Top 10 Jobs for Filipinos in Puerto Rico

Working in Puerto Rico can be a dream come true for OFWs. With its great climate, affordable housing, and vibrant culture, living and working in the oldest colony in the world has become a popular choice for Overseas Filipino Workers all around the world. OFWs relocating to Puerto Rico benefit from an extensive network of OFW clubs, organizations, and programs that serve as support systems for them throughout their journey.

From language classes to birthday celebrations for OFW children, these OFW programs make life easier and more enjoyable. Working in Puerto Rico is a rewarding experience that can provide OFWs with job security and financial stability that are hard to find elsewhere.

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated United States territory located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea. It is made up of an archipelago that includes the main island of Puerto Rico and several smaller islands, though these are mostly uninhabited. Its beaches boast some of the best in all seas – white sand and vivid turquoise waters make it hard to resist jumping right in! Alluring culture aside, Puerto Rico offers something for everyone including culinary delights, outdoor adventures & unique history; making it a beautiful place to explore and discover.

Puerto Rico’s economy is one of the most dynamic and varied in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico produces pharmaceuticals, processed foods, electronic products, apparel and textiles, rum, beverages, television products, chemicals, and petrochemicals. Tourism also plays an integral role in the island’s economy as Puerto Rico attracts more than 5 million visitors each year; its hospitable people, tropical climate, and beautiful beaches are major draws for tourists. The government’s effort to diversify production has included incentives such as tax holidays that have made Puerto Rico an attractive destination for foreign investments and corporations.

best jobs for filipinos in puerto rico

Whether you’re looking for a first job, or a better job, it’s important that you find out what jobs are available and where. In this post, I’ve detailed the top 10 jobs in Puerto Rico for Filipinos.

1. Beauty, Hairdresser, Sport, Fitness

The beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Puerto Rico. There are over 100 salons and spas on the island and many beauty companies are looking for experienced professionals to join their teams.

There are also opportunities for beauticians who can offer spa treatments such as facials, massage therapy, or aromatherapy sessions at home or in their client’s homes. Hairdressers can also earn good money by offering styling services to clients at home or in their salons/spas/salons.

2. Catering, Chef, Waiter, Baker, etc

The food industry is a booming business in Puerto Rico. Filipinos are known for their great culinary skills and many restaurants are hiring them to help their operations run smoothly. Several Filipino-owned restaurants in Puerto Rico have become the talk of the town because of their unique food offerings. Some of these restaurants are even featured in travel magazines because of their delicious dishes and ambiance.

Filipino chefs and cooks are also needed because they have gained a reputation for being very good at what they do. They have been working abroad for years now so they know how to cook different kinds of food that would please any palate. This skill makes them an asset to any kitchen because it allows them to prepare anything from Asian dishes like noodles or fried rice to Western meals such as pasta or pizza with ease and speed.

3. Healthcare, Doctor, Nurse, Social

Filipinos are in demand in Puerto Rico for their interest in helping the island with its healthcare sector. With a rather large aging population, and with the US importing many of its doctors from other countries (particularly from India), there is a need to fill the Caribbean’s medical needs. In addition, Puerto Rico faces problems like rising prices of medical goods and services, and the low number of medical practitioners per capita. The Philippines has become an attractive option for the island.

4. Housekeeping, Cleaning, and Garden

The demand for housekeeping services is high in Puerto Rico. Many people live in apartments and condo units, and some have homes that they don’t have the time or skills to clean. Filipinos are hard workers and are willing to multitask. They are also very flexible and can work around your schedule.

The weather in Puerto Rico is very hot and humid most of the year. This means that there is a lot of maintenance required for your yard or garden. Filipinos love to be outdoors and enjoy working in their gardens. They will also help you with planting flowers and vegetables, trimming hedges, pruning trees, weeding flower beds, mowing lawns, raking leaves, and more!

