How to Search for DMW Jobs in Egypt

Egypt has a rich cultural heritage, as well as a vibrant tourist industry. It is a country that has a jobs to offer. It’s one of the most important business destinations in the Middle East. Many of the foreign workers in Egypt come from other countries, particularly the Philippines. OFWs from the Philippines have a reputation for their diligence, honesty, and dependability.

They have been working in the country for a good number of years now, and they will likely continue to do so in the foreseeable future. In addition to that, they are well-known for having excellent skills in providing customer service and for having a kind nature. Because of these qualities, they are excellent candidates for jobs involving customer service, sales, and administrative support, as well as jobs involving housekeeping or hospitality.

If you are a Filipino who’s looking for a job in Egypt, this article is specially made for you!

how to search dmw filipinos jobs in egypt


If you want to apply for a job in Egypt, you might want to check this link for the requirements.


An applicant needs to be at least 23 years old and has graduated from high school. Additionally, he or she needs to be in good mental and physical health to work.

Important Steps

I. Job Search

Job searching in Egypt online is one of the best things that you can do. It will save you from spending time going from one place to another, and the other thing that you will get is that you can stay at home and look for jobs on the internet. This is a great way to earn money without leaving your house, and it’s very easy too.

Here are the top three websites to browse to help you in job searching.


Laimoon is a search engine for educational opportunities for persons looking to advance their careers. We collaborate with 200+ training organizations to help individuals and corporations navigate the over 40,000 programs available to pick the best course for their needs.

To start searching for jobs in Egypt using Laimoon, try the steps below.

1. Click the link above to take a look at the website.

2. In the left search bar, enter the job position and on the right side, enter ‘Egypt’. And click ‘Find jobs’.

3. You will be shown job offers based on your search. You may click each job offers for additional information.


In the Middle East and North Africa,, which was founded in 2000, provides the quickest, easiest, most efficient, and reasonably priced ways for businesses to locate qualified individuals and for job seekers to find top positions. Bayt is fully functioning in English, Arabic, and French.

Take a look at the steps below to search for jobs in Egypt.

1. Click the link above to view the website.

2. In the left search bar, enter a job you wanted to apply for. In the right search bar, select ‘Egypt’ from the drop-down menu. Click ‘Search jobs’.

3. Job results will be shown to you.


To help Filipino workers abroad, the Department of Migrant Workers offers a range of services, such as legal aid, livelihood programs for OFWs (LPO), training programs, welfare services, and online services like e-registration, BM processing, overseas Filipino worker (OFW) records, direct hire processing, pre-employment orientation seminars (PEOS) and online recruiting authority application (ORAA).

To search for jobs in Egypt through the DMW website, please refer to the steps below.

1. Click the link above to open the website.

2. Enter ‘Egypt’ on the search bar.

3. Job results will follow.

Note: Before or after looking for work in Egypt, you must create an account on these websites to read the job listings and get in touch with the hiring company. Before applying, make sure your resume, cover letter, high school diploma, and birth certificate are ready. The employer must get these as quickly as is practical. Keep submitting applications for employment until you find one. You must get a work permit after giving the organization or employer any further records they ask for.

II. Getting a Work Permit

Egypt has several strict laws regarding hiring foreign workers, including maximum quotas of foreign workers in comparison to Egyptian workers in every company. Before hiring someone from outside the country, employers in Egypt are required to provide evidence that no Egyptians meet the required skills and qualifications for the job position. If these preconditions are satisfied, there

are a few fundamental expectations that must be fulfilled, including the following:

Standard Requirement for Obtaining Egypt Work Visas

  • Completed Application form and Fees
  • Passport
  • HIV Test
  • Proof of Work Experience/Proof of Previous Employment
  • Justification of the Decision to Hire a foreign worker
  • Pictures/copies of the tax ID card of the employee
  • Picture of the employee’s tax identification card

Application Procedure

The Ministry of Manpower and Immigration will inform the nearest Egyptian embassy to issue a tourist visa after the work permit request has been approved. Your staff can then travel to Egypt and apply for a work permit for four to six weeks. They are permitted to work during this time as long as they submit all necessary paperwork for a work permit.

III. Preparation for Going to Egypt

Here are some things you need to know about Egypt. This will help you be equipped with knowledge about your host country.

