Top 10 Jobs for Filipinos in Canada

Canada has one of the strongest and most dynamic economies in the world. Thanks to its thriving industries, diverse landscape, and solid infrastructure, Canada is an excellent place to find employment. Filipinos looking for jobs can find some good opportunities if they search for it properly.

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Whether you are looking for a career in finance, manufacturing, or IT, there is no shortage of opportunities in Canada. Moreover, with its progressive social policies, high quality of life, and low crime rate, Canada is also an ideal place to settle down with your family.

So if you’re thinking about making a move to Canada for work or life, there is no better time than now. With its rich resources and favorable business climate, this great country promises a bright future for anyone who calls it home.

best jobs for filipinos in canada

10 Best Jobs in Canada for Filipinos 

Jobs in Canada are posted by their accredited recruitment agencies in a database maintained by the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), which is updated on a regular basis. According to the information in their database, the following are the top ten most in-demand careers in Canada for Filipinos in 2021: 

1. Mechanic

A mechanic is in charge of looking at and fixing cars, machines, and small trucks. They do this kind of job. Also called service technicians, these people run maintenance checks, keep track of inventory, assemble mechanical parts, and make repairs. They often work in garages that are inside. 

Jobs under Mechanics: 

  • Bus and Truck Mechanics 
  • Industrial Electronics Repairers 
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics 
  • Motorcycle Mechanics 
  • Small Engine Mechanics 
  • Building Maintenance Workers 
  • Electric Motor Repairers 
  • Industrial Machinery Mechanics 
  • Mechanic and Repairer Helpers 
  • Automotive Electronics Installers 

Average Salary:  The average salary for this kind of job is $57,135 per year with an hourly rate of $29. 

2. Machinist

As someone who has been trained, a machinist is someone who can make tools, parts, or other things by operating machines like milling machines, drills and grinders and lathes in a shop. Mechanics need to cut to at least one-thousandth of an inch. 

Jobs under Machinists: 

  • Automotive machinists 
  • Gear machinists 
  • Jig bore tool makers 
  • Maintenance machinists 
  • Manual lathe machinists 
  • Metal die finishers 
  • Metal gauge makers 
  • Plastic die maker apprentices 
  • Precision machinists 
  • Production machinists 
  • Tool room machinists 

Average Salary:  The average salary of machinists in Canada is $26.76 per hour. 

3. Welders

Welders make or fix metal products or goods by melting two or more different metals together with heat, like brass, stainless steel, or aluminum, to make them one piece. When welders are cutting and joining metals, they may use a lot of different tools and equipment to do the job. 

Jobs under Welders: 

  • Aluminum welders 
  • Arc cutters 
  • Arc welders 
  • Brazers 
  • Certified maintenance welders 
  • Cutters 
  • Cutting torch operators 
  • Pipe welders 
  • Silver solderers 
  • Solderers 
  • Sub arc operators 
  • Welder fitters 
  • Wire welders 

Average Salary: The average salary for welders in Canada is $42,900 per year or an hourly rate of $22. 

4. Supervising Roles

Managers and supervisors are both in charge of a company. Managers usually have a more strategic role in a company, making decisions, setting goals, and overseeing the success of a team. Supervisors are in charge of making sure that tasks are done properly and on time, but they don’t make the decisions. 

5. Automotive Workers 

There are a lot of jobs in the automotive industry. These jobs include reading specifications, designing parts, building machines and tools used to make parts, and putting cars together. 

  • Car detailer. 
  • Car rental agent. 
  • Tire technician. 
  • Vehicle inspector. 
  • Auto instructor. 
  • Auto body repair technician. 
  • Auto mechanic. 
  • Auto electrician. 

Average Salary: The average salary for automotive workers is $46,800 a year and hourly rate of $24. 

6. Farmers

Every stage of the range process and agricultural production, including herding, planting, harvesting, and fertilizing, is overseen and contributed to by farmers and ranchers. They buy farm machinery, seed, fertilizers, and other supplies, and they make sure the machinery and equipment are in good working order. 

Jobs under Farming: 

  • Agricultural Engineer 
  • Agricultural Economist 
  • Farm manager 
  • Soil and Plant Scientist 
  • Conservation Planner 
  • Commercial Horticulturalist 
  • Agricultural Salesperson 

Average Salary: The average salary for farmers in Canada is $39,000 per year and $20 an hour. 

7. Cooks

A cook prepares, cooks, and serves food to ensure that consumers receive the best possible service and experience. They aid with the organization and smooth operation of the kitchen. They make certain that food is handled properly, that it is sanitary, and that food storage regulations are followed. 

Average Salary: The average salary for cooks in Canada is $35,100 a year with an hourly rate of $18. 

8. Truck Drivers

The duty of a truck driver is to carry goods using a tractor-trailer or a big truck. Their trails may be regional or nationwide, and they may be on the road for days or weeks at a time. Truck drivers can transport a wide range of goods, including food and livestock, depending on their trade. 

Average Salary: The average salary for truck drivers in this country is $41,367 a year with an hourly rate of $21.22. 

9. Production Workers

In factories, production employees create and assemble things. They run and repair machines, verify that production requirements are fulfilled, finish goods, and prepare the products for shipment. 

Average Salary: The average salary for production Workers in Canada is $34,990 a year and $17.94 per hour. 

10. Technician 

Client systems and equipment are inspected, analyzed, and troubleshooted by technicians. They conduct tests and analyze the results in order to give the best recommendations for repairing faulty or broken equipment. They will source new parts and negotiate rates with suppliers and clients as needed during repairs. 

Average Salary:  The average salary of technicians in Canada is $52,500 a year with an hourly rate of $26. 


Please watch the video about an OFW explaining the Expectations and Reality in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it difficult to get a job in Canada?

Finding a new job in Canada is not much more difficult than it is in any other developed country. You’re already ahead of the game because of your good academic credentials and some employment experience.

2. What are the basic requirements to work in Canada?

  • To apply for a work permit from inside Canada, you must meet the following criteria.
  • Your spouse or common-law partner, as well as your parents, may have a study or employment visa.
  • You have a six-month temporary residence permit, which is valid.

3. What is the age limit for work visa in Canada?

Foreign workers must be at least 18 to obtain a Canadian work permit. There is no maximum age for work permit applicants unless applying under the International Experience Canada (IEC) program.

4. Can I bring my family to Canada on work permit?

If you’re applying for a work permit and your family members want to come to Canada, they must also apply to visit, or to work or study in Canada. They can apply at the same time as you.

5. What is the age limit to work in Canada?

Do Canadian work permits have an age limit? Foreign workers must be at least 18 to obtain a Canadian work permit. There is no maximum age for work permit applicants unless applying under the International Experience Canada (IEC) program.

6. Is life in Canada hard?

Life in Canada, like with anything, will see starting out to be a little tough. But as you become more familiar with the people, the country, and the culture, hardships will begin to ease and you will start to settle into your new home country without even realizing it.


One of the major challenges that many people face in today’s economy is finding a job that offers stable, long-term employment. Fortunately, there are opportunities for workers in Canada that offer career growth, competitive salaries, and benefits like pensions and health insurance.

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level position or an advanced role within a specific industry, Canada has a wide range of jobs to suit every worker’s interests and skills. And with unemployment rates among the lowest in the world, it’s the perfect time to explore your job options in this thriving country.

So if you’re ready to jumpstart your career and find meaningful work in Canada, start exploring all the job opportunities available today!

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