Top 10 Jobs in Cyprus for Filipinos

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Cyprus have established a significant presence, contributing not just to the Cyprus economy but also greatly supporting the Philippine economy through remittances. Their roles are diverse, ranging from domestic helpers, caregivers, and hospitality and tourism staff, to professional occupations such as nurses and engineers. Most are attracted by the relatively higher income and the chance to provide a more comfortable life for their families back home.

However, life as an OFW in Cyprus is not without its challenges. Language and cultural barriers can pose difficulties, and some workers experience homesickness due to their separation from their families. Despite these challenges, the Filipino community in Cyprus continues to grow, fostered by their shared experiences, traditions, and the mutual support they provide for each other. Their commitment and resilience stand as a testament to the Filipino spirit of “Bayanihan”.

best jobs for filipinos in Cyprus


A Domestic Helper is responsible for cleaning and maintaining different areas of the household. To qualify for this role, an individual must be at least 25 years old and have a minimum of 2 years of work experience. Other requirements may include a medical exam and police clearance. The demand for Domestic Helpers in Cyprus is high due to the large number of expatriates and foreigners in the country which local workforce cannot cater to. Furthermore, the salary for this role is quite competitive, making it appealing for those seeking to work abroad.


An Advanced Scaffolder is responsible for the erection, alteration, and dismantling of scaffolding at construction sites, following design instructions and safety regulations closely. To qualify for this role, individuals must have completed an advanced scaffolding course and have a valid scaffolding license or card. Work experience in scaffolding and the ability to work at heights are other common requirements. The demand for Advanced Scaffolders in Cyprus is high due to the rapid growth of construction and infrastructural projects, a thriving real estate market, and a need for regular maintenance of existing structures. The role offers attractive wages, adding to its demand.


A Houseboy is responsible for various household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, and maintaining the overall cleanliness of the house. Qualifications typically include at least a high school diploma and relevant experience in housekeeping or a related field, with a good understanding of hygiene and sanitation, as well as basic cooking skills. The high demand for Houseboy jobs in Cyprus can be attributed to the busy social and professional lives of individuals and families in the country, who need additional help to maintain their homes. The attractive wages offered for domestic roles further contribute to the high demand for this job.


A Chef is primarily tasked with using their culinary expertise to create delicious dishes, oversee kitchen staff, taste dishes before they are served, and restock food supplies as needed. The qualifications for this role typically include relevant culinary education, hands-on experience with kitchen equipment, advanced knowledge of various culinary, baking, and pastry techniques, as well as leadership, time management, and pressure-handling abilities. The demand for Chefs in Cyprus is high largely due to a thriving restaurant scene and a growing number of international cuisine establishments. Additionally, the increasing international and expatriate population in Cyprus contributes to a heightened demand for diverse culinary experiences.


A Cook is tasked with preparing and serving meals in various establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and cafes. Key duties include ingredient preparation, recipe following, dish cooking, and maintenance of kitchen cleanliness and food safety standards. To be a Cook in Cyprus, one usually needs to complete relevant culinary or vocational education and have hands-on experience in a kitchen environment, along with knowledge of safety and sanitation guidelines, and the ability to work efficiently under pressure. The demand for Cooks in Cyprus is high, largely due to the booming tourism industry, the increase in dining establishments, and the growing demand for diverse cuisines, driven by the expanding multicultural population.


A Casino Cage Cashier manages financial transactions and security within a casino, with duties such as exchanging cash for gaming chips, processing credit card cash advances, and cashing out chips or tickets. Qualifications for this role generally include a high school diploma or equivalent, prior cash handling experience, strong mathematical and customer service skills, good physical stamina, and the ability to work long hours with vigilance. The demand for Casino Cage Cashiers in Cyprus is driven by the growing casino and gaming industry, as cities like Limassol aim to become global gaming destinations that require a skilled and specialized workforce.


A Spa Therapist is responsible for performing a range of treatments and services, including massage, facials, waxing, body scrubs, manicures, pedicures, and hair services. The qualifications for this role generally include fluency in Greek and English, previous industry experience, proficiency in various massage techniques, a team-oriented attitude, and a pleasant personality. The demand for Spa Therapists in Cyprus is primarily driven by the booming tourism industry, with numerous luxury hotels and resorts offering spa facilities to cater to the relaxation and wellness needs of tourists. The growing trend of wellness tourism worldwide also contributes to the increased demand for skilled Spa Therapists in Cyprus.


A Baker specializes in preparing various baked goods, such as breads, pastries, and cakes. Their responsibilities include mixing ingredients, following recipes, using baking equipment, ensuring ingredient quality, and maintaining a clean workspace. Key qualifications for this role include a high school diploma or equivalent, completion of an apprenticeship or culinary school, experience in a bakery or restaurant, time management skills, and knowledge of baking techniques and ingredients. The demand for Bakers in Cyprus is driven by the island’s flourishing café culture, a strong tradition of bread and pastry consumption, and the increasing trend for speciality and artisan bread. This has led to the growth of bakeries and cafes, creating a greater need for skilled bakers in Cyprus.


Thai Masseurs specialize in providing Thai massage treatments, which involve the manipulation of muscles, joints, and pressure points to promote relaxation and overall well-being. Their duties typically include assessing the needs of clients, performing specific Thai massage techniques, and offering advice on post-treatment care. To qualify for this role, candidates generally require certification in Thai massage from a recognized institution and prior experience in providing Thai massage treatments. Fluency in Greek and English, strong communicative abilities, a professional demeanour, and flexible working hours are also desirable. The demand for Thai Masseurs in Cyprus is primarily caused by the robust tourism industry and the growing interest in alternative wellness therapies among both locals and tourists. As a result, many hotels, resorts, and wellness centres are offering Thai massage services, leading to a continuous need for skilled Thai Masseurs in the country.


Bartenders are tasked with mixing, garnishing, and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to customers. Their duties typically encompass taking orders, following recipes to prepare drinks, cleaning bar utensils, restocking the bar, and managing transactions. The qualifications required generally include a high school diploma, prior bartending experience, and knowledge of drink mixing, garnishing, and serving. It is also beneficial for candidates to have strong communication abilities, cash-handling skills, and a friendly, service-oriented demeanour. Demand for bartenders in Cyprus is driven by the country’s bustling nightlife and the substantial tourism industry, especially in popular nightlife destinations such as Ayia Napa, resulting in a steady need for bartenders.


Take a look at this captivating video featuring an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) as they eloquently explain the reasons behind the Filipino desire to work in Cyprus.


In Cyprus, there is a significant demand for various occupations due to the thriving tourism industry and growing multicultural population. Such roles include Cooks, Casino Cage Cashiers, Therapists Spa, Bakers, Thai Masseurs, and Bartenders. These professions require different skill sets, ranging from culinary expertise to mastery of Thai massage techniques. Filipinos working in these fields contribute to the expanding and diversified service industry in Cyprus, fulfilling roles that cater to both the local population and the influx of tourists. As Cyprus continues its growth as a global tourism destination, the demand for such professionals is expected to remain robust, offering numerous opportunities for Filipinos seeking employment in the country.

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