How to Search for DMW Jobs in Macau

One of the world’s centers for gaming and entertainment, Macau is expanding quickly. In Macau, thousands of employments are currently available, particularly in the recently opened casinos, resorts, and hotels.

So, if you want to work in Macau, but you have no idea where to start.

This is a guide for those who are applying for jobs in Macau for Filipinos. Reading this will benefit you in understanding the steps of searching, applying, and processing for a job in Macau.

how to search for dmw jobs in macau


To know the list of requirements, please click here a Requirements to redirect you to the list.


To qualify, you must be at least 23 years old and a high school graduate. Moreover, you must be physically and mentally fit to work.

Important Steps

I. Job Search

Monster is the best place in the world to find a job. The monster tries every day to make every workplace happier and more productive by changing how employers and job seekers find the right match. Monster has been trying to change the recruiting business for the past 25 years.

To search for jobs in Macau using Monster, you may follow the steps below.

1. Click the link above and you will be redirected to this site.

2. On the search bar, enter the job that you are looking for. In this case, I filled in ‘Room Attendant’. In the location, I put in ‘Macau’ and hit search.

3. You will be shown search results about the job you have been searching for.

4. Click one of the job posts and follow the steps that will be shown afterward.

Indeed is a free service for people looking for work. You can upload your resume, sign up for job alert emails, search for jobs, save them, and apply directly to them.

To start searching for jobs in Macau using this online job searching site, please refer to the instructions below.

1. Click the link above to redirect you to the site.

2. On the search bar, enter ‘Macau, (the keyword of the job)’ on the ‘What’ and hit ‘Find jobs’. In this, I put in ‘Macau, housekeeping’.

3. You will be shown search results based on the job you entered.

4. Click on one of these job posts and follow the instructions posted afterward.


Lastly, the most recommended and trusted website for all the aspiring OFWs out there looking for a job overseas is the Department of Migrant Workers website.

To search using this website, please read the procedures below.

1. Click the link above to redirect you to the website. 

2. Scroll down until you see a search bar. On the search bar, please type in ‘Macau’.

3. You will be shown search results from your search.

II. Getting a Work Permit

Visas and work permits for Macau are used to hire workers who don’t live there. There are two types:

  • Visa for skilled and non-skilled workers.

Skilled workers are people who have certain academic credentials, a certain set of technical skills, and a lot of relevant and recent work experience. To get a Macau work visa for a foreign worker or a non-resident in the skilled category, an employer must show that the person has the skills needed for the job.

Employers who want to hire non-skilled workers on a Macau work visa are given a certain number of slots per job that must be filled by non-resident workers. The Human Resources Bureau decides on this quota based on a number of factors, such as the employer’s good reputation.

  • Visas for temporary workers.

A non-resident worker from a company outside of Macau can work there without a Macau work visa or work permit. But there is a 45-day limit on how long this exception can be used. The overseas company must be registered with the Macau Tax Bureau in order to get this benefit.

Requirements for Work Permit

  • Completed “Application of Work Permit for Execution of Self-Profit Activity by Non-Resident” form
  • Identification document of the applicant(photocopy)
  • Supporting documents of the applicant’s previous jobs (references, employment contract from previous employers, etc.)
  • Photocopy of the documents of the applicant’s financial capacity(proof of income, bank deposit proof of the last three months, etc.)
  • Photocopies of the Social Security Fund’s last quarter’s mandatory contribution payment receipts and the non-resident worker(s) employment fee receipts related to the applicant’s establishment are also required.
  • Photocopy of an identification card bearing the name, address, telephone number, monthly wage, the start date of employment, and position of any local employees currently employed by the applicant

Procedures to Get a Work Permit

Initial Examination  

  • Two copies of the application
  • Copy of valid passport/travel document/ID used to enter and exit Macao
  • 1 recent full-face, no-hat, white-background color photo
  • Other documents or certificates (specifically named in the “employment authorization” written instruction)

Final Examination (in-person)  

  • If approved, the “self-employed” must be fingerprinted and submitted:
  • “Application form” copy
  • 1 recent full-face, no-hat, white-background color photo
  • An “Identification Declaration” Subdivision will grant “Authorization to Stay” after the procedure.

The “self-employed” can bring the valid ID used to apply for “Authorization to Stay” and register for e-Channel at designated locations.

III. Preparation for Going to Macau

Before going to any country for work, one must know the country’s rules and regulations to avoid conflict and to pay respect.

Here are some things you need to know about Macau.

