Top 10 Jobs for Filipinos in Greece

Greece is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture. Though it has been through difficult times in recent years, it remains a popular tourist destination. For many people, Greece is also an attractive place to work.

For OFWs, working in Greece is a great opportunity. The economy is good and OFWs can find decent-paying jobs. There are also a lot of benefits that OFWs can get from working in Greece, such as long-term residence permits, tax breaks, and more.

Other popular industries for Filipinos to work in include healthcare, manufacturing, and agriculture. Working in Greece can be a great opportunity for Filipinos to earn a good salary and enjoy good working conditions. However, OFWs must take care of their safety while they are working abroad. They should also make sure to stay in touch with their loved ones back home. Here are 10 of the top jobs in Greece:

best jobs for filipinos in greece

1 EURO = 57.95 PHP

Here are the top 10 jobs in Greece for Filipinos according to the DMW website as of 2022.

1. Worker Domestic

The Filipino Worker Dormestic is in demand in Greece. This is because, for the last several years, there have been many Filipinos who have gone to work in Greece as domestic helpers. Filipinos have become so popular with this kind of work because of their hard work ethic and their ability to be both domestic workers and a nanny. Many people who are hiring Filipino domestic workers are finding that they do not need a nanny anymore because the Filipino domestic worker takes care of all their needs.

Average Salary: In Greece, the average salary for a housekeeper is 11.856 €, which is equal to a rate of 6 € per hour.

2. Manager Crew

Filipino crew has long been in demand by Greek shipping companies. The reason for this is quite simple: the Philippines boasts one of the highest literacy rates in Asia, and its high-quality education system produces a workforce with excellent language skills. Filipino seafarers are a good fit for shipboard life because of their cultural similarities to those of Greece, which makes communication easier. The Philippines also has a strong maritime tradition, and as such, many Filipinos have developed seafaring skills at an early age. This means that, unlike most foreign crews, they are not new to the lifestyle when they start working aboard cargo vessels.

Average Salary: In Athens, Greece, the average salary for a Manager is € 2,691 per year.

3. Manager Office

During the past few years, many Filipino managers have been hired by foreign companies in Greece. The reason behind this is that they are very tech-savvy, hardworking, and can understand the business process very well.

Average Salary: In Athens, Greece, the average salary for a Manager is € 2,691 per year.

4. Upholsterer

There are numerous Upholsterers in the Philippines. They have been practicing their trade for many years now. They were able to learn from their masters and eventually surpass them when it comes to skill and knowledge about upholstery work. Some of these master Upholsterers were even invited by other countries to teach their skills to their apprentices or fellow upholsterers.

Average Salary: In Greece, the average upholsterer salary is €19,849, which is equal to €10 per hour.

5. Sewer

It is a fact that Filipino sewer is in high demand in Greece. Whenever you talk about sewers and drains, Filipinos are the most sought-after in the market. It is no surprise that the Philippines has become a leading global supplier of sewer and drain pipes for various construction projects around the world.

Average Salary: The average sewer treatment plant operator salary in Athens, Greece is 16.590 € or an equivalent hourly rate of 8 €.

6. Carpenter

In Greece, Filipino carpenters are in high demand. Greek construction companies and homeowners need help finishing projects under a deadline.

Carpenter is a skilled trade and refers to someone who shapes or constructs things with wood. In modern usage, carpenters are divided into two main groups: framing carpenters, who work with timbers and frame buildings; and cabinetmakers, who build cabinets and furniture.

Average Salary: In Greece, a person who works as a Carpenter usually makes around 870 EUR per month.

7. Farmer

This shortage of domestic supply has made Filipino farmers very much in demand in Greece. The Greek government is offering them free flights and visas to encourage them to go there and work on its farms. Thousands have already left their homes and families to earn money abroad through this program — so much so that it has become one of the biggest contributors to remittances sent home by overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

Average Salary: In Greece, someone who works in gardening, farming, or fishing usually makes around 1,460 EUR per month.

8. Barber

Barbering is a profession that has been in existence for centuries. It is an art that involves cutting, trimming, and styling hair. A barber can work in salons or be self-employed.

The Filipino barbers also offer many other services apart from haircutting such as coloring your hair and removing unwanted facial hair through waxing or threading without causing any damage to your skin as these techniques do not involve using chemicals like bleach or ammonia which could harm your skin if not done properly by an expert person like a professional beautician.

Average Salary: In Greece, the average barber salary is €16,837, which is equal to €8 per hour.

9. Salesperson

Filipino salespeople are also sought after because they speak English fluently and can communicate easily with their Greek clients who may not know much about their home country’s culture and traditions (or even basic phrases like “good morning” or “have a nice day”). This makes them ideal candidates for positions where customer service is required because they will be able to communicate effectively.

Average Salary: A Sales Representative in Greece makes around 1,440 EUR per month on average.

10. Designer

There are many reasons why Filipino designers are in demand in Greece. The first reason is that Filipinos have a good reputation for being hard-working, honest, and reliable people. They are also very patient and tolerant. These qualities make them good employees and employers love to hire them because they know that the job will be done well.

Filipino designers are known for their creativity too. They can come up with innovative ideas for any kind of business or product that you need to be made, whether its clothes or furniture or any other kind of product.

Average Salary: In Greece, a Designer will usually make around 14,540 EUR per year.


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Working in Greece can be a great experience for many of us. Aside from the beautiful scenery and amazing food, one of the best things about working in Greece is the fact that it can help us learn more about our own culture and heritage. For many of us, our ancestors came from Greece, and by working in Greece, we can learn more about our roots.

We can also learn about the Greek culture and way of life, which can be very different from our own. In addition, working in Greece can also help us to build our resumes and to gain new skills and experience. Whether we’re working in a hotel or a restaurant, we can learn a lot about customer service and hospitality. And of course, we can also learn about the Greek language and culture. So if you’re looking for an amazing cultural experience, working in Greece is something to consider.

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