How to Process Documentation of Agency-Hired Seafarers

Seafarers hired by a POEA-licensed recruitment agency in the Philippines need to be documented. This is to ensure that they are onboard a reputable, law-abiding recruitment agency as well as to protect the seafarers from being trafficked or otherwise abused.

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After all, seafarers, much like land-based OFWs, are also deployed to other countries which means they will be under the care of a foreign employer or agency. As a licensed job agency, please check out the steps and requirements in order to document the sea men and sea women employees you’ve hired.

documentation of agency hired seafarers

What is Agency Hired Seafarers?

Agency hired seafarers are the workers employed that will be navigating the foreign seas. In simpler terms, they are those who have acquired a hired overseas contract from a licensed recruitment agency.

Seafarers are required to have a valid seafarers identity document. This will be essential in the course of their employment outside the Philippines. They also need to be documented in order to have the necessary records and to be included in OFWs who are working overseas through ships/vessels.


This service is beneficial to the seafarers and aspiring seafarers because it is stated in Rule 1 Section a of POEA Rules and Regulations Governing the Recruitment and Employment Of Seafarers, the documentation of seafarers uphold the dignity and fundamental human rights of Filipino seafarers navigating the foreign seas and promote full employment and equality of employment opportunities for all.


  • Request for Seafarers to be Processed (3 copies)
  • Information Sheet of Seafarer
  • Original and Photocopy of Employment contract
  • Original Seafarer’s Registration Certificate (SRC)
  • Original Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book (SIRB)
  • Monitoring Sheet


  • POEA processing fee of 200 pesos(for Engaged)
  • POEA processing fee of 100 pesos(for Re-engaged)
  • OWWA Membership Contribution of 25 USD (1,250 PHP)

How to Document Seafarers Hired by POEA Licensed Recruitment Agencies

Here is a detailed guide on the processing of documentation of agency-hired seafarers.

1. On the POEA Mezzanine Floor, submit the relevant documentation to the Sea-based Employment Contracts Processing Division (SECPD).

2. Wait for the evaluation results:

  • With all requirements met, the RPS will be issued within four (4) hours of the procedure cycle.
  • With incomplete requirements – documents must be returned with the Deficiency Notice and directions to comply with the missing requirements within two (2) hours.

3. Pay the appropriate fees by presenting the validated and encoded RPS, along with the Order of Payment, to the assigned Cashier on the Mezzanine Floor. Wait for the Cashier to issue the e-Receipt, which serves as the POEA travel exit clearance.

4. For the release of processed documents (approved RPS, employment contract, SRC, SIRB, and Seafarers Information Sheet), provide the POEA exit clearance to the Releasing Officer at SECPD.


Seafarers need to be documented for the sake of their protection and safety. It is important to know where they are coming from and their history in order for them not to be trafficked.

It is then the job of the recruitment agency to file the details of the seafarer and submit it to POEA since the agency is accountable for the conduct and actions of those they have recruited.

The Seafarers Documentation Service does not only protect them from being trafficked and foreign employers taking advantage of their situation and status, it also ensures that they are doing this for a living with the help of a proper documentation service.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, feel free to contact POEA.

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