How to Search DMW Jobs in Finland

Finland is an amazing place to live and work. In fact, moving to Finland has given many overseas Filipino workers from different jobs the chance to live better lives. Nurses, for example, have found that the country is a great place to live because of the salary, benefits, and overall high quality of life you can get when you live in this highly regarded European nation.

Are you planning to move to Finland? This post contains all the information you need to find a job in Finland. You will learn where you should look for jobs and tips in preparing to move in Finland.

how to search dmw filipinos jobs in finland


To prepare processing for your documents, know the requirements first in this link.


You must be 21 years old to 35 years old with academic or vocational diploma. You must also speak and read basic Finnish.

Important Steps

Here are the important steps needed for you to search and apply for a job in Finland for Filipinos. This guide will cover a lot of information you need to know about Finland. It will cover everything from the costs, visas and job searching for Filipinos in Finland.

I. Job Search

In this modern world, everything can be done online this includes job searching overseas from your country using your mobile phone. Employers and agencies nowadays post job offers on different online platforms which is accessible to all.

Here are the online platforms that you can use in searching for a job in Finland as a Filipino.

Work in Finland

The official website for international talent. Work in Finland is the official site for international workers and Finnish companies that want to hire people from other countries. This site was made by a group of organizations in the public sector. It is part of the Talent Boost program.

To start searching for jobs using this website, you may follow the steps below.

1. Click the link above to view the website. Click ‘See Open Jobs’.

How to search for DMW jobs in Finland

2. You will be redirected to this page.

How to search for DMW jobs in Finland

3. Enter the job title in the search bar.

How to search for DMW jobs in Finland

4. Job offers will be shown to you. You may click the search results one by one and read the instructions that will be presented to you on the screen.

How to search for DMW jobs in Finland

5. You may click one of the job offers and the qualifications will be the first one you will see. You can also find the contact details of the company or employer.

How to search for DMW jobs in Finland

How to search for DMW jobs in Finland

How to search for DMW jobs in Finland

Jobs in Finland

Jobs in Finland is an online job platform for Filipinos looking for work in Finland. Here you can find a mix of jobs in different fields and categories. Before you decide to apply for any job, make sure that you have the relevant documents required by the employer.

Search for jobs in Finland by following the steps below.

1. Click the link above to open the website.

How to search for DMW jobs in Finland

2. In the search bar, enter the job position. ‘Kitchen Helper’ is used as an example.

How to search for DMW jobs in Finland

3. Job offer will appear. Click the job result, read and follow the instructions that will be shown on the screen.

How to search for DMW jobs in Finland

DMW Jobs

The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) was created to strengthen support, speed up service delivery, and bring together all agencies and inter-agencies with the purpose to protect and promote OFWs.

Search for DMW jobs in Finland by reading and following the steps below.

1. Click the link above to access the website.

How to search for DMW jobs in Finland

2. Enter ‘Finland’ in the search bar.

How to search for DMW jobs in Finland

3. You will be shown job offers that are still available as of 2023.

How to search for DMW jobs in Finland

II. Getting a Work Permit and Work Visa

Applying for a visa

1. Fill out the online visa application at ( ). You can learn more about the supporting materials, appendices, and passport photo requirements at the website. On the website, you can view the necessary visa application documents without logging in.

2. You can even use a computer or a pen and paper to manually complete an application in pdf format ( ). You should check the necessary visa application documents at the website even if you fill out a pdf application

( ).

3. Schedule a time to submit your application at the VFS Global Visa Application Centre in your home country ( ).

4. Every visa application must be made in person. Your biometric identifiers will be taken simultaneously. For the processing of visa applications, a fee will be assessed (see the price list at the website For processing the application, the Visa Application Centre may charge an additional service fee (see the VFS Global Visa Application Centre website( ).

5. Family members of EU citizens who fall under the scope of the EU Free Movement Directive may apply for a visa at a visa application center or Finland’s diplomatic mission abroad.

6. To learn more about the reason for your visit, the mission may invite you to a private interview.

Application processing times for visas

The Visa Application Center in Finland requires that you submit your visa application well in advance. A visa application takes 15 days to process. A maximum of six months before the planned visit, you may apply.

If a more thorough review of the application is necessary, the processing time might be extended. For instance, it might be necessary to consult the central governments of other Schengen nations.

Residence Permit


  • Have a valid passport.
  • Have not been imposed with an entry ban.
  • Not be a danger to public order and security.
  • Not be a danger to public health.
  • Not be a danger to Finland’s international relations.
  • Have a job in Finland
  • The pay you receive is reasonable for the job.

Your pay must be at least the minimum wage outlined in the collective bargaining agreement that governs your industry. Learn more about Finland’s collective agreements here ( ).

Your salary must be at least EUR 1,331 per month in 2023 if there is no collective agreement in place or you plan to work part-time.

  • Your employer satisfies certain criteria.

Your employer must be able to pay you a salary as well as their taxes and required insurance premiums. Your employment relationship’s terms and conditions must adhere to Finnish law. In addition, no workforce is within a reasonable time frame in Finland or the EU/EEA that is suitable for the job in question. The TE Office will evaluate whether or not your employer complies with the requirements.

Check your application attachments.

Answer these questions to create a list of application attachments.

Phones can photograph attachments. Add files to your Enter Finland application (pdf, txt, rtf, jpg, png, gif).

Show the original documents at the Finnish embassy or consulate or VFS Global application center in your country to prove your identity.

Take a photo of yourself.

Attach a passport photo to your application. Do not upload the photo to Enter Finland. To prove your identity, bring a passport photo to the Finnish embassy or consulate or VFS Global application center in your country.

Police passport photo instructions must be followed (pdf).

