Top 10 Jobs for Filipinos in Oman

OFWs work in a wide variety of industries, but the three most common industries for them are in domestic work, construction, and manufacturing. OFWs are often drawn to Oman because of the high demand for workers in these industries. Additionally, Oman offers OFWs several perks and benefits, such as free housing and medical care.

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OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers have been a staple in the workforce of Oman for many years now. There are OFWs in almost all industries in Oman, from construction and oil to healthcare and hospitality. OFWs have helped contribute to the growth of Oman’s economy, and they continue to do so today.

The OFW community in Oman is a close-knit one, and Filipinos often help each other out both professionally and personally. OFWs in Oman typically send money back to their families in the Philippines, helping to support loved ones back home. For many Filipinos, working in Oman is an opportunity to provide a better life for their families.

best jobs for filipinos in oman

There are a lot of jobs available in Oman. If you are interested to work there, you can be assured that you will have a lot of options to choose from. This is because many companies in the country need skilled workers and professionals, also households that need assistance.

1. Household Service Workers/Domestic Workers

Filipino domestic workers are very popular in Oman because they are hardworking, dedicated, and loyal. They also tend to stick around for longer periods than other nationalities. This is because they receive better treatment in Oman than they do in other countries where they are subjected to abuse and poor treatment at the hands of their employers. There are also fewer cases of domestic abuse or illness reported among Filipino domestic workers when compared with other nationalities working as maids in Oman.

Average Salary: In Oman, a domestic helper makes 160 riyals a month.

2. Beauticians

There are many reasons why Filipino beauticians are in demand in Oman. First, they offer a wide range of services including manicure & pedicure, facial treatment, massage therapy, and more. Second, they have a good reputation for being friendly and hardworking. Third, they are very affordable compared to other foreign workers from Western countries like Britain or America who charge at least three times more than their Filipino counterparts

Omani women love to look their best at all times and that’s why beauty parlors are always busy with customers coming in for their weekly treatments or just getting their hair washed and styled before going out on an evening out with friends or family members.

Average Salary: In Oman, the average monthly salary for a beautician is about 1,380 OMR.

3. Drivers

The demand for Filipino drivers in Oman has been on the rise in recent years, as more companies in the country are looking for more people to drive their vehicles.

The increasing demand for Filipino drivers comes as a result of the country’s growing population and the need for personal transportation.

The most common job that Filipinos do in Oman is driving taxis and limousines. Some choose to work as private drivers or chauffeurs while others are employed by hotels and tourism agencies.

Average Salary: In Oman, a driver’s monthly salary is typically in the range of 500 OMR.

4. Technicians

The demand for skilled workers in Oman has increased over time, especially for those who have experience working in oil rigs or offshore sites because these jobs require specific skill sets that are hard to find locally. To address this demand, many companies have started recruiting Filipino technicians who have already worked in these areas before so they can provide them with training on how to do their job effectively before being sent out into the field.

Average Salary: In Oman, the typical monthly salary for a technician is around 630 OMR.

5. Cooks

Filipino Cooks are very dedicated when it comes to their work. They take immense pride in their job and this shows in their workmanship. They also follow all safety measures while working which makes them even more reliable.

They have good communication skills and this helps them interact with other people easily without any problems.

Another reason why people prefer Filipino cooks is that they are very hardworking and dedicated workers who always want to learn more about their job to improve their efficiency. This makes them better at what they do every day as compared to other cooks who may not be as interested in improving themselves professionally or personally.

Average Salary: In Oman, the average monthly wage for a cook is about 970 OMR.

6. Mechanics

Mechanics are in high demand in Oman as most service technicians are either ex-pats or locals who do not have technical knowledge and experience. This has paved the way for Filipino mechanics to gain employment as they offer affordable services with quality workmanship and expertise.

Average Salary: In Oman, a mechanic’s monthly salary is typically in the range of 660 OMR.

7. Salespersons

In Oman, there are plenty of opportunities for salespeople who can speak English fluently. This is because most companies have good relationships with their foreign clients and partners, so they need someone who can talk with them effectively.

Average Salary:

In Oman, the average monthly salary for a salesperson is around 1,090 OMR.

8. Waiters

With this influx of Filipino workers, restaurants, bars, and cafes have been on the rise and they need more waiters to help keep their establishments running smoothly. This is where Filipino waiters come into play. As a waiter, you will be tasked with serving food and drinks to customers in these establishments. You can also take orders from them and make sure that they get served quickly before moving on to your next table or customer.

Average Salary: In Oman, the average salary for a waiter or waitress is about 560 OMR per month.

9. Nurses

There are many reasons why Filipino nurses are so popular in Oman. They are well qualified and have excellent English language skills as well as good communication skills which makes them very attractive to employers. However, one of the main reasons why they have become so popular is because they can easily adapt to local culture due to their familiarity with different cultures from around the world.

Average Salary: In Oman, a nurse’s monthly base pay is 395 Omani riyals.

10. Engineers

In recent years there are a growing number of Filipino engineers working in Oman because of their expertise in different fields of engineering such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering among others.

The Philippines is one of the major sources of manpower in Oman, particularly in the construction industry. Filipino engineers are in high demand in Oman because they are well-trained and can perform any job with minimal supervision. They also can read and interpret blueprints, which makes them a preferred choice for many companies in Oman.

Filipino engineers are paid less than their European counterparts but are more dedicated to their work.

Average Salary: In Oman, the average monthly salary for an engineer is about 1,490 OMR.


Please see the video of an OFW explaining the cost of living in Oman


OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers have been a staple in the Philippine economy for decades now. And in recent years, more and more OFWs are choosing to work in Oman. There are many reasons why Oman is an attractive destination for OFWs. For one, the cost of living is relatively low, which means that OFWs can save more money. Additionally, Oman offers several benefits and perks that are not available in other countries. For example, OFWs are entitled to free healthcare and education for their children. Furthermore, OFWs can easily find jobs in Oman thanks to the booming economy. Filipinos are in high demand due to their reputation for being hardworking and honest. So if you’re thinking of working overseas, Oman is a good place to consider.

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