How to Search for POEA Jobs in Taiwan

Taiwan is known for manufacturing electronic goods, metal products, plastics, rubbers, chemicals, and machinery. Because of this, there is a high demand for workers, especially the skilled ones. So, to all the aspiring OFWs out there, Taiwan might be a place for you.

Taiwan is one of the popular places to work as an OFW. The country has a lot to offer, including great job opportunities. If you are looking for a POEA job in Taiwan, there are a few things you need to know. First, you will need to find an agency that can help you find a job. There are many agencies out there, but not all of them are reputable. You should do your research before choosing an agency.

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Second, make sure your qualifications meet the requirements of the jobs you are interested in. Many jobs require a degree or specific skillsets. Finally, be prepared for the interview process. interviews in Taiwan can be quite rigorous. By following these tips, you will increase your chances of finding a great job

As of April 2019, an estimated 154,000 OFWs are working and living in Taiwan. Due to the active and strong economy of Taiwan, Filipinos choose to work there. Most of the Filipinos in Taiwan are working in factories, households, construction, fisheries, and offices. There is no shortage of jobs in Taiwan. If you are interested in working in Taiwan, continue reading to know more about working in Taiwan.

how to search poea jobs in taiwan


These are the requirements to search for POEA jobs in Taiwan.

  • Valid Passport (more than 12 months validity)
  • SSS Unified Multi- Purpose ID card (UMID)
  • National Certificate issued by TESDA (if applicable)
  • Bachelor’s Degree (if applicable)
  • NBI Clearance
  • School Diploma -High School/College (if applicable)
  • Working Experience (if applicable)
  • Employment certificate (if applicable)
  • Must be ready to undergo a six-day day Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program (CPDEP) of OWWA if chosen by an employer.
  • Attended Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS) online on
  • Skills Training Certificate/s
  • Pre-Employment Medical Examination
  • Visa
  • Overseas Employment Certificate (POEA, OWWA, Phil-Health, Pag-IBIG)
  • Birth Certificate


The applicants must be at least 21 years old to be qualified to work in Taiwan.

How to Search for POEA Jobs in Taiwan

For Filipinos who wanted to work in Taiwan, it is a must to apply through a POEA-licensed agency. Once the application is approved by a Taiwan-based company and decided to employ Filipino workers, they must sign an employment contract first with the employer. After the contract signing, the company must apply for a work permit to the Ministry of Labor before the hired Filipino workers can work in Taiwan.

Here is a step-by-step guide on searching and applying for POEA Jobs in Taiwan.

1. Search POEA Jobs in Taiwan using the POEA website

Follow the following steps if you don’t have an account on the POEA e-registration website or just click POEA e-registration to guide you with the registration.

  • Look for job openings on the POEA website. They can also be found at a POEA site near you.
  • On work abroad websites, you can also look at job openings from recruitment agencies.
  • Once you’ve found the agency and job you want to apply for, go to the POEA website and register. Click the ‘Sign up here’ button.
  • After reading the Terms of Service, click ‘I Accept the Terms of Customer experience.’
  • Fill in the blanks with the relevant information.
  • Examine the information you provided to ensure that it is complete and accurate. Click the ‘Submit’ button. A message will appear informing you that your account is ready to be activated.
  • To activate your account, go to your email and click the confirmation link. It is suggested you use Google Chrome.
  • Enter the password you’d like to use to log in to your account.
  • Fill in the relevant information on the website. If you haven’t finished Sections 1-6 yet, you won’t be able to move on to this section.
  • Save your profile and begin sending your applications to companies and agencies with which you’d like to work. Include all of the skillset you can demonstrate at the job you’re seeking for in your resume.
  • Once you’ve decided the jobs you want to apply for, go to the POEA website and click the ‘Apply Now’ button to submit your application.
  • After you’ve submitted your application, wait for instructions on what to do next and make sure you’ve met all of the requirements.

If you already have an account, just follow these steps.

  • Search POEA on your available search engine.

  •  This will appear on your search results. Just click ‘Online Services.

  • Then, this page will be shown. Click on ‘Verification of Agency’s Job Orders’.

  • Click ‘Search Jobs by Country.’

  • This page will appear. To continue searching, click the drop-down menu and choose ‘Taiwan.’

  • Select from the three circle choices below on how do you want to search jobs for POEA. The job can sort by date JO was approved, by Agency, or by position. The results will appear based on your selected sorting of jobs. Here is a sample result.

2. Submit the Documents

Put in a folder all of the required documents. Then, submit the documents to the agency you have been applying for.

3. Apply for Visa

Because the Philippines does not have a visa waiver agreement with the Republic of China (Taiwan), you will need to apply for a visa using the following documents and pay the following fees:

  • A copy of the duly completed application
  • 2 passport photographs taken recently
  • A photocopy of your passport is required (with a minimum valid period of 6 months)
  • A letter of invitation (provided by the agency you are applying with)
  • A letter of employment (provided by the agency you are applying with)
  • Letters of Credit, airline bills, and other business papers (provided by the agency you are applying with)
  • Other documents that are important (documents that the agency will require you)
  • A S$65 visa fee is required.

