engineering services. With its excellent educational system, low-cost base and history of providing quality manpower to other countries around the world (especially those in Asia), it is no surprise that Filipino Project Engineers are among the most sought-after professionals by Indonesian companies.


Check out this vlog of an OFW teacher giving information about the salary of an OFW teacher in Indonesia.


Working in Indonesia as a Filipino. For one, the cost of living is relatively low, which means that you can save a lot of money. Additionally, Indonesia is a great place to learn new skills and grow your career. The country has a strong economy and a well-developed infrastructure, so there are plenty of opportunities for advancement.

The demand for Filipino engineers, chief mechanical workers and project managers is very high in Indonesia. Engineers are needed to help with new projects while chief mechanical workers can lead their teams in completing projects on time and within budget. Project managers are important for ensuring that each project runs smoothly and efficiently.

All of these jobs offer great growth potential, as well as the opportunity to learn a lot about working with foreign clients. If you’re looking to make good money while expanding your career prospects, consider moving to Indonesia!

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