How to Book OFW Records Appointment Online

OFW Records Online Appointment System (OROAS) is a service provided by POEA for Filipino Overseas Workers (OFW), families, relatives, and other parties who want to know and to get a copy of OFW information. This article will help and guide you on how to book OFW Records Appointment Online.

This is one of the online services that aims to allow the client to save time and assurance, as well as obtain a certified copy of their previous and most recent deployment records from the POEA OFW Database, Digital System Retrieval, Manual System Retrieval, and Balik-Manggagawa (BM) Online Records Picker.

This is a great help for the OFWs to reduce the hassle of processing for working abroad. But before presenting the process of booking online, let us first know what is OFW Records online is and what are its benefits.

how to book ofw records appointment online

What is OFW Records?

These are the documents containing foreign Filipino worker placement information and records verified using the POEA database. It is the result of a document containing the information and deployment records of an OFW verified from the POEA Database System, Digital System Retrieval, Manual Retrieval, and Balik-Manggagawa (BM) Online Records Picker.

What is POEA OFW Records Online Appointment System?

This is an online appointment booking system by the POEA so that those who want to get the OFW Records information can get a copy of it.


The benefits obtained from this online service are the following:

  • Select schedule depending on their free time
  • Accessibility of the site anytime and anywhere
  • Ensure that the service is provided to them
  • Receive certified copies of previous and up-to-date deployment records.


The requirements for availing of this online service are the following:

For OFWs:

  • Completed Verification Request Form
  • Valid ID

For Family/ Relatives:

  • Completed Verification Request Form
  • OFW’s written consent to hand over his / her informational documents
  • Proof of Relationship with OFW-Original or Certified Copy below:
  • Spouse – PSA Marriage Certificate
  • Children – PSA Birth Certificate of the OFW’s child
  • Parent – PSA Birth Certificate of the OFW
  • Sibling – PSA Birth Certificates of the Sibling and the OFW
  • Valid Government Issued ID of the OFW


These are the persons who are qualified for booking OFW Records Appointment Online.

  • All returning OFWs or ex-abroad who were handled by POEA or POLO and those who have an Overseas Employment Certificate or exemption number for Balik Manggagawa.
  • Families/ Relatives
  • Recruitment/Manning Agencies
  • Private Sectors
  • Government Sectors

How to Schedule an Appointment via OFW Records Online

Here is the comprehensive guide on how to process or sign up for an appointment via OFW Record.

1. Go to this link – and register your OFW information in the online form.

OFW Records appointment online guide
OFW Records appointment online guide

Alternatively, you can manually search in your available search engine (Google, Bing, Microsoft Edge, etc.). Just type ‘OFW Records’ in the search toolbar and hit ‘Search’. Click on the first search result to access the site.

2.  Click the New User button to go to the Register/Make an Appointment button for new users. After registering, you will need to fill out the needed details and choose your appointment schedule Date and Time.

ofw records login
ofw records login

3. For Previous Users, you can simply log in using your Appointment Reference Number (ARN), Mother’s Maiden Name, Last Name, First Name. You will use your log-in details and after signing in, you can edit your information in the POEA OFW Records Online Processing System. You can update any info that needs to be updated and then select your desired Appointment Date and Time.

how to set appointment poea ofw records online
how to set appointment POEA OFW records online

4. Request for Verification – Once you have successfully chosen the date and time, you will be redirected to a new page that shows your fully accomplished form. Review your details twice or as many times as possible to ensure that your details are correct. Memorize, remember, and have a copy of your ARN (Appointment Reference Number) because this is needed for logging in. You can also print this to have a hard copy of your form.

5. Show up at the Date of your Scheduled Appointment – Bring your printed Request for Verification/Certification of OFW Records Form or Appointment Form to POEA Central Records Division on your scheduled date and time together with the corresponding requirements.

Day of Appearance at POEA

During the day of your scheduled appearance, you must bring the printed Request for Verification/Certification of OFW Records Form or Appointment Form with the scheduled appointment date and time. You will present this to the security upon entry so you will be allowed to get in.

If you’re going to the POEA office for yourself, make sure you bring your passport or other government-issued photo identification with your signature.

If the one visiting the POEA office is an OFW’s family/relative, recruitment and manning agencies, private entities, and government agencies, you will need to show other documents as proof of relation to the OFW. Please refer to the above “Requirements” guide listed on the page.

Request for issuance of copy of OFW records
Request for issuance of copy of OFW records

Video: OFW Records Guide

Here is the detailed guide on how to make an appointment in OFW Records Online. Check it out below:

The video talks about the following:

  • The process of making an appointment on the OFW Records site
  • The information needed to be filled in
  • The printing of an appointment sheet
  • The next step after the making of an appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out these common questions and answers about the OFW Records Appointment process.

1. Can I get OFW Records online if I’m a first-timer abroad?

No, it is only for ex-abroad or for returning OFWs.

2. How many valid IDs are needed for getting an information sheet?

You need only one valid ID(Primary).

3. Is the OFW Records Appointment FREE?

Yes, it is free of charge.

4. What will I put in the agency name? The previous or the present agency?

The previous agency.

5. Do I need to go to the POEA office to get an OFW record?

If you are a first-timer, yes, you need to go to the nearest POEA office. If ex-abroad/ returning OFW, there is no need for your presence.

6. Is there a need to get an information sheet if I have a TESDA certificate?

There is no need for you to get an information sheet but you can get it if you want a copy of your records.

7. What is the ARN – Appointment Reference Number?

The Appointment Reference Number refers to the number that will be created by the OFW Records Online Appointment System once you complete and submit your information. This ARN number is unique and it will be used to open and edit your account details in the OFW records system.

8. I forgot my ARN. How can I log in?

Contact the technical team at You can also contact them at their telephone number (02) 721-9489 (Central Records Division). Contact them in their office hours between 8 am to 5pm.

9. What if I come late for my appointment schedule?

You will be served at the last hour of the day which is from 4pm to 5pm.

10. Can I cancel or postpone my reservation? How can I cancel or postpone my reservation?

Yes, you can cancel or reschedule a confirmed booking by accessing your profile/account using your booking reference number and clicking the Cancel or Reschedule button.

However, please take note that reservations can only be canceled or postponed at least 24 hours prior to the confirmed reservation.

11. What if I scheduled my appointment for a holiday?

It will be automatically rescheduled the next day after the holiday.


The information sheet is one of the requirements if you are returning overseas for work. It is free of charge and you can make an appointment online.

Please follow the guidelines above on how you can get an appointment for claiming OFW records. We hope you find this appointment guide useful when scheduling an appointment to visit POEA.

Contact Information

POEA CRD Technical Support Team
Opening Hours: from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday except holidays.
Telephone Number: (02) 721-9489 (Central Records Division)

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