Top 10 Jobs in Armenia for Filipinos

The Filipino community in Armenia is burgeoning, with many opting to work and reside in this culturally rich and welcoming nation. Armenians hold a deep respect for hard work, a trait that Filipinos share, easing their integration into the local workforce. Filipinos are employed in various sectors in Armenia, including healthcare, information technology, and the service industry, where their dedication and professionalism are greatly valued.

Despite being away from home, overseas Filipinos in Armenia have found a sense of community and support among their fellow expatriates. Numerous Filipino organizations provide a social network, offering comfort, camaraderie, and a touch of Filipino culture in a foreign land. Additionally, the beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks, and the warm hospitality of the Armenian people make the stay more rewarding for Filipinos working there.

best jobs for filipinos in armenia

The following job sectors might provide good opportunities based on the overall job market in Armenia for Filipinos:


Information Technology (IT) roles are in high demand in Armenia due to the IT industry being a major force driving economic development and growth in the country. Job descriptions and qualifications can vary for roles such as IT managers and IT business analysts but typically require a background in IT or a related field, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of managing software and hardware. As the field continues to expand, the demand for IT professionals also increases, making it a thriving sector in Armenia.


Roles in finance, banking, and insurance sectors are crucial to Armenia’s economy and are thus in high demand. Jobs such as finance managers, bank branch managers, and insurance agents involve responsibilities ranging from analyzing financial activities and managing branch resources to converting leads into policyholders. While qualifications vary, typically, a Bachelor’s degree in a related field, knowledge of financial regulations, and strong communication and analytical abilities are needed. The importance of these sectors to economic development and stability in Armenia makes these roles particularly crucial and sought-after.


In Armenia, education sector roles such as educators, education administrators, and special education teachers are notably important. Educators prepare and deliver lessons to students, education administrators coordinate academic and administrative functions, and special education teachers adapt lessons to students with various disabilities. Qualifications typically include an education-related degree, a recognized teaching qualification, and exceptional communication and organizational skills. This sector is particularly in demand in Armenia due to the nation’s commitment to educational reforms and the improvement of education standards and outcomes.


In Armenia, sales roles such as Sales Representatives, Sales Specialists, and Sales Managers have different responsibilities ranging from managing customer relationships and conducting market research to planning and organizing the sales activities of an organization. The qualifications typically include strong communication and problem-solving skills, keen knowledge of sales strategies, and an understanding of industry trends. A relevant degree might be beneficial. These roles are in high demand in Armenia due to the continuous development of the Armenian market. As businesses strive to grow and increase their revenue, the need for skilled sales professionals rises accordingly.


In Armenia, marketing roles such as Marketing Specialists and Marketing Department Managers contribute to a company’s progress and profitability. A Marketing Specialist conducts and coordinates marketing activities while a Marketing Department Manager develops and implements marketing strategies to drive growth. Typically, the qualifications required for these roles include relevant marketing experience and a university degree in a field related to Marketing, Advertising, PR, Communications, or Business. The increasing market growth in Armenia and the need for businesses to expand and increase their customer base have led to a high demand for marketing jobs.


Healthcare jobs in Armenia play a crucial role in providing healthcare services and improving the country’s health system. Doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals work together to diagnose, treat, and prevent medical conditions while also providing education and support for patients and families. These roles require relevant degrees and certifications as well as strong communication and teamwork skills. The demand for healthcare jobs in Armenia stems from the need for improved medical care, health services, and ongoing healthcare reforms, including the development of primary healthcare, mental health, and quality care services.


In Armenia, engineering roles such as Software Engineers and Civil Engineers are critical across various sectors from IT to Construction. Software Engineers, like those at Synopsys, work on the development and testing of software systems or applications, while Civil Engineers at companies such as Renco handle design and project management of construction tasks, including bridges, buildings, and roads. Generally, these roles require a Bachelor’s degree in a related engineering field and strong analytical, problem-solving, and project management skills. The demand for these engineering jobs in Armenia is high due to the country’s growing IT sector and ongoing infrastructural development, which necessitates a significant number of both software and civil engineers.


Human Resources (HR) professionals in Armenia, including HR Specialists and HR Managers, play key roles in managing an organization’s workforce and contributing to its success. Tasks range from recruitment, employee support, and education to strategic planning, policy enforcement, and HR operations management. These jobs typically require a bachelor’s degree in HR or a related field, HR experience, excellent communication skills, strategic planning capacity, and knowledge of HR laws and regulations. The demand for HR jobs in Armenia is driven by businesses’ need for effective people management to ensure growth and performance. The changing business landscape also necessitates expertise in areas like talent acquisition, performance management, and change management.


Customer Service professionals in Armenia, such as Customer Service Representatives and Customer Service Managers, play a vital role in connecting businesses and customers to deliver high-quality service and ensure customer satisfaction. Representatives handle inquiries and provide information on products and services, whereas Managers supervise customer service teams, develop policies, and manage customer complaints. These roles typically require a high school diploma or equivalent, experience in customer service, strong communication and problem-solving skills, and computer proficiency. The growth of the e-commerce and IT sectors in Armenia has driven demand for customer service jobs, as effective customer support is crucial to addressing inquiries, ensuring satisfaction levels, and ultimately promoting business expansion.


Hospitality and Tourism professionals in Armenia, such as Tour Guides and Hotel Managers, are integral to the service industry, serving as the main point of contact for visitors and ensuring they enjoy their stay. Tour Guides lead visitors, providing an interpretation of the area’s cultural and natural heritage, while Hotel Managers ensure smooth hotel operations, coordinating different departments, handling budgets, and upholding high standards. These roles often require a degree in tourism or hospitality, strong communication and interpersonal skills, and excellent problem-solving and organizational capabilities. The demand for these jobs has increased due to the growing number of tourists visiting Armenia, necessitating capable professionals to maintain high quality of service and enhance the tourist experience.


The demand for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Armenia is broad and diverse, encompassing several sectors such as sales, marketing, healthcare, engineering, human resources, customer service, and hospitality & tourism. The rapidly growing Armenian market necessitates skilled professionals capable of contributing to business growth, healthcare improvements, IT sector development, effective people management, customer satisfaction, and tourism enhancement.

Therefore, OFWs with relevant degrees, experience, and skills in these areas have significant opportunities for employment in Armenia. Their contribution, in turn, plays a pivotal role in the continual development and enrichment of the Armenian job market and overall economy.

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