Top 10 Jobs for Filipinos in Turkey

Turkey is a vibrant country with a wide variety of job opportunities for job seekers across all industries. There is something for everyone in the labor market. OFW is a great resource for job seekers looking to find employment in Turkey. In this article, we have listed the top 10 jobs that are currently popular and most sought-after in the country.

More and more Filipinos are choosing to work in Turkey. There are many reasons for this, but the most common one is the high salary that OFWs can earn in Turkey. In addition, the working conditions in Turkey are generally good, and there is a growing demand for Filipino workers in various industries.

best jobs for filipinos in turkey

One of the most popular industries for Filipino workers is construction. This is because of the large number of construction projects that are taking place in Turkey. In addition, many Filipinos also work in the hospitality industry, as there are a growing number of hotels and resorts in Turkey. Other popular industries for Filipinos include healthcare, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Working in turkey can be a great opportunity for Filipinos to earn a good salary and enjoy good working conditions. However, it is important to remember that OFWs should take care of their safety and well-being while working in Turkey. They should also make sure to stay in touch with their loved ones back home.

Here are the top 10 in-demand jobs for Filipinos in Turkey. You might want to consider these jobs to apply for if you wanted to get a job in Jordan, depending on your qualification.

1. Worker Domestic/Household Worker

The demand for domestic helpers has risen in Turkey. The country is an emerging market with a growing middle class and increasing numbers of women in the workforce. More families are hiring live-in maids to give them more time to work or study, while others are looking for an affordable option than employing a full-time nanny or housekeeper.

Average Salary: In Istanbul, Turkey, the average gross pay for a housekeeper is 70,174, which is equal to 34 per hour.

2. Nanny

The nanny industry is growing by leaps and bounds in Turkey. With the country’s economy booming and a growing middle class, more Turkish families are hiring nannies to help with childcare and household chores.

Average Salary: In Turkey, a person who works as a nanny usually makes around 3,360 TRY per month.

3. Cleaner Fish

Fish cleaners are in demand in Turkey for two main reasons.

First, many small fishermen fish in Turkey. They have limited space on their boats and cannot store the fish they catch. They need someone who can process the fish while they continue to fish.

Second, some of the bigger fishing companies in Turkey already have their own cleaning facilities. However, these facilities cannot handle all of the fish that are caught by the company’s vessels. Sometimes there is too many fish for one facility and other times there is not enough volume at one facility to process all of the catch from one vessel at one time. In both cases, it makes sense for the larger companies to outsource some of this work to other companies or individual cleaners who can help them get through such peaks in demand.

Average Salary: In Istanbul, Turkey, a fish cleaner makes an average of 63.452 per month, which is equal to 31 per hour.

4. English Teacher

English teaching is one of the most demanded jobs in Turkey. The English language is a very important part of our lives. In Turkey, the English language is taught at the primary school level as well as at secondary school level. Many people take English courses after graduating from high school to improve their English skills.

Average Salary: A typical month’s pay for an English teacher in Turkey is around 6,140 TRY.

5. Hotel Management

The hotel industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Turkey, and this is due to the increased number of tourists visiting the country.

The hotel management industry is one of the most popular career choices among young people in Turkey. This is because it offers high job security and good pay packages to its employees. Moreover, there are many opportunities for growth within this profession, which makes it an attractive career option for many professionals.

Average Salary: The average monthly salary for a Hotel Manager in Turkey is around 13,800 TRY.

6. Nursing

Turkey has also seen a rise in elderly people over the past decade or so. As a result, many Turkish nursing homes are struggling to find enough staff members to meet their needs.

The nursing sector can be an attractive career choice for many young people looking for employment. Nurses typically earn good salaries and enjoy flexible working hours and job security. They also have opportunities to advance their careers and earn more money over time.

Average Salary: A nurse in Turkey usually makes around 6,330 TRY per month.

7. Hotel & Tourism Management

Turkey has become a popular destination for tourists in recent years. The country is known for its history, culture, natural beauty, and religious sites. As a result, many people are looking to get into the tourism industry.

Hotel and Tourism Management courses are particularly in demand in Turkey as the country is experiencing an increase in tourism. This industry has created multiple opportunities for professionals who have studied this subject matter at university or college level.

Average Salary: In Turkey, a person who works in food, hospitality, tourism, or catering makes about 5,220 TRY per month.

8. Accountancy & Finance

Accountants and finance professionals are highly valued in the Turkish economy. This is because of their ability to handle financial matters and help businesses become more efficient by reducing costs. They also provide valuable advice to individuals on how best to manage their finances and investments.

Average Salary: In Turkey, a person who works in Accounting and Finance makes an average of 8,060 TRY per month.

9. Information Technology (IT) Management

Information Technology (IT) Management is in demand in Turkey. The country is a growing IT market with a high demand for skilled professionals.

IT professionals are in high demand in Turkey. The country has the highest number of IT professionals per capita in Europe and as such, there is a very high need for more IT workers to fulfill the growing demand.

Average Salary: In Turkey, a person who works as an IT manager usually makes around 12,800 TRY per month.

10. Sales & Marketing Management

Sales & Marketing Management is always in demand because these are the functions that help companies generate revenue by attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. These functions work together to identify the customers’ needs, evaluate the market conditions, develop products or services that meet these needs, and create an effective marketing strategy that will convince potential buyers to purchase their products or services.

Average Salary: In Turkey, a person who works in marketing usually makes around 8,780 TRY per month.


Check out this video of an OFW explaining things before you work in Turkey. It’s great for people who are interested to work in Turkey is a great place to work, with many career opportunities available for those who are willing to explore them. By pursuing one of the 10 jobs above, you can open up a world of new possibilities and embark on an exciting adventure in this beautiful country. Good luck!


The Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs working in turkey are considered modern-day heroes. They work hard to provide for their families and they also help in the development of our country. However, there are also some challenges that they face. One of the most common problems is the language barrier.

Most OFWs in turkey can only speak a little English or none at all. This makes it difficult for them to communicate with their employers and other people they meet while working. Another challenge is homesickness. Many OFWs are away from their families for months or even years at a time.

This can be tough to deal with, especially when they’re homesick but being an OFW also has its rewards. For one, they get to earn more money than they would if they were working in the Philippines. They can also send money home to their families, which can help them improve their living conditions. Being an OFW is not easy but it’s a sacrifice that many Filipinos are willing to make for their loved ones.

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