How to Use POEA Helpdesk Online

The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) is the government agency that is established to uphold excellence in employment standards through their various programs and projects that are designed to aid and boost labor processes and make Filipinos job-ready abroad. One of these is a digital helpdesk platform, POEA Helpdesk, that serves as a one-stop site for major concerns that the office caters to.

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What is the POEA Online Help Desk?

The POEA Helpdesk is an online platform where OFWs and recruitment agencies can request for technical support and ICT assistance for recruitment, employment, and other labor concerns.

This is made possible through a digital ticketing system which makes for a more systematic and convenient way of providing services to millions of Filipinos in the country and abroad.

This project was first launched in June 21, 2021 and covers registration, management, and support database systems for workers’ registration and the POEA Online Processing System for the Balik-Manggagawa (POPS-BaM) program.


The POEA Helpdesk allows for an easier and hassle-free support service as it removes the fatigue from long lines and physical set-ups out of the equation. But more than that, the onset of COVID-19 cases in the country since 2020 has also made government services more adaptive through the digital wave. This, then, makes processing requests more secure.

Registering through the POEA Helpdesk also allows its users to:

  1. Forward their concerns regarding employment and OFW registration in the comfort of their homes or personal spaces;
  2. Access other OFW concerns in the same website;
  3. Request for updating, editing, and correction of their personal and/or employment information, and;
  4. Request for troubleshooting, replacement, and resetting of accounts.

How to Register in POEA Helpdesk Online

The POEA Helpdesk website is as simple as it is functional. It features the government agency’s services on online registration, the revamped Balik Manggagawa program, as well as records management.

A series of steps and frequently asked questions follow the selection of the service and concern, to which users may opt to check and contact a POEA Helpdesk Staff for. Upon the request for a POEA Helpdesk staff, a digital ticket will be sent to the user, which they will use as reference for their service.

A detailed ticketing registration and tracking process is described below:

  1. Go to to access the new POEA Helpdesk website. You should be directed to a webpage containing the POEA Helpdesk banner and a welcome note. Click Continue to start the registration process. You will be directed to a webpage containing five major steps of the registration, with the first one being shown in the page.
  2. On the Select Service item, select the service you have a concern on. This can be about e-registration or Balik Manggagawa online services, or about records management.
  3. On the Select Concern item, select the specific concern you would like to have addressed. Depending on the service, options for concerns may vary.
  4. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) will be presented upon submission of the concern. You may opt to check such questions should they be related or relevant to your concern.
  5. If the selected concern has been addressed by any one of the consequent FAQs, click Next to proceed to the account identification process. You will be directed to select your account retrieval method.
  6. Provide your name and birthday in the account retrieval form to record your concern and verify your registration.
  7. Upon submission and verification of account details, you will be directed to the ticketing process. Select the nearest processing site from your location and input your concern details as well as your contact information.
  8. Verify all entered information, then click Submit Ticket. The system will be providing you with an electronic ticket which you will use to track your concern.

Video link

A virtual walkthrough of the online helpdesk may be accessed through this video:

In this video, a brief introduction and rationale of the newly revamped POEA Helpdesk is given, along with a quick run on the ticketing registration process. Frequently asked concerns were also presented and explained.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about this service:

1. What is the POEA Helpdesk?

The POEA Helpdesk is a free online platform designed to offer and manage OFW and recruitment and manning agency-related concerns in a more systematic and convenient way through a digital ticketing system. The newly revamped website deals with issues on account and records management as well as concerns of e-registration and Balik Manggagawa program.

2. Does this platform only cater to OFWs?

No, the POEA Helpdesk also caters to new applicants of POEA online registration, apart from current and returning OFWs.

3. Am I limited to only one ticket per appeal or concern?

Yes, each user is only entitled to one (1) digital ticket per concern. This is in order for the helpdesk staff to properly and adequately address submitted concerns.

4. Why does my concern lead to nothing when I select it in the webpage?

As updates on the integrated website only began on April 30, 2022, its database is yet to be reflected in the website’s features. This means that it will also take some time for all concerns, such as addressed FAQs, to be presented in the newly revamped website. However, should you need further assistance, please directly contact the POEA Manpower Registry Division by sending them an email at

5. What can I do if my concern is not addressed in the presented FAQs?

Should the website’s FAQs and common troubleshooting be insufficient for your concern, you may directly contact POEA through the Manpower Registry Division by sending an email to

6. What about my previous ticket in the old POEA Helpdesk?

Since its establishment in June 2021, all agency helpdesk ticketing systems have been disabled to encourage the use of the online system. Appeals and concerns brought through the old system that haven’t been addressed may be brought once again through the new system.


The POEA Helpdesk aims to be a one-stop site for OFW and manning agency-related issues. Consistent with its thrust to provide and achieve a higher level of efficiency, the POEA has brought in a quick, easy, and convenient way for millions of returning, current and aspiring migrant workers to  pursue their overseas career for the betterment of the country.

For more information on the POEA Helpdesk, visit their official website at or their official Facebook page at

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