The employer had already made arrangements for work visas in Taiwan. Employers who want to hire foreign nationals to work in Taiwan must first apply for a work permit with the Council of Labor Affairs. The work permit application review process takes about two weeks. The work permit, which is a formal government-issued letter of permission, is delivered to the employer via registered mail once the application has been granted. The letter is essential for the resident visa application since it acts as proof of authorization for the potential employee to work in Taiwan. As a result, work permits are already in place prior to applying for a visa.

4. Seminars

Attend seminars required by the POEA and your recruitment agency(PEOS and PDOS)

5. Get Ready to Move to Taiwan

  • Prepare clothes for four seasons since Taiwan has four seasons. Bring more summer and winter clothes because these two seasons last longer in Taiwan.
  • Know the culture and the laws of your host country.
  • Practice Speaking English and a little bit of Taiwanese. These will be very handy especially if you are strolling alone in the streets of Taiwan.
  • As a migrant worker, you have rights and privileges, but you also have duties that you should be aware of at all times:
  • Know the Do’s and Don’ts for Working in Taiwan


a. Follow all rules and perform all responsibilities outlined in the work contract.

b. Be diligent and hardworking.

c. Keep your word to your boss.

d. Keep your work’s confidentiality in mind.


It is not permissible for you to:

a. Work for a different company than the one listed in your contract. You can only work for another employer if your current one fails to comply with your employment terms. If one want to work for another company, a CLA permit must be obtained.

b. Carry out tasks that are banned.

c. Refuse to be examined by a doctor.

  • Read about the guidelines for Taiwan employers. This might help you to be cautious and to observe if an act of an employer violates your right as a worker and also to protect the rights of the employer.

It is illegal to keep or hold the personal documents of a foreign worker like passport, ARC or money without the consent of the worker.

An employer can terminate a Filipino employee if the following occur

  • Bankruptcy
  • Suspension
  • Employer is moving his business to a new location. In the said cases, employer should inform the employee in advance.
  • If the employee is taking prohibited drugs.
  • Falsification of documents or telling false information to obtain a work permit.
  • Stealing
  • Law Violations

There have been instances where a Filipino worker would flee or hide under a false identity after his or her job contract expired in order to extend his or her stay in Taiwan. If a Filipino worker does not return to work or to an employer after 72 hours, he or she is called a runaway. If he is found, he will be detained and deported back to the Philippines. If a foreign employee is able to obtain work when their status is illegal, they will be fined between NT$ 30,000 and NT$ 150,000.

  • Know the signs of maltreatment to act fast and to prevent further harm.

These are considered as maltreatment.

  • Scolding on a regular basis for no apparent reason.
  • Abuse, both physical and verbal
  • Forced labor in the employer’s relatives’ fields, restaurants, or homes.
  • Overtime is not compensated in any way.

6. Working in Taiwan

Congratulations and you can now work, earn and have fun in Taiwan.

Video: Search for POEA Jobs in Taiwan

This video discusses about the benefits when working in Taiwan, as well as she also mention some legit agencies that are recruiting Filipinos workers to work in Taiwan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the Frequently Asked Questions section to help you out.

1. How much is the placement fee in Taiwan?

The law provides for a placement fee of P50,000 to P150,000 or more. The amount is inflated due to foreign broker commissions. Employers in Taiwan and the Philippines are not compelled to pay for recruitment expenditures, thus brokers charge large fees. Moreover, brokers continue to charge OFWs monthly “service costs.”

2. How long can a Filipino work in Taiwan?

Foreign workers are only allowed to work in Taiwan for a total of 12 years, according to Article 52 of the Employment Service Act.

3. How to extend a work permit?

Article 8 of the Regulations on the Permission and Administration of the  Employment of Foreign Workers requires the employer to submit an application four months before the original work permit expires. Those whose work permit validity is shorter than six months must wait until more than two-thirds of their work permit period has passed before applying.

4. How long does it take to get a Taiwan work permit?

The standard work permit is renewed for up to three years and can take up to one month to process. The employee must obtain a work permit before entering Taiwan, and he or she cannot apply while in the country on a tourist or business visa.

5. Is there an age limit to teaching English in Taiwan?

Although most programs cater to those who are fresh graduates or in their twenties, there are no age requirements for teaching English in another country. You don’t even need a teaching certificate or degree to teach, with the exception of a few programs that may require TEFL certification.


It is important that you avoid applying for jobs in non-recognized recruitment agencies. The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has a long list of licensed recruitment agencies that are allowed to post job openings for OFWs. You can search this list on the POEA website. Once you have found an agency that you would like to apply to, make sure to read the requirements carefully and submit all the necessary documents.

If you are already working in Taiwan, you can also search for job openings through the Taiwan government’s website. Just go to the “Jobs” section and select “Overseas Filipino Workers” from the drop-down menu. You will then be able to see a list of available jobs in Taiwan.

For anyone wanting to work overseas, doing research on the country of destination is a requirement. More than the required documents and papers, one must devote time to strengthening one’s feelings, knowledge, and character strength, as this is a decision that affects one’s dream and destiny. If you are looking for a sign, then, this is it. Apply, work and have fun in Taiwan!

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