Top 10 Jobs in Sri Lanka for Filipinos

In Sri Lanka, Filipinos can expect to encounter cultural differences, both in the workplace and in daily life. One of the main challenges that Filipinos may face is the language barrier. While English is widely spoken and understood in business settings, there are still many instances where knowledge of the local language, Sinhala or Tamil, can be beneficial.

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The country has a growing economy and is investing heavily in various industries such as tourism, manufacturing, and technology. This creates a demand for skilled workers from other countries, including the Philippines. Additionally, working in Sri Lanka can offer Filipinos a chance to expand their professional networks and gain international work experience. This can be valuable for career growth and development.

Top 10 Jobs in Sri Lanka for Filipinos

Here are the top 10 jobs in Sri Lanka for Filipinos as of 2024 per Department of Migrant Workers(DMW) website.


A Dealer, also known as a Treasury Dealer, is a role in the financial sector that involves growing the business, maintaining good client relationships, managing the bank’s money and related ratios, and managing trading activities to generate income. Qualifications for a Dealer role include a degree or professional qualification acceptable to the bank, minimum of four years of experience in a treasury dealing room, excellent knowledge of financial markets, and good communication skills.  As the financial sector expands, there is an increasing need for professionals like Dealers to manage financial transactions and relationships with clients.


A VIP Host, also known as a VIP Hostess, is responsible for taking care of important guests, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction. Their duties include welcoming guests, taking care of their needs, handling complaints, keeping the place clean, and planning events for special occasions. There are no specific educational qualifications required for this role, but essential skills include good communication skills, experience in hospitality, and time management.


A Public Relations Officer is a crucial role in a company’s image by promoting positive communication with people. They develop strategies, prepare materials, build relationships, organize events, and manage PR issues. There are no specific educational qualifications required, but essential skills include experience in PR, good communication skills, media knowledge, and the ability to work under pressure.


An engineer is a person who uses their knowledge of science and math to solve problems by designing, building, and maintaining various structures, machines, and systems. They design solutions, build and test them, maintain systems, and improve efficiency. Educational qualifications for an engineer include a BSc degree in engineering from a recognized university, a certificate from the Sri Lanka Institute of Engineers, experience in engineering, good problem-solving skills, and knowledge of science and math.


A waiter in Sri Lanka is a professional who works in restaurants, bars, and hotels, ensuring guests have a great dining experience. Their responsibilities include greeting customers, taking orders, serving food and drinks, and answering questions about the menu. Qualifications for a waiter in Sri Lanka include a high school diploma, with a college degree being a plus. They need to handle cash transactions, work well in a team, and carry food and beverages. They must also be patient, polite, and able to handle difficult situations.

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A receptionist in Sri Lanka is a professional who works at the front desk of companies, serving as the first point of contact for visitors or calls. Their responsibilities include greeting visitors, answering calls, performing administrative tasks, and providing customer service. Qualifications for a receptionist include a high school diploma, with a college degree being a plus. They need good communication skills, ability to handle cash transactions, and work well in a team. The demand for receptionists in Sri Lanka is growing due to the booming hospitality industry, with more companies being established and numerous job vacancies.


A Quantity Surveyor in Sri Lanka is a professional responsible for managing costs related to construction projects. They prepare bids, project estimates, manage costs, prepare contract documentation, and prepare commercial reports for senior management. Qualified candidates typically have a diploma in Quantity Surveying or an equivalent from a recognized institution. They should be familiar with MS Office Package and Auto Cad, with experience in a similar field being an added advantage.


A Stewardess Engineer in Sri Lanka is a professional in the aviation industry responsible for ensuring passenger safety and comfort. They ensure safety procedures are followed during flights, provide excellent customer service, and offer basic technical support, such as troubleshooting common aircraft system issues. Qualified candidates typically have a diploma in Aeronautical Engineering or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution. They should be familiar with aircraft systems and have good communication skills. The demand for Stewardess Engineers in Sri Lanka is growing due to the rapid changes and increasing nature of the aviation industry. With more airlines being established, there is a need for professionals who can handle both stewardess and basic engineering tasks. There are numerous job vacancies for Stewardess Engineers in Sri Lanka.


A Coordinator in Sri Lanka is a professional responsible for managing projects, building relationships, performing administrative tasks, and reporting on project opportunities and risks. They work in various industries and must have the right to work in Sri Lanka, at least 5 years of experience in program management in human rights, women’s rights, or development, and sound knowledge of the political context and human rights issues in Sri Lanka. The demand for Coordinators in Sri Lanka is growing due to the rapid changes and increasing nature of various industries, as more projects are being established. There are many job vacancies for Coordinators in Sri Lanka, making it an excellent time to start if you’re considering becoming a Coordinator.


A Construction Manager in Sri Lanka is a professional responsible for overseeing all aspects of building projects, including meeting with partners, managing teams, ensuring equipment availability, managing budgets, and managing time. Qualifications for this role include a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, proficiency in MS Office Word, Excel, and Projects, and CCS, effective communication with all staff levels, and 5+ years of construction site management experience. The demand for Construction Managers in Sri Lanka is growing due to the rapid changes and increasing nature of the construction industry, with numerous job vacancies available. The ideal candidate should be able to communicate effectively with all staff levels and have 5+ years of experience in construction site management.

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The opportunities for Filipinos working in Sri Lanka are both diverse and promising, buoyed by the nation’s economic growth and expanding industries. From engineering and aviation to hospitality and construction management, the skill sets and work ethic of Filipino professionals make them highly sought after in the Sri Lankan job market.

Their adaptability, excellent communication skills, and dedication are particularly valued in roles requiring direct customer interaction, technical expertise, and effective project management. As the demand for skilled professionals continues to rise, Filipinos find themselves well-positioned to contribute significantly to Sri Lanka’s dynamic sectors, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that leverages the strengths of both countries.

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