Top 10 Jobs in Georgia for Filipinos

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Georgia are recognized for their resilience and the quality of service they bring to various sectors. These individuals often engage in healthcare, hospitality, and skilled labor, contributing significantly to the Georgian economy while also supporting their families back home. Thanks to the robust cultural exchange between the Philippines and Georgia, OFWs maintain a sense of community through shared traditions and gatherings, which helps alleviate the challenges of being away from home.

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Furthermore, the Philippine government has established support systems for OFWs to ensure their welfare and legal rights are upheld while working abroad. Programs offering financial literacy, investment opportunities, and skill enhancement are available, along with assistance from the Philippine Embassy in case of emergencies. The contributions of OFWs are immensely valued, and their remittances are a cornerstone of the Philippine economy, strengthening familial ties and fostering development within local communities.

Top 10 Jobs in Georgia for Filipinos

Here are the top 10 jobs in Georgia for Filipinos.


An IT Assistant is a crucial role in any organization, assisting in various aspects of the IT department’s work. They set up and maintain the company’s IT framework, set up hardware and software applications, provide general support, install, and maintain peripherals, and handle customer and colleague queries. Qualifications include a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in IT, good basic knowledge of various applications, excellent communication skills, ability to work under time constraints, and an enquiring mind. The job is in demand in Georgia due to the increasing digital and connected world, as IT Assistants ensure systems are up-to-date, solve problems, and help everyone use technology effectively.


A Shift Manager is a crucial role in any organization, overseeing operations when the General Manager or Assistant Manager is absent. They organize shift schedules, monitor attendance, assign responsibilities, conduct shift meetings, and supervise employees. Qualifications include experience, knowledge of restaurant operations, availability to work different shifts, basic bookkeeping knowledge, and a professional customer service approach.


A Surveillance Manager is a crucial role in any organization, overseeing the daily operations of a security department. They oversee tasks such as monitoring cameras, recording footage, developing new systems, training staff, and managing operations. Qualifications include experience in surveillance operations, knowledge of security systems and equipment, data analysis and interpretation, familiarity with relevant laws and regulations, and effective communication and report writing skills. This job is in high demand in Georgia due to the need for security professionals in businesses, schools, and other organizations. Surveillance Managers ensure systems are up-to-date, solve problems, and help organizations effectively use resources.


A Registered Nurse (RN) is a healthcare professional who works with other professionals to treat patients with injuries, illnesses, or disabilities. Their main tasks include communicating with doctors, administering medications, monitoring vital signs, assessing and monitoring patients’ health, and following strict protocols to protect patient safety. Qualifications include a diploma in nursing, a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN), or an associate degree in nursing (ADN). The job is in demand in Georgia due to the increasing demand for healthcare services due to the aging population and chronic conditions like arthritis, dementia, diabetes, and obesity.


An English Teacher plays a crucial role in educational institutions, helping students improve their English language skills. They teach English, prepare lesson plans, provide consistent instruction, and deliver interactive lessons. Qualifications include native level fluency in English, a bachelor’s degree or college diploma, a TEFL certificate in Georgia, prior teaching experience, and a clean nationwide criminal record check. The Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG) program in Georgia has increased demand for English teachers due to the government’s progressive education movement. Fluent English speakers are recruited to work alongside local teachers in public schools, focusing on listening and speaking skills.

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A Technician is a skilled professional in various industries who performs various tasks such as inspecting, analyzing, troubleshooting, reading repair manuals, running tests, interpreting results, writing reports, sourcing replacement parts, and replacing faulty equipment. Qualifications include a high school diploma, relevant degree, experience as a technician, a driver’s license, multitasking, clear problem explanation, MS Office proficiency, and understanding verbal and written instructions. Technicians are in high demand in Georgia due to a lack of qualified personnel, making it an attractive job for those interested in technology and helping people.


A Banking Manager is a crucial role in a financial institution, overseeing all aspects of a bank’s operations, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, and maintaining financial health. They establish relationships with clients, monitor economic indicators, manage operations, evaluate loan applications, provide financial advice, supervise staff, oversee bank operations, manage daily bank branch operations, and review financial statements. Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree, analytical skills, knowledge of banking products, sales and negotiation skills, team management, and strong communication. The job is in high demand in Georgia due to the banking sector’s importance in the economy and the need for experienced professionals to manage complex operations, ensure regulatory compliance, and provide excellent customer service.


A CO2 Refrigeration Support Center Technician is a specialized role in the refrigeration industry, providing remote technical assistance and support to customers, technicians, and service personnel. They handle tasks such as troubleshooting issues and working with a team to monitor and maintain CO2 refrigeration systems. Qualifications include previous refrigeration technician experience, HVAC certification, local building code knowledge, blueprint interpretation, and advanced mechanical and diagnostic skills. The job is in high demand in Georgia due to the increasing use of CO2 refrigeration systems due to their environmental benefits and lower global warming potential.


A Junior Data Annotation Specialist is a role that involves working with data used for AI model training. They are responsible for data annotations, testing products, and organizing production releases. Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information science, basic understanding of financial concepts and data, strong communication skills, strong analytical skills, and the ability to work independently and as part of a team. The job is in high demand in Georgia due to the rise in language models, training techniques, and AI tools. Data annotation is a critical step in supervised learning.


A Bilingual English & Portuguese Product Support Representative is a role that involves providing customer service and technical support to customers who speak either English or Portuguese. The main tasks include providing technical assistance, troubleshooting product issues, and working with a team to monitor and maintain the product. Qualifications include a high school diploma, GED, proven experience, professional experience using both languages, and exceptional verbal communication skills. This job is in demand in Georgia due to the global marketplace and the need to eliminate language barriers to take advantage of this scenario.

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Take a look at this video for valuable tips on what to do and what not to do when traveling to Georgia.


Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) contemplating employment in Georgia will find a labor market with a diverse range of opportunities. The healthcare industry is thriving, with a high demand for dedicated nurses to cater to the aging population and manage chronic conditions. Educational initiatives like the Teach and Learn with Georgia program have opened doors for English teachers looking to contribute to the country’s linguistic proficiency.

Technical roles, particularly in refrigeration and data annotation, are also burgeoning, driven by technological advancements and AI integration. Banking and customer support roles that require multilingual capabilities reflect the nation’s growing participation in the global economy. Overall, for OFWs with the requisite skills and professional qualifications, Georgia presents a promising destination with increasing demand across multiple sectors.

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