POEA Reminds Filipino Workers to Honor Employment Contracts

There has been an increase in the number of Filipino household service workers (HSWs) who are running away from their employers in Romania.

With this, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has warned and reminded Filipino employees to honor their employment contracts.

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As per a report published on the Philippines News Agency website on 30th December 2021, the POEA Administrator Bernard Olalia, reminds workers about the importance of honoring their labor contracts. It is also important to fulfill the terms of the contract to avoid unpleasant circumstances. In this case, immigrants must also adhere to the labor regulations in their new homes.

follow your employment contract

POEA WARNING: Follow Your Labor Contracts

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Milan (POLO Milan) has issued numerous instances of Filipinos working in the country of Romania who is fleeing their employers.

This was after allegations of complaints from Romanians in which household service workers (HSWs) had quit their previous foreign jobs and transferred to another without resolving any outstanding concerns.

Household service workers (HSWs) who leave their jobs and move to another without resolving difficulties with their previous employer or the foreign recruiter are increasingly turning to this practice.

Workers are reminded that if you do not wish to continue working for your existing employer, you should follow the proper procedure and tender in your resignation.

The POEA Administrator Bernard Olalia reminded Filipino workers to honor their contract and avoid such circumstances, which can damage the reputation of other Filipino workers.

An employee’s termination of employment under Romanian labor law does not need to have a valid reason; it must, instead, be formalized as a resignation.

20 Days Final Work Notice with Pay

If an employment agreement is terminated, the employer must give at least 20 working days’ notice. During this time, he will be paid his salary and other statutory benefits.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) did not offer any data on how many HSWs had quit their jobs.

Let this be a lesson to all Filipinos: make sure they comply with the country’s existing labor regulations.

As an OFW, you’re not only representing yourself but also your nation. You are now the country’s representative, so be extra cautious while performing all of your actions to ensure they are worth the time spent away from your loved ones for years.

If you wish to quit your job for whatever cause, follow the correct procedure and don’t just flee without notifying your employer.

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