  • The official languages are Cantonese and Portuguese. About 90% of the people speak Cantonese language. Even though Portuguese is an official language, not many people speak it. But most signs and tourist brochures are written in Portuguese. Mandarin and English aren’t very common, but some people, especially those who work in the tourism industry, know a little bit about each.
  • Currency: Macanese pataca (MOP). MOP 100 is equivalent to about USD 1.3, EUR 10, PHP 645, and SGD 16.2 (as of April 2018). A common exchange rate for the Hong Kong dollar (HKD) is 1:1.
  • There are many places to change money in Macau. Soi Cheong Money Changer and P&W Casa de Cambio (also known as Parkway Exchange), which both have locations in Senado Square, are the most reliable companies.
  • Modes of payment: Most places prefer cash, but a lot of them also accept credit cards.
  • Details about electricity: 220V, 50Hz. We use types D, M, G, and F.
  • Macau is an easy city to get around on foot, and most of the interesting places are close to each other. Use the free shuttle bus service that most high-end hotels offer. The name of the next bus stop is shown on screens, and announcements are made in English, Portuguese, Cantonese, and Mandarin. If you use Google Maps and move your mouse over the nearest bus station, you’ll see which bus lines stop there. The hop-on-hop-off sightseeing bus lets people get on and off at 16 of the city’s most important tourist spots.

Dos and Don’ts in Macau


  • Always call people by their official title, Mr., Mrs., or Ms. followed by their last name. Don’t use their first name unless they tell you to.
  • A handshake is a common way to say hello. When meeting elders or high-level officials, you should shake their hands gently and give them a slight nod.
  • Always show respect to the older people in a group and talk to them first.
  • Always use both hands to give a gift. And think about the color when you wrap. Red means you’ll be lucky, pink and yellow mean you’ll be happy and successful, and white, gray, and black are for funerals. For funerals, white or yellow flowers, like chrysanthemums, are used.


  • Don’t use a toothpick in public unless you have your hand over your mouth.
  • When eating with a group, don’t use your chopsticks or spoon to serve shared dishes. Instead, use the serving spoon to put food in your bowl or plate.
  • Do not open a gift in front of the person who gave it to you. This is rude.
  • After eating, don’t leave your chopsticks sticking up in the rice at the bottom of your bowl.
  • Do not use chopsticks to tap on your bowl like beggars do, which is rude.
  • Do not face anyone with the soles of your feet when you are sitting. Try sitting with your legs crossed or tucked under you.
  • It is considered rude in Chinese culture to bite your nails or put your hands in your mouth.
  • Do not act like you have nothing to worry about in public. It’s not common to hug or kiss someone when you meet them or say goodbye.
  • If you use red ink or a red ballpoint pen to write cards or letters, it means that the relationship is over.

IV. Arrival in Macau

The Migration Service of the Public Security Police of Macau controls who comes to and stays in Macau (CPSP). The paragraphs that follow are only meant to help.

Passport requirements and travel documents

  • All travelers who want to enter Macau must have valid travel documents, including visas if they are needed, and enough money to cover their expenses for the length of time they plan to stay and the purpose of their visit or stay in the territory.
  • Documents from the “World Service Authority” are not recognized or accepted.

Tourists can also bring the following personal items, which do not require a license and are not subject to value-added tax:

  • 19 cigarettes, 1 cigar, 25 grams of tobacco, or a mix of these things that don’t add up to more than 25 grams.
  • 1 liter of a drink with an alcohol content of more than 30% vol.
  • Items of clothing, jewelry, or sports gear.
  • One camera and five rolls of film, one video camera and two reels of film, one video-cassette recorder, binoculars, one portable musical instrument, one portable record player and ten records, one portable radio, one tape recorder, one portable typewriter, and one portable computer.

Video: MACAU JOB HIRING: How to apply for Jobs in Macau online?

Tropang CJ

This video discusses the qualifications, requirements, and how to apply for a job in Macau.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you with your inquiries, please check out the following FAQs to help you out.

1. Is it easy to find a job in Macau?

Foreigners can find a lot of jobs in Macau, especially in the tourism and gambling industries. There are a lot of resorts, casinos, restaurants, and entertainment centers, so qualified people won’t have trouble finding work.

2. Can international students work in Macau?

Application-processing students can study in Macao. Student visa holders can’t work in Macao.

3. Is Macau a city or a country?

Macau is a city.

4. How can I get Macau citizenship?

Non-residents who want to become permanent residents must have lived in Macau for at least seven years in a row. In this case, “ordinary resident” does not include people who work for the central government or who are in jail.

5. Can students work in Macau?

Students can stay in Macao to study while their application is being processed. Students can’t work in Macao with a student visa.


Macau is a great place to work, especially for Filipinos. The locals are friendly and laidback, the pay is good, and the cost of living is low. If you want to try something new and see what Macau has to offer, there’s never been a better time than now. Who knows? You might find your next opportunity in Macau!

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