Translate documents.

Translate non-Finnish, Swedish, or English documents.

Translate your documents with an authorized or official EU Member State translator.

Ask the Finnish mission in your country of residence about authorized translators.

If a non-authorized translator translates your documents, you must legalize it.

Procedures for Applying for Residence Permit

1. If you work, study, or have family in Finland, you can apply for a residence permit. Get a residence permit before visiting Finland.

2. Schengen visas require the holder to leave the Schengen area before the visa expires. A person who comes to Finland to get a residence permit or wait for a decision cannot get a visa. This includes Finnish citizens’ relatives.

3. You must apply.

4. Apply for a residence permit at or (Opens New Window)

5. Select the right application form for your reason for visiting Finland (job, study place or family member in Finland).

6. Carefully complete the residence permit application. Verify appendices.

7. Apply for a residence permit at the Makati Finland Residence Permit application center. The Embassy of Finland in Manila website provides residence permit application instructions.

8. The nearest Finnish mission or VFS Application Centre may be abroad. Get a visa for the country.

9. Visit the mission, authenticate, and pay the residence permit fee. This fee is non-refundable even if your application is denied.

10. The Finnish Immigration Service will then process your application.

11. Track processing online. Interviews and additional information may be requested.

12. Applying takes time. Wait. Each application is processed despite long wait times.

13. Decisions will be communicated.

14. If approved, the mission will receive the residence permit card. A negative decision means you did not have enough grounds for a residence permit.

15. The Finnish Immigration Service website provides information on residence permit applications.

III. Preparation for Going in Finland

You need to take the following actions before moving to Finland:

1. Get your paperwork ready, including your passport, OEC, PDOS, work contract, and covid declaration. You don’t need to worry about these if you are travelling through an agency. All the paperwork you need to travel to Finland will be organized and assembled by the agency. All you need to do is double-check the information on all of your documents to make sure it is accurate and complete.

2. Driver’s license (optional): If you currently hold a driver’s license from the Philippines, you should bring it with you when you travel to Finland because you can convert it to a Finnish driver’s license without having to go through a protracted and laborious conversion process.

3. What to wear in Finland will depend on the season. For instance, you need to bring a lot of clothing if you’re travelling in the winter.

  • Winter jackets are a necessity that you must purchase and bring with you. Winter jackets are available at malls, but they are quite expensive. If you have the time, ordering them online can save you money.
  • Winter boots are also a good idea to bring. You must put these on before taking them off; do not pack them. You also require a warmer. They resemble soft leggings and aid in keeping your body warm. Additionally, you need to bring work shoes, such as Crocs or casual shoes.
  • Spikes for your shoes are also necessary. The roads are very slick when you arrive in the winter. Without the spikes, they can still be slippery even when wearing boots. You don’t need to buy all of these winter clothes if you arrive in the summer. Simply purchasing them in Finland is preferable due to the superior quality. Just bring Filipino food and summer clothing. You don’t need to bring a lot of clothing because there are lots of affordable second-hand stores nearby.

4. Save the space in your luggage for other items like shoes, and food.

5. You should bring some of your favourite foods and spices with you to Finland because they are expensive there and there aren’t many Asian markets nearby when you’re craving Filipino food.

6. Money exchange: You must already convert some of your pesos to euros while you are still in the Philippines.

IV. Arrival in Finland

As soon as you arrive in Finland, you should begin taking care of the official matters related to your entry.

Ensure the things you need to settle in Finland are in order.

Open a bank account and start looking for a place to live. Obtain a phone and internet connection. Start learning Finnish and research leisure time activities.

Keep these in mind when you begin working.

Show your employer that you have the right to work, and get to know the workplace culture there. Learn about tax payment options.

Check out the assistance and medical services you can get.

You can submit an application to Kela for social benefits. You may use public, occupational, or private health care, depending on your circumstances.

Find your child a place to go to childcare, school, or as a student.

Get your kids enrolled in pre-primary or basic education, or find a daycare facility. Children must be at least 15 years old to enrol in upper secondary school.

Video: How to apply work in Finland | Irene T. Official

IRENE T. Official

She compiled about the companies and agencies that help Filipinos find work in Finland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the following FAQs to help you out.

1. How can I work in Finland from Philippines?#

Most of the time, if you want to work in Finland, you need a residence permit. But if you want to work seasonally, you don’t need a residence permit. Instead, you need a visa. Based on the new EU Directive on seasonal workers, the Seasonal Work Act will govern seasonal work in Finland.

2. Is Health Care Free in Finland?

Finland’s public health care is not free, but the costs are very fair. Municipalities are in charge of public health care, which is mostly paid for by taxes. It is also paid for by the fees patients pay.

3. What is Finland’s basic pay?

From 2000 to 2022, wages in Finland averaged 2971.41 EUR/Month. In the third quarter of 2022, they hit an all-time high of 3794.00 EUR/Month, and in the first quarter of 2000, they hit an all-time low of 2009.00 EUR/Month.

4. Can you live in Finland without knowing Finnish?

Once they realize you don’t speak Finnish, people here will switch to English. At a doctor’s appointment, a pharmacy, a library, a small corner store, or ANY other location where you require assistance.

5. Are immigrants happy in Finland?

Despite government initiatives, immigrants and their families are not always welcomed. For the fourth year in a row, Finland was named the world’s happiest nation by the United Nations (UN). The award is based on global surveys that ask people about their level of perceived happiness.


Finland is a safe and livable country, but finding a job will take a while. There is a labor shortage in the country and employers are looking for highly skilled workers. If you have the right qualifications, it may be worth a shot to consider trying your luck in this Nordic country.

Best of luck to you as you start the visa process, hopefully, this article helps in some small way!

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