How to Process Registration Sea-Based Employers and Enrollment of Ship

Sea-based Principal employers must also be accredited and registered since it also employs workers for jobs that includes navigation of the foreign seas. It is also important to enroll ships that will be used in travelling the seas since whatever may happen to the ships and its passengers, it will be easily located and rescued.

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In case you are wondering what is the process in registering as a sea-based principal employer and also the process of enrolling your ship vessel, please follow this guide below

registration and accreditation of sea-based employers

What is Seabased Principal?

A Seabased Principal is an employer who hire/employs workers for seabased jobs.

What is the Enrollment of Ships?

The process by which a ship is documented and awarded the nationality of the country to which it has been documented is known as ship registration. A ship’s nationality permits it to cruise globally because it provides proof of the vessel’s ownership. The ship’s registration is the organization that actually registers the ship.


The benefits of enrolling the ships are being able to name the vessel, to apply for a radio call sign, and to limit liability in case of a marine disaster. The benefit of registration/ accreditation of seabased principal is allowing the recruitment agency to hire employees in behalf of a foreign principal.


Here are the requirements for Registration/ Accreditation of Seabased Principal/Employers.

 A. With Foreign Flag Vessels

  • Manning Agreement is authenticated or verified/ Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
  • Unauthenticated/Unverified MA/SPA for provisional accreditation
  • Form for Crew Complement and Salary Scale (3 copies)
  • Principal’s Crew Request
  • Particulars of the Vessel (Type, Ex-name and IMO Number)
  • The Principal’s Valid Commercial Registration or Business License
  • Vessel Registration Certification (as necessary)
  • Copy of PSO Certification as New Market, if applicable
  • If applicable, PSA Certification as New Market copy

B. With Philippine Registered Vessels

  • Form for Crew Complement and Salary Scale (3 copies)
  • Principal’s Crew Request
  • Vessel Registration Certification with IMO number
  • The Principal’s MARINA Certificate of Accreditation 
  • Approval of the Vessel by the MARINA
  • Special Power of Attorney and Notarized Manning Agreement (if with Local Principal only)
  • Ownership Certificate (for owned tonnage only)


A.  With Foreign Flag Vessels:

  • The Manning Agency has written a letter of request.
  • Vessels that are both active and inactive
  • Special Power of Attorney and Renewed Manning Agreement (as needed)
  • On the Request for Renewal and the Applicable Salary, Agency and Principal Confirmation
  • Form for Crew Complement and Salary Scale (3 copies), if it has been changed

B. With Philippine Registered Vessels

  • Manning Agreement Renewal (as applicable)
  • Approval for MARINA
  • Vessel Registration Certificate
  • Form for Crew Complement and Salary Scale (3 copies)
  • MARINA’s Accreditation Certificate


This is open for all licensed Seabased Recruitment Agencies.

How to Register/Accredit Seabased Principal Employers

Here is a comprehensive guide on the registration and accreditation of Seabased Principals.

1. At the Seabased Employment Accreditation Division, Mezzanine Floor, submit documentation for review. Seabased Center is located at EDSA Corner, Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City.

2. Ensure that the results of the evaluation are confirmed within the time frame set (10:00 am and 3:00 pm).

  • Receive the certificate of accreditation/registration, as well as the crew complement and compensation scale, after meeting all of the conditions.
  • Receive a Notice of Deficiency for compliance if the standards are not met.

Processing Time

  • The New Accreditation/Registration requests take seven (7) hours to process
  • The Renewal of Accreditation/Registration: Six (6) hours
  • Enrollment of Vessels: Three (3) hours


It is not easy to be accredited/ registered as a Seabased Principal Employer since it requires a lot of patience, hardwork, and money for processing. This shows that if a Seabased Principal is willing to undergo lots of processes to be legal, then, it is worth a try to apply to the licensed recruitment agency.

There is a lot of responsibility in being accredited/ registered as Principal Employer. It is not easy to get hired from other countries, if one hasn’t been accredited/registered as the vessel’s employer. In addition, it also shows that Seabased Principals are solid and serious businesses that would like to hire quality employees out of the country.

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