How to Search for POEA Jobs in Hong Kong

One of the biggest reasons why Filipinos are in demand and easy to employ in Hong Kong is their “can-do” attitude. This is not saying that other Asian expats cannot hold jobs but this is the observation of employers who handled Filipino workers compared to the rest.

If you’re looking for a job in Hong Kong, you may want to consider searching for jobs in POEA website or other job websites. While the competition for jobs in Hong Kong can be fierce, there are a number of advantages to applying. For one thing, Filipino workers are known for their hard work and dedication. Additionally, many Filipinos are fluent in English, which can be a valuable asset in a city where English is the main language of business. Finally, due to the large number of Filipinos living and working in Hong Kong, you’ll likely have a support network of friends and family to help you adjust to life in the city.

Hong Kong is an international city with a multicultural community. The economy is booming, and the demand for qualified workers is high. With its proximity to China, Hong Kong has become one of the most sought-after places for Filipino workers to work in.

Working in Hongkong can be a fun experience. In fact, with the current demand for Filipinos there, it should be considered to be one of the Philippines’ top employment destinations.

Getting a job in Hongkong is not just for citizens of its country; it’s for anyone who wants to earn an income. One of the best ways to do this is by searching for POEA jobs in Hongkong from the Philippines. With these opportunities, you can work in Hongkong legally and still be considered an OFW or overseas Filipino worker.

This artcle is all about information regarding OFW jobs and opportunities, especially here in Hongkong. You will find out the guide on how to apply for POEA job vacancies in this special administrative region.

how to search for poea jobs in hong kong


Here are the requirements for applying for work in Hongkong as a Filipino.

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of application.
  • One copy of the passport bio-page (passport will be returned upon submission).
  • Visa application form filled out and signed by the applicant
  • Two recent 2 x 2 passport size photos were taken within 3 months before the date of application (one photo attached to the application form).
  • NBI Clearance Certificate or Police Clearance Certificate issued not more than one (1) year before date of application, which must be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate General in Hongkong and translated into English if not in English language (authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate General in Hongkong and translated into English if not in English language).
  • Resume/CV
  • A copy of the Employment Contract
  • Certificate Of Good Moral Character (COGC)
  • Birth Certificate
  • High School/College Diploma
  • Two pieces of 2×2 photos
  • Training Certificate (if applicable)
  • Medical Certificate
  • Duly accomplished application form (available at POEA website) with two (2) recent passport photographs attached


You may be eligible to work in Hong Kong if you are a Filipino citizen and you meet the following requirements:

  • You have completed at least one year of full-time, skilled employment (or equivalent) in the past five years.
  • You are medically fit and do not suffer from any infectious or contagious diseases.
  • You have no criminal record.
  • Applicants should be 18 years old or older on the date of application, unless they are applying under the Family Reunification Scheme (FRS).

How to Search for Hong Kong Jobs via POEA Website

This is the most recommended website for Filipinos who are finding work overseas. So, to search for jobs using this website, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Visit the POEA website

Step 2: Go to the Approved Job Orders of Licensed Recruitment Agencies.

Step 3: Select “Search Available Job Orders by Country”.

Step 4: Select your Preferred Country of Destination.

Step 5: View the Available Jobs in Your Chosen Country

How to Search for Jobs via Helper Choice Website

Helper Choice Ethical Services is a licensed Hong Kong employment agency, so you know they observe labor rules. Their website makes it easy to apply for EA screened priority jobs. It matches your location to those around. Lastly, labor laws ensure that whatever information you disclose on their website will remain private.

1. Visit the link above. The site looks like this.

2. Then, on the page, in the search bar, type the country you wish to work for.  In the search bar type “Hong Kong”. And hit “Show me!” in the green rectangle.

3. You will be shown this page afterwards. Click “Next” to proceed.  


4. If you have an account, just log in using your email and password that you used to register. If you do not have an account, the, sign up for an account via Facebook or email 

5. After logging in, you will be shown results based on your searching.

Note: This website is intended for Domestic Helpers only or those who are planning to be a Domestic helper abroad.

How to Prepare for a Job as an OFW in Hong Kong

Here is a detailed guide on how you can prepare for

1. Know your Skills

Before you look for a job, you should first know what skills you have and what you can offer. This will help you figure out what kind of job is best for you. It will also help you choose between your options when applying for a job.

2. Prepare Your Documents

You need to have all of your papers ready and in a folder or envelope. You can look at the list above or just click ‘Requirements’ to see what the requirements are and make sure you meet them.

You might also need a resume and a cover letter, so make sure you have one that fits the job you want.

3. Job Search

There are many job sites that offer job postings from different companies, both local and international ones. Some of these sites even offer free registration but with limited features compared to paid memberships. Creating an account gives you the chance to save all your past applications so you won’t have to re-apply again.

