Top 10 Jobs for Filipinos in France

France is a western European country known for its culture, cuisine, and architectural wonders. Its capital, Paris, is one of the most visited cities in the world due to its remarkable monuments like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral. It has many job opportunities for those who are looking to find work. With a population of over 66 million, France is the most populous country in Western Europe.

Working in France is a unique opportunity that OFWs should consider. From the renowned fashion, art, and architecture to the delicious cuisine and rich culture, OFWs will find working in France an experience full of discoveries. While French may be the primary language, OFWs won’t have to worry as many local French understand and can also speak English. Moreover, OFWs will find the country a great place to expand their horizon with bustling cities and majestic countryside alike. Enjoy life in one of the world’s most cultural countries with friendly locals ready to help make your stay comfortable.

best jobs for filipinos in france

For foreign Filipino workers, finding a job in France is now easier because of changes in the country’s labor migration legislation. Are you from the Philippines and searching for employment in France that speaks English? We’ve selected a few positions that might be ideal for you!

1. Restaurant/Hotel Workers

Foreign nationals can get employment in France’s hospitality industry, such as in hotels.

The same is true of positions in restaurants! Some restaurants don’t mind if you speak French as long as you have a strong level of English, even though they might not be the easiest to find. The best chances of success might be found in well-known tourist attractions like McDonald’s, Prêt à Manger, or other businesses.

Industries: Restaurant, Tourism, Customer Service, Hotel

Job Positions: Concierge, Event Planner, Executive Chef, Hotel General Manager, Housekeeper, Porter, Waiter/Waitress

2. Languages

France, a multicultural nation, has frequently relied on hiring qualified linguists in all kinds of industries to expand its communication platforms outside of the local market. Language proficiency is crucial and always in demand, whether it be for translating documents for businesses or offering bilingual or multilingual customer support over the phone.

Work in: Publishing, Marketing, Accounting, Law, and Education

Job Positions: Language Experts, Translators, and Communications Specialists

 3. Information Technology

As more and more people access the internet, their digital footprints open up enormous possibilities for data mining and analysis that is beneficial to all kinds of businesses. The key players keeping this industry thriving are those working in information technology. Using this data to predict user habits (like online shopping, video streaming, or using online resources) is a hugely powerful industry.

Work in: government, marketing, retail, and information technology

Job Positions: Computer network architect, IT coordinator, and network administrator are examples of job titles

4. Medicine/Nursing

We learned from the global pandemic of 2020 that nurses and other medical professionals are in high demand all over the world. While COVID-19’s long-lasting effects are still being felt throughout Europe, healthcare in both the largest and smallest regions of France continues to be a top priority. These regions can only recover with the right nursing professionals on hand.

Work in: Healthcare, both public and private, and education

Job Positions: Intensive care nurse, midwife, nurse practitioner, and hospital administrator are examples of job titles

 5. Project Management

Excellent project management abilities will enable job candidates to successfully plan, manage, and carry out business projects for a variety of industries in France and around the world. To monitor and evaluate project performance, manage the flow of resources, lead productive teams, and present results to important stakeholders, experience in these types of positions are required.

Work in: Government, marketing, and retail/wholesale industries

Job Position: Risk Manager, Procurement Director, and Project Manager

6. Marketing

Many organizations in France routinely search for competent employees with the ideal blend of organization, personability, and marketing expertise because it is a valued skill set that is always in demand. Beyond 2022, there is likely to be a boom in well-paying marketing employment, particularly in locations like Paris, Lyon, and Marseille, as Europe continues to shed the burden of COVID-19 regulations.

Work in: retail, hospitality, tourism, and technology

Job Position: marketing editor, digital marketing manager, and SEO specialist

7. Sales

Some people might not be good at selling. However, France needs you if you can. Several communities across the nation are seeing an increase in expenditure after two years of intermittent lockdowns and forced seclusion. Utilize the growth chances in any field where your sales talents can be put to use.

Work in: Retail, hospitality, tourism, and real estate are industries

Job Position: Sales Manager, Real Estate Agent, Business Director, Store Clerk

 8. Customer Service

When local economies are hit badly, you can typically anticipate localized unification and increased spending; when the global economy is hard hit, the natural recovery happens in the travel, retail, tourist, and hospitality sectors—all of which demand committed candidates for customer service positions at all levels.

Work in: Retail, hospitality, wholesale, and tourism are all industries

Job Position: Server, Travel Agent, Sales Associate/Manager, Company Secretary

9. Childcare Specialist/AU Pair

Au pairs are among the most sought-after occupations in France; because of the strong demand, au pairs come from all over the country to work as professional childminders. While many people work as au pairs while they are in school, there are plenty of options to work as a childcare specialist full-time if you have the necessary qualifications, experience, and references.

 10. Design

Interior design, fashion, exterior design, and more. When joining or returning to the French employment market, it is always a fantastic skill to have the ability to work as a talented artisan who can utilize a variety of materials and textures to create a variety of goods. The realm of quick fashion and commercial art, which are prevalent in major cities, as well as more specialized laborer professions in smaller locations all value design abilities highly.

Work in: Advertising, retail, hospitality, the creative arts, broadcasting, and film/television are among the industries.

Job Position: Architect, landscape architect, interior designer, graphic designer, fashion designer

Video: A Day in the Life of a Filipino OFW in Paris, France

Watch this video of a Filipino working in France. You can see in the video how he manages his time. You can also see how beautiful and interesting France can be.


Working in France can be extremely rewarding for OFWs looking to broaden their work experience in a diverse and welcoming culture. OFWs who dream of working abroad often get excited when they think of the vibrant atmosphere and beautiful scenery, along with embracing a new cuisine, language, and lifestyle. Not only that but there are also many international business opportunities in this highly developed country.

A working OFW could potentially gain increased job stability, better wages, stronger social benefits, and unique cultural experiences. Combined with an advanced economy, OFWs would likely have plenty of job openings and competitive salary options if they decide to work their way up the professional ladder while they explore all that France has to offer.

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