5. IT Jobs: Developer, Manager, Web

The demand for IT professionals is so great that many companies are offering incentives like relocation packages to attract them to their company or even offering full-ride scholarships for college students majoring in computer science or related fields.

6. Marketing, Media, PR, Entertainment

The Philippines is known for its world-class marketing and PR skills. With the country’s expertise in media, entertainment, and public relations, it comes as no surprise that Filipinos are in demand in Puerto Rico.

The country is also known for its vibrant pop culture. Filipino TV shows, music, and movies are very popular throughout the world. Many Filipinos work as actors, singers, or models in Hollywood movies.

Puerto Rico’s economy relies heavily on tourism so it’s no surprise that many businesses are looking for qualified workers from overseas locations like the Philippines to fill positions where there are shortages in qualified professionals because of high unemployment rates or lack of educational opportunities within the country itself.

7. Mechanics, Electronics

While there are many jobs available for skilled workers like electricians, mechanics, welders, plumbers, and carpenters, it’s hard to find people who are qualified for them. That’s where Philippine nationals come in.

Filipinos have a reputation for being hardworking and diligent. They also have a great deal of patience and calmness under pressure. They are very easy to train. They learn quickly and retain information well.

8. Sales, Retail, Telesales

The main reason why they need Filipinos is that their people don’t want to work in sales and retail jobs anymore. They’re looking for better opportunities because of the economic crisis that hit them hard back in 2018. They’ve been suffering from high unemployment rates since then, which means businesses have been struggling as well because they can’t find enough employees for their businesses anymore.

9. Translator, Interpreter

One reason is that locals just don’t like working in call centers and dealing with rude customers who can sometimes get very hostile. The good thing about Filipinos is that they are more used to dealing with this kind of thing because of their experience as salesmen back home. They’re also used to working long hours here in Puerto Rico so it’s easier for them to adjust to the work schedule here – but I think what makes them most valuable is that they know how to handle an irate customer when they get one.

10. Agronomy, Fruit picking, etc

Filling up the gaps left by the locals with migrant workers coming from other countries, Filipino workers are in high demand in Puerto Rico, because they’re known to be highly skilled and easy to work with. This is due to a combination of cultural factors, including Philippine history and the nature of the agricultural industry in that country.

The Philippines was colonized by Spain for over 300 years until they gained independence in 1898; at that time, Spanish was still widely used as the primary language throughout the Philippines. As a result, Filipinos have a high level of proficiency in Spanish, and this has made it easier for them to adjust to working on farms throughout Central and South America.

Filipino workers are also often employed specifically for their agricultural skills. With its tropical climate, many crops grow year-round in the Philippines; because of this, Filipino farm workers have more experience working with fruits and vegetables than most people from other countries. In addition to having agricultural experience, many Filipino workers are also skilled in areas like pruning trees, which is important for maintaining orchards.

Video: Enrty Level Jobs in Puerto Rico for English Speakers

Please watch this video as a reference for what the job market in Puerto Rico looks like and you will have a better idea of how Filipino workers are in demand.


Working in Puerto Rico can be a great opportunity for OFWs with its vibrant culture, diverse landscapes, and lots of job opportunities. From the colonial buildings of Old San Juan and modern mega-resorts on Condado Beach to the El Yunque rainforest and Ponce’s bustling city life – there is plenty to explore. OFWs have a chance to diversify their professional experience, learn a new language, and build cross-cultural relationships while they work in Puerto Rico. Connecting with the local community will open up many doors and OFWs should take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Plus, infrastructure and daily living costs are much lower than they are in most countries. OFWs who choose to come to Puerto Rico will find some of the best job security since employers typically need qualified workers on a long-term basis. Healthcare and education are also relatively affordable in Puerto Rico, which makes it an attractive place to live and work. Ultimately, OFWs that work in Puerto Rico can enjoy the advantages of a tropical paradise with the stability of a modern economy. Additionally, they will enjoy the tropical weather all year round as they work hard and enjoy everything that this beautiful island has to offer.


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