  • Explosions, terrorism, and kidnapping are all risks for expats.
  • For Egyptian ex-pats, purchasing new goods in Egypt might be less expensive than having them shipped to Cairo. Depending on the value of the item, import taxes can range from 35 to 55 per cent. The current political unrest in Egypt is to blame for this.
  • You should expect to pay a higher tax on electronic goods. The voltage in Egypt is 220 volts, and plugs are two-rounded-prong. Although many movers in Egypt provide affordable rates, it is advised to request quotes from at least two different moving companies.
  • Import and export regulations in Egypt are extremely strict when it comes to the import and export of business equipment, medications, antiquities, and ivory. Keeping in mind that the majority of Egyptians are Muslims, it is forbidden to import porn.
  • 100% of shipments into and out of Egypt are inspected. Expats must have a work visa or permit from the Egyptian government. Due to political unrest and other concerns about the stability of the nation, the majority of governments have issued advisories against travelling to or relocating there.
  • Expats are cautioned to exercise caution when sending goods from their home countries to Egypt.
  • Egypt’s roads are quite chaotic because so many people commute there. The signs resemble those in Europe and are either in English or Arabic. Although some businesses offer their employees drivers, the majority of ex-pats still favour driving on their own. Trains, metro, buses, and taxis make up the public transportation network. Despite the challenges, driving in Egypt is still a rewarding experience.
  • The majority of Egyptians are friendly and outgoing, and they are aware of the cultural differences and challenges that foreigners may face when assimilating into their way of life. Even though alcohol is prohibited in Islam, Egyptians are very tolerant of those who consume it in moderation. Egyptians are more willing to discuss their religion and culture with foreigners.
  • It is customary to turn down anything that is offered to you for the first time in Egypt, as ex-pats living there should be aware. Egyptians think that if an offer is sincere, it will be repeated and that one can only accept a second offer.
  • You should not bring flowers to the dinner host because they are only appropriate for weddings and funerals. Bring some treats, baked goods, or pastries instead. Foreigners frequently host dinners in restaurants to thank locals for their assistance.
  • Both men and women ex-pats in Egypt should present themselves properly and conservatively. Since it symbolizes modesty and Muslim piety, foreigners will typically see girls wearing scarves. When visiting places of worship, such as mosques, dress appropriately.
  • In Egypt, leaving tips, or baksheesh is commonplace. 15% of the total bill is typically left as a tip when dining out.

IV. Arrival in Egypt

Arriving Travelers in Egypt (Egyptians & Non-Egyptians)

There are no limitations on the amount of foreign currency that may be brought into the country, subject to the disclosure of the equivalent of (10) ten thousand dollars or other foreign currencies, and one may bring up to (5) five thousand Egyptian pounds worth of local currency.

To prevent the spread of pests, it is forbidden to bring any seeds or agricultural seedlings, and in that case, a quarantine is put in place.

If possession of goods subject to customs collection occurs, disclosure to the customs director.

Departing Travelers from Egypt (Egyptians and Non-Egyptians)

Non-Egyptians may carry the remaining amounts of the condition as long as it was disclosed upon arrival and may carry local currency in the amount of (5) 5,000 Egyptian pounds. The maximum amount of foreign exchange allowed is (10000) ten thousand US dollars or equivalent in other foreign currencies.

Possession of drugs or electronics for purposes other than personal use is prohibited.

Policy on permitted and prohibited items

Except for personal mobile phones, passengers are not permitted to transport flammable liquids, mercury, liquid or dry batteries, or electronic devices containing lithium, such as computers, cameras, car batteries, or lighting systems.

Except for liquids purchased from the duty-free shop inside the airport, which must be sealed and accompanied by a receipt proving the item’s purchase to maintain safety on board, frozen items and liquids larger than 100ml are prohibited from being packed inside the luggage.

To maintain safety, it is forbidden to bring any illegal drugs on board.


Coming to Egypt for Filipinos requires a tourist visa, the steps and requirements for a tourist visa for Filipinos working in the middle east are discussed in this video.


Here are a few things to think about when planning a trip to Egypt, whether for pleasure or work. Please watch the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these frequently asked questions for guidance.

1. What is the work culture in Egypt?

Egyptians frequently favor conducting business with people they know and respect. So, it is reasonable to assume that relationship building will take a lot of time before business is conducted. Experience and age are also valued, especially in the government.

2. What are working conditions like in Egypt?

Even though strikes do happen, they are illegal because workers do not have the legal right to go on strike. Because there is a surplus of labor, workers are typically underpaid and are frequently required to work in hazardous conditions.

3. How long can I work in Egypt?

Your foreign employees may apply for a work permit that is good for up to a year if there are no Egyptian nationals qualified for a particular position. Then, they have a three-year renewal option. Each employee is required to obtain a security clearance from Egypt’s National Security Agency before applying for a work permit.

4. How much is the minimum wage in Egypt?

In 2023, Egypt’s minimum wage will be EGP 2,700.00 per month which is equivalent to 4,891.69 PHP. It went into effect on January 1st, 2023.

5. How much is Egyptian salary?

The standard monthly wage in Egypt is 9,200 EGP (Egyptian Pounds), or 110,000 EGP annually. Using the exchange rates from February 2022, this comes to about 586 USD per month.


With good skills, work experience, and a high level of English, you can surely find jobs in Egypt for Filipinos. However, the first thing that you’ll need to do is to apply for jobs for which you’re qualified. In doing so, it’s necessary to have a proper CV and cover letter. Then wait for an interview and be successful in finding jobs in Egypt for Filipinos.

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