Top 10 Jobs for Filipinos in Belgium

Belgium is one of the most underrated European countries. Boasting a fascinating culture, spectacular cities, and delicious cuisine, Belgium is a hidden gem in the continent. This small yet remarkable country offers an intriguing mix of Flemish and French cultures — with two official languages and plenty of cultural heritage sites to explore. From the cobblestone streets of both Antwerp and Bruges to the meandering canals of Liege, there are countless beautiful places to visit here. And speaking of food, Belgian waffles, chocolate, fries (yes fries!) and beer are some iconic culinary experiences that you have to try while you’re in Belgium.

OFW in Belgium is a growing job market for Filipinos. While the local labor force is composed of locals, ex-pats, and foreigners from various countries, Filipinos are increasingly being sought after to fill positions in a variety of industries — such as healthcare, engineering, education, retail, and hospitality

The Philippines and Belgium are bound together through a mutually beneficial partnership, in which Filipinos provide an industrious and passionate labor force while the Philippines gain access to much sought-after foreign currency. This arrangement has been highly advantageous for both countries, with many Filipinos now working within a variety of industries across Belgium.

best jobs for filipinos in belgium

There are a lot of jobs available in Belgium. If you are interested to work there, you can be assured that you will have a lot of options to choose from. This is because many companies in the country need skilled workers and professionals, also households need assistance.

Here are the top 10 jobs you can look forward to applying to in Belgium.

1. Consultant IT

Filipino IT professionals are now being sought after by all sorts of companies and institutions. Some of these companies are set up in Belgium, which is one of the European countries with a high demand for skilled IT workers. This is a good opportunity to work abroad as an IT professional in Europe

2. Consultant IT Senior

There are about 20,000 Filipinos currently living in Belgium and a significant number of them work as senior IT consultants for big companies like InBev (the company that owns Budweiser) and KBC Bank. There is a huge demand for Filipinos with skills in the IT field in Belgium because the country has been experiencing a shortage of IT experts.

3. Consultant IT Junior

As a junior IT consultant, you will be provided with the opportunity to grow and develop your skills in the field of Information Technology. Your daily tasks will include analyzing business systems and IT infrastructure, helping clients resolve technical problems, developing reports, and writing documents based on collected data. Furthermore, you will be required to participate in various project discussions, ensure compliance with project specifications and develop new products or services for clients.

4. Accountant

The accountant job is one of the most desired jobs in Belgium. The reason is not far to seek. Most of the businesses in Belgium need an accounting service. The accounting service will ensure an accurate record of all sales and purchases of the business.

The job description of an accountant in Belgium is very similar to that of the accountant job description in the Philippines. They are responsible for keeping track of the financial statements and records of the company, as well as its transactions. An accountant is also responsible for verifying and recording payments and receipts, as well as providing financial analysis, preparing budgets, and making tax reports. A person who takes on this job should be knowledgeable about a variety of business concepts such as accounting systems, management structures, mathematics, communication skills, and data collection methods.

5. Worker Domestic

A domestic worker is a person who works in private homes, performing household chores and caregiving tasks. Also called domestic help or household work, some duties may include cleaning, cooking, laundry, and shopping for food. Many employers prefer to hire live-in domestic workers because it doesn’t disrupt their daily routine. Live-in domestic workers are the most common type of domestic worker. They live in the employer’s home and are responsible for all housework and childcare. The number of hours and days worked per week differ depending on the employer’s preference. Live-in domestic workers are also commonly referred to as housekeepers.

6. Baker Assistant

Many bakeries in Belgium hire Filipinos. The assistant baker is responsible for helping the bakery owners with various functions and tasks that a bakery must perform to run successfully. These functions may include, but are not limited to: (1)Making buns, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods (2) Maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen (3) Purchasing ingredients and other supplies (4) Dealing with customers (5) Keeping detailed records of inventory and sales (6) Filling out daily reports (7) Cleaning up after closing time. In addition to these tasks, it is also the assistant baker’s responsibility to make sure that all equipment is cleaned and ready for use before the next day’s business begins.

7. Technician Electronic Installation

The demand for these services can be attributed to the increasing IT sector in Belgium. The country has an excellent infrastructure for information technology, including internet access and telecommunication technology. It also has a highly educated workforce with high levels of English proficiency, which makes it easier for foreign employees to work here.

8. Operator Machine

When you’re looking to get started in a new country, being able to speak the language can be a major issue. That’s why many companies are now hiring Filipino machine operators in Belgium. These workers can quickly and easily integrate into their new environment, and because of their prior knowledge, experience, and education, they’re able to handle any task that comes their way.

To operate a machine, you first need to know how the machine works. This is a skill that most Filipinos learn when they’re young—many of them help out on their family’s farms or factories. They become familiar with the tools and methods used in those industries, which means they’re ready to work anywhere their skills are needed.

With their familiarity with machines also comes an understanding of how everything around them fits together. When you’re part of a machine-based industry back home, you have to understand what all the other parts do so you can adapt your job to fit with everything else that’s going on. This means that Filipino machine operators have already had some experience working in interdependent environments where many people have different jobs but need to work together for the good of each project.

9. Electro Mechanic Technician

A Filipino Electro Mechanic Technician is a highly skilled person who has the knowledge and ability to repair and maintain electrical appliances, machines, and systems.

Electromechanics is responsible for repairing, installing, and servicing electrical devices. They clean and repair motor vehicles using various tools such as electric drills, screwdrivers, and power saws. They also test electrical circuits using multimeters or voltmeters. They need to have good communication skills so that they can ask questions about problems that arise during the repair process.

10. Computer Programmer

The reason why Filipino programmers are in demand is that they have great skills with their programming languages such as Java, C++, PHP,, etc., and they are also skilled in other programming languages such as Python, Ruby on Rails, etc. These skills make them one of the best in their industry.

Video: Filipino Challenges in Belgium

Check this video of a Filipino who faces many challenges in Belgium. With this obstacle, she is now working in the Belgian Federal Police government.


Overall, Belgium offers a wide range of job opportunities for Filipinos with varying skill levels. While some positions may require more experience and qualifications than others, all jobs offer the potential for a successful and rewarding career. The demand for Filipino labor in the country is likely to remain strong, as Belgian employers value their skillset and qualifications. From assistant bakers to computer programmers, Filipinos can find success in many industries with these top ten jobs for Filipinos in Belgium.







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