Top 10 Jobs in Morocco for Filipinos

Many OFWs are finding work in more diverse regions such as Morocco. OFWs traveling to Morocco for any length of time often find the experience enriching, from the culture to the language and customs. Since OFWs promote cultural exchange and diversity wherever they go, it’s no surprise that countries like Morocco are increasingly becoming attractive destinations for Filipino workers looking for career opportunities abroad. That’s why we have created a list of top 10 jobs in Morocco for you to choose and explore.

With the OFW community sharing stories of their experiences of life in this unique country, and with information readily available online about working conditions in specific industries or businesses, an OFW’s job search is made much easier.

All this makes it easier for Pinoys to adjust to living and working in a foreign city like Morocco, allowing them to get settled there quickly and take advantage of the abundance of exciting opportunities the nation has to offer.

best jobs for filipinos in morocco

OFWs should be aware that they may have to deal

If you’re Filipino and looking for a good job overseas, this curated list of jobs in Morocco is for you.

1. Worker Household Service

The typical job description of a household service worker or housekeeper involves cleaning and maintaining the home of the employer or another family member. These employees also cook meals and provide other services such as taking care of children and elderly people in their homes.

As a Filipino housekeeper, you will be expected to clean the house and its surroundings. You will be expected to cook and wash the dishes. You may also be asked to look after children, elderly people or sick people in the family.

2. Nanny

A nanny is a caregiver who cares for children without additional compensation. Though it can be difficult to find a nanny position in Morocco, there are many opportunities for Filipino nannies to work in this country.

Nannies often work as live-in caregivers and spend the majority of their time with the children they are caring for. They may also cook meals and do light housework. In some cases, families may choose to care for their own children at home instead of hiring a nanny. This is especially true if the family already has other childcare options available, such as daycare or preschools.

3. Worker General

General workers are tasked to do any general work that needs to be done. This can be anything from heavy lifting, to making food, or cleaning up after guests. General workers are often employed in hotels and restaurants or other places where guests visit frequently.

These workers can also be called upon to do maintenance and repairs around the place of employment. They may also be asked to help out with other duties such as security and janitorial work.

A general worker performs a variety of tasks during his working hours and takes on different roles depending on what is required at the time of work. He might have to clean up after guests or make their beds at one point and then be asked to serve them coffee later on in the day. This can be very tiring at times but there is no doubt that it’s an important role within any company because without them nothing would run smoothly!

4. Driver

Driver jobs are very common in Morocco. These jobs are mostly in the private sector and they require that you have your own vehicle. The pay rate is not that good, but it is decent enough to live on. If you have your own vehicle, you will be able to make money by picking up passengers from the airport or from hotels and dropping them off at their destinations.

The job of a driver is fairly easy and does not require too much training. You can do this job even if you don’t speak French or Arabic, as most Moroccans are used to communicating with foreigners in English or Spanish.

5. Butler

The butler is responsible for serving meals, taking care of guests, cleaning up after them and making sure they have everything they need. They also assist with managing household staff, including drivers and maids.

A Filipino butler in Morocco is a good option for those who would like to work abroad. The demand for Filipino butlers and household staff is on the rise in the Middle East and North Africa.

The need for Filipino butlers has increased as more employers are looking for workers who can speak English with their families or guests.

A Filipina butler in Morocco will be expected to take care of the children, cook meals, clean the house and do other domestic duties such as ironing clothes and washing dishes.

6. Teacher

Filipinos with teaching qualifications are in high demand in Morocco. A teacher must have a bachelor’s degree or higher in education or another area related to his specialty such as mathematics, science or English language arts. He must also be certified by his country’s education board before he can apply for a Moroccan teaching job abroad.

7. Teacher Assistant

The Assistant Teacher is expected to teach students their lessons and make sure that they understand what they are taught. They are also required to follow instructions from the head teacher, as well as report any problems or concerns.

Assistant Teachers must have excellent communication skills, as well as be able to work well with people. They must have a passion for teaching and an interest in children’s education.

8. Maintenance

Maintenance are responsible for a variety of tasks in order to keep the facility clean, safe and presentable to clients. They help with daily sanitation activities such as sweeping, mopping, emptying trash cans and cleaning restrooms. Maintenance also assist with general maintenance by cleaning windows, doors, walls and other surfaces throughout the facility.

In addition to these duties, Maintenance may be asked to perform additional tasks depending on their skill level or assignment. These tasks include assisting with laundry services, providing administrative support and other duties as assigned by management.

9. Staff Housekeeping

Housekeeping staff is a position that requires a lot of physical labor. You will be required to clean and maintain the house. You must also make sure that the house looks good and orderly, thus making it easier for you to do your chores.

You will also be responsible for other household duties such as washing dishes, cleaning floors, cleaning windows, dusting furniture and other items in the house.

10. Receptionist Female

Female receptionist will be responsible for providing a high quality of service to the company and its clients. She will also be responsible for answering the telephone and dealing with correspondence, both written and verbal. She will be required to create, organize and maintain documents such as files, records and reports according to established procedures. She should have good communication skills with good command of English language.

To be successful as a receptionist, she must have excellent customer service skills and the ability to work independently with minimal supervision. She should also have good organizational skills and the ability to multi-task in order to deal efficiently with different tasks. Finally, she should have computer skills such as Microsoft Office suite applications.


Watch this video that gives important information about getting in Morocco.


Working in Morocco as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) can be an exciting experience that presents many challenges. One of the major advantages of working in Morocco is the fact that it has a stable political environment and a growing economy. Working conditions are good and wages tend to be competitive with other countries in Europe or North America. Additionally, workers will enjoy being able to explore the unique culture of Morocco while also gaining valuable job skills at the same time.

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