To apply online, here are the job sites available in applying for a job in Hongkong.

4. Get a Work Permit/Visa

Foreigners need valid Hong Kong Work Visas from the Immigration Department before starting any job, paid or unpaid, short-term or long-term, unless they have a Right of Abode, Right to Land, or Unconditional Stay in Hong Kong.

HK Work Visa Qualifications 

  • The person should have a job or a job offer before submitting their visa application;
  • To meet the visa requirement, a person must have unique qualifications and relevant work experience that are hard to find in Hong Kong.
  • 3.A person should be given a job at the management level, and the pay should be in line with the market rate.
  • The sponsoring company should have a stable and healthy financial situation.
  • The sponsoring company should already have local employees and a place to work.

From the date the application is sent in, it usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks to get a Hong Kong work visa. If the application is accepted, the person will be given a two-year work visa. The person will then be able to apply for a Hong Kong ID card for residents.

The applicant should apply for a work visa and get it before going to Hong Kong to start work.

Note: If someone comes to Hong Kong before applying for a work visa or is hired locally and then applies for a work visa while still in Hong Kong, this will affect an application to change from a visitor visa to a work visa. This type of visa application is harder to process than most, and the person needs to explain why they didn’t apply for a work visa before they came. So, if at all possible, it is best to apply for a work visa before entering the country.

HK Work Visa Requirements 

Here are the requirements to secure a Hongkong work visa.

  • Visa application form ID(E) 990A, signed by the applicant;
  • Visa application form ID(E) 990B, signed by the sponsoring company;
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport;
  • Copy of the applicant’s service contract with the sponsoring employer;
  • Copies of the sponsoring employer’s business formation documents;
  • Copy of the sponsoring employer’s financial documents.

How to Apply for HK Work Visa 

  • To get a Hong Kong work visa or permit, the applicant must fill out the application form and send it to the Hong Kong Immigration Department with all the necessary documents.
  • The work visa or permit is good for one year and can be renewed as long as the employee works for the company. If the employee is going to Hong Kong with his or her wife or children, those people will need Dependent visas.
  • If the applicant changes jobs and starts working for a different company in Hong Kong, his or her work visa or permit will not be transferred to the new company. He or she needs to get a new work visa or permit. The person with a work visa or permit can apply for permanent resident status after living in Hong Kong for at least 7 years
  • A work visa or permit takes the Immigration Department 4–8 weeks to process.
  • Once the visa is approved, the person who wants it can pick it up at the Hong Kong Consulate office near them.

5. Preparation to Work in Hongkong

Attend the Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar and Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar as these seminars gives you an idea about you host country, the dos and don’ts, weather, customs and traditions of the country you wish to work for. Also, you must prepare yourself physically, mentally, and especially emotionally since the process of applying for work as well as the thought of being separated from your family may overwhelm you.

6. Arrival in Hong Kong

Congratulations, and now, you are an OFW in Hong Kong. Bear in mind all of the trainings you undergo and your goals and your reasons of going out of the country to work so that you will be mindful of your actions in your host country.

Video: Search for POEA Jobs in Hongkong

This video talks about an agency and its address, the partner agency of it in Hongkong and requirements for applicants and for returning OFWs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs to help you out.

1. Can Filipino work in Hong Kong? 

If you are from the Philippines and want to work in Hong Kong, you must go through an agency. This is true even if you are already in Hong Kong but have never been there before, are outside of Hong Kong, or have been fired or will break your contract.

2. How much is the placement fee in Hong Kong? 

The placement fee in Hong Kong is supposed to be 10% of the first month’s salary, but the government there doesn’t have much power over fees charged in workers’ home countries.

3. Can you get a job in Hong Kong without speaking Chinese? 

Hong Kong has been a center for international trade for a long time, so you don’t have to speak Chinese to work there. People from all over the world live and work there.

4. Is Hong Kong a good place to work? 

Hong Kong has a strong economy, and people who work in Financial Services like to live there. The average expat salary in Hong Kong is $176, 000 per year, which is about $76,000 more than the average salary around the world. Hong Kong’s transportation system is very modern and works well.

5. What is the age limit for a domestic helper in Hong Kong?

The helper must be between the ages of 18 and 59(both inclusive).


Hong Kong is one of the major employers of OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers). Many jobs are available in Hongkong but one has to be careful with the application. There are many recruitment agencies who claim that you can work in Hongkong for a legal and legit job. Always check the credibility of these recruitment agencies.

Never put your life at stake by putting your money on these agencies claiming that they will get you a job in Hongkong. If they did not get you a job in Hongkong, then they will surely not refund your money or compensate you for the inconvenience that they imposed to you and your family.

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