How to File Application of Landbased/Seabased Recruitment Agency License

The process for filing an application for POEA license for recruitment agencies has been updated based on the health protocols amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This was stated in POEA Advisory 64 which was released in 2020 and states that the process for filing for application at the Licensing Branch, Licensing and Regulation Office is through email and partly needs your presence.

Advisory 02 released in 2021, on the other hand, states that Advisory 64 will no longer be necessary and the presence of the applicant is badly needed.

The Advisory 02-2021 includes the instruction for filing an application at a Licensing Branch for both Landbased and Sea-based Agencies.

how to file for poea license as a recruitment agency

Updated Procedure for Filing an Application of License (Landbased and Seabased)

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to file an application at the Licensing Branch.

Color Coding

There is a designated color based on the type of application. The color of the folder must correspond to the designated color released by POEA. Here is list of application and its designated colored folder.

Type of Application                                                               Folder

Issuance of Provisional License/Branch AuthorityRED
Extension of Provisional License  YELLOW
Upgrading of Provisional License to Full TermORANGE
Renewal of License/Branch AuthorityGREEN
Change Management / Acknowledgement of New Partners or Members of the Board of DirectorsPURPLE
Change of Business Type (Sole Proprietorship/ Partnership to Partnership/ Corporation)BLUE
Closure of Main Office/BranchesBROWN
Escrow and Paid- Up Capital Related RequestsWHITE
Other request (Change Name, SEC Endorsement, etc.)PINK
  1. The folder must contain the type of application, name of the agency as well as its contact number and email address. The font must be in Arial and the font size is 20.

Here is the sample layout:

Name of the Agency
Official Email Address
Official Landline Number

  1. Arrange the documents according to the Checklist of Requirements.
  2. Folders that are not having the same color as the assigned color for the application is deemed as “Not Acknowledge” and will be returned to the applicant.


The folders will be passed to the Drop Box at POEA Lobby or through Courier/ Registered Mail.

  • Through Drop Box.

The applications must be submitted in the drop box located at the lobby of POEA.

Each drop box carries a receipt ticket with a control number, which must be followed up with.

The agency’s representative will complete the task in two copies, one of which will be attached to the supplied folder/document/s and the other will serve as proof of submission.

  • Through Courier/ Registered Mail

This is for those applicants who are outside Manila. They can submit their applications via Courier/ Registered Mail.

  • The applicant will receive a Notice of Compliance (NOC) by official email, and the application will be returned without prejudice to re-filing if the documents are incomplete and are not compliant.

Follow – Up/ Request for Conference

  1. You can reach out to the POEA email and contact number for follow-ups.
  2. The Applicant has the option of scheduling a face-to-face meeting with their assigned Evaluator to discuss/clarify the evaluation’s findings with the representative of the agency. Only those who have a conference appointment will be allowed to attend.

These are the emails from Advisory 64.

Type of ApplicationEmailSubject
Application for Extension of Provisional License and Upgrading of Provisional License of Provisional License (space) Name of AgencyUpgrading of Provisional License (space) Name adaof Agency
Application for Renewal of License, Change Name and Change of agency type from Sole Proprietorship/Partnership to Partnership/ (space) Name of AgencyChange Name (space) Name of AgencySole/Partnership to Corporation (space) Name of Agency
Escrow Deposit and Paid-up Capital/ Deposit (space) Name of AgencyPaid-up Capital (space) Name of Agency
Pre-Licensing Orientation Seminar (PLOS) Payment (space) Name of Participant
Branch Office-Related of Branch Office (space) Name of AgencyRenewal of Branch Office (space) Name of AgencyTransfer of Branch Office (space) Name of Agency
Transfer Of Office/Additional Office Space/Giving-Up/Notice of Temporary Office Due to Suspension or Cancellation of License/Requests for Sec Endorsement on Amendment in Office of Office (space) Name of AgencyRequest for Additional Office Space (space) Name of AgencyRequest for Giving-Up of Office Space (space) Name of AgencyNotice of Temporary Office due to Suspension or Cancellation of License (space) Name of AgencySEC Endorsement on Amendment in Office Address (space) Name of Agency
Temporary Closure and Resumption of Business Operations at Main Office/ (for temporary closure of main office)  (for temporary closure of branch office)Notice of Temporary Closure of Main Office (space) Name of AgencyNotice of Temporary Closure of Branch Office (space) Name of Agency
Resumption of Business Operations at Main Office/  (resumption of operation at main office)  (re-opening of branch office)Resumption of Business Operations at Main Office (space) Name of AgencyRe-Opening of Branch Office (space) Name of Agency
Cessation of Business or Recruitment of Business (space) Name of Agency
Acknowledgment of Agency Board of Directors, Officers and Staff, and Other Personnel Related BOD (space) Name of Agency
Agency Officers and of Officers and Staff (space) Name of AgencyResignation/Termination/Cancellation of Appointment (space) Name of AgencyChange of Position/Promotion/Change of Assignment (space) Name of AgencyChange of Civil Status/Other Details Pertinent to the Agency Employee (space) Name of Agency
Liaison Liaison Officer (space) Name of AgencyCancellation Liaison Officer (space) Name of Agency
Miscellaneous (space) Name of Requesting PartySEC Endorsement (space) Name of AgencySignatory (space) Name of AgencyCertified True Copy (space) Name of Agency

Releasing Of Documents

Liaison Lounge which is located at the Seabased and Landbased Center wherein the documents for release will be posted.

  1. Acknowledgement of Liaison and L.O. Identification Card will be released every Tuesday and Thursday, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
  2. Certificate of Attendance to the Pre-Licensing Orientation Seminar (PLOS) will be released every Monday, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
  3. Requests for Acknowledgment of Personnel and Certification/ Certified True Copy of

License will be released every Monday, Wednesay and Friday, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

NOTE: The Landbased and Seabased Center is located at EDSA Corner, Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City, 1550 Metro